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  • 10 Things Only Your Youngest Child Will Do

    You Might Be a Little Sister If. . .You Might Be a Little Sister If. . .

    I'm the oldest child in my family (with two younger sisters, plus two brothers), so I have no experience being a little sister.

    So it's a fun new thing for me to watch my children interact and see my younger daughter experience life as a little sister.

    Here are 10 signs that indicate you're a younger sibling!

    1. You get hugged way more than you want by enthusiastic (but not necessarily gentle) older siblings.

    2. 90% of your wardrobe is hand-me-downs.

    3. You learn to run early to keep up with the big kids.

    4. You've read as many picture books as board books (maybe more!)

    5. You have no concept of "alone time."

    6. All your babbling is interpreted by a "helpful" older sister (were you really saying, "I just want to go to the park!"?)

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    7. You think you're about two years older than you really are.

    8. You've eaten food off the floor where it's been spilled by older - but not less messy -

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  • 3 Simple Ways to Naturally Soothe a Teething Baby

    Tips on Naturally Soothing Teething BabiesTips on Naturally Soothing Teething Babies

    We can tell that Soren is getting closer and closer to cutting his first teeth! He spends a lot of time with his fingers in his mouth and is leaving baby drool all over our house. You can tell he's a little annoyed with the pain in his mouth from growing those little teeth. ;) Here are a few tips on naturally soothing little ones who are teething:

    1. Frozen Teething Rings - We love having those water-filled teething rings on hand. We pop them in the freezer and when Soren is a little extra fussy we let him nom on them. He immediately feels better bitting down on the toy and having the cold numb his gums.

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    2. Amber - Amber is a natural anti-inflammatory that has been found to comfort teething babies. Infant amber necklaces can soothe teething pain by just being on the skin. Just remember that babies should be supervised when wearing these necklaces and shouldn't sleep in them. Also look for the ones with a safety clasp that will

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  • Why I’m Choosing an Epidural

    Why I'm Choosing An EpiduralWhy I'm Choosing An Epidural

    In T-minus two months and counting (I'm the one that's counting, for the record), my due date for baby #4 will be here and while I am simultaneously feeling joyful to not be pregnant anymore and meet my little girl, I am also not feeling terribly prepared for life with a newborn again.

    What I do feel ready for, however, is birth.

    Having gone through the labor and delivery process three times before, I've done the birth spectrum-all-natural birth with a midwife, laboring in the tub, and then with my last child, I chose an epidural for my labor.

    And this time?

    I know exactly what I want to do again.

    After having my own babies and working as a labor and delivery nurse, I'm not foolish enough to know that any two labors are ever the same.

    But I know what labor is like for me-and I know my body.

    I know that I am capable of any type of birth that I want. Could I have a home birth? Yes. Could I make it through another all-natural birth in the hospital? Absolutely. Could

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  • 10 Possible Signs You Have "Baby Fever"

    10 Possible Signs You Have 10 Possible Signs You Have

    It comes in waves. One minute I'm joyfully counting my blessings and thankful sleep deprivation and diaper blowouts are, for the most part, a thing of the past. The next minute I find myself longing for just one more chance to inhale that newborn smell. To feel a tiny person nestled on my chest soothed by the sound of my heartbeat.

    One encounter with a newborn and it hits me - "baby fever."

    The symptoms vary depending on the person but typically it's a strong desire to have a baby. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere. Other times it's the result of spending time in the presence of brand new babies. Cute little babies. But it doesn't necessarily mean that you are actually "ready" to have one. For me baby fever is based purely off emotion, there's no logic involved, which means it can leave just as quickly as it came (for some toddler tantrums can facilitate that exit :). For others the feeling may lead to them deciding to expand their families.

    I couldn't imagine navigating

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  • 10 Potty Training Tips from a Third-Timer

    10 Tips for Potty Training Your Toddler10 Tips for Potty Training Your Toddler

    If you happen to have your children relatively close in age, like mine are (they are all spaced almost exactly two years apart), than you may be familiar with the unique situation of having more than one child in diapers.


    Super fun.

    I won't lie to you-sometimes, it's really not that great to have two in diapers and after potty-training my two daughters in completely different ways, I'm now looking at trying to potty-train my son before baby #4 bursts onto the scene in all her youngest child glory.

    Luckily, I feel a little more prepared this time and I'm brushing up on some potty-training tips to help us succeed.

    1. Aim for summer. Summer is the perfect opportunity to go around with a little less clothing, for both boys and girls to get jumpstarted on potty training. Less clean-up and hey, if there's an accident, they're already outside, right?

    2. It's all about the undies. Make the undies a big deal. Choose some with their favorite character (please see

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  • 7 Everyday Activities that Become Teachable Moments

    7 Everyday Activities That Can Become Teachable Moments For Toddlers

    Before I was a mama and a writer and a wardrobe stylist I was a preschool teacher. I have a degree in Child and Family Development and spent nearly a decade working alongside children and families in various capacities before following a different path. Even though I don't have a career working with children anymore, I still use a lot of my training and education as a parent. One technique that has stuck with me and that I continue to use with my own daughter is the idea of teaching through everyday moments (AKA "teachable moments"). Once you become more aware of these moments on a daily basis, you'll be able to find ways to help your little one learn and grow in a way that is fun for the both of you and that doesn't require flash cards. This is the type of learning that truly makes a lasting impression and it's never too early to start. Here are a few ways I sneak teachable moments into the everyday with my little one. Maybe a few of them will help to inspire you!

    7 Everyday

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  • 25 Sweet Baby Names Inspired by Fruit!

    25 Fruity Names for Your Sweet Baby-to-Be25 Fruity Names for Your Sweet Baby-to-Be

    A newborn baby is one of the sweeter joys in life. So sweet in fact, that we often immerse ourselves in the magic of it all. Inhaling their smell, kissing tiny fingers and toes and holding them close, knowing that we are just as comforted by their presence as they are by ours. So many aspects of babyhood, and the years that come after are sweet, making a name synonymous with such a worthy contender.

    A fruit baby name is not only fun but it just might be the perfect name choice for your little one who happens to be naturally sweet and lucky for you, always in season. Even if you aren't quite sold on the idea of a fruity baby name take a look as they also make great nicknames.

    1. Anjou - A type of pear.

    2. Apple - One of the more popular fruit name choices.

    3. Apricot - A kin to peaches and plums.

    4. Aubergine - A type of eggplant and in the squash family.

    5. Berry - An ode to the many varieties of this popular fruit.

    6. Bosc - A type of pear.

    7. Cerese - The

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  • 3 Simple Ways to Slow Down Time with a Growing Family

    3 Simple Ways to Slow Down Time3 Simple Ways to Slow Down Time

    Growing up, you're always told that time passes you by quicker and quicker as you age. The first 20 years of my life seemed so long, and now that I'm approaching my late-20's, time magically seems to be speeding up. These are the moments I especially don't want to pass me by too quickly.

    I adore my sweet little family, our youth, my first-born growing and becoming such a fun baby. More than any other phase of my life so far, I want these moments to slow down and not leave too quickly. Since we don't have a time-machine or one of those handy devices that gives you 10 extra hours in a day, here are some tips for slowing down and enjoying your season of life.

    1. Stop & Take it In - It's easy to quickly move through a day as well as quickly letting our minds move through our routine, to-do's lists, conversations etc. Whenever I want to slow down and enjoy a moment, I stop, and start to really take in the moment around me. I think about Soren's little feet kicking the bath water,

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  • 25 Fancy Names for Baby Girls (with Adorable Nicknames!)

    25 Fancy Names for Baby Girls and the Adorable Nicknames That Go With Them25 Fancy Names for Baby Girls and the Adorable Nicknames That Go With Them

    I remember thinking as a kid, that "Lacy" didn't sound like a very grown-up name. It didn't sound very fancy. Now that I'm grown and have children of my own, it doesn't bother me one bit. Names are so important and really play into who we are and who we become. If you're looking for a fancy baby name for your little baby girl, here are 25 of my favorite. With any name, you've got to have a nickname picked out as well, so I've included some ideas for those as well. Enjoy!

    1. Adair - This is my first daughter's name. (My middle name!) We call her Addie for short.

    2. Ingrid - This is my second daughter's name. Isn't it beautiful? Like a classy actress or something! She goes by Iggy for short. (Long story!)

    3. Margot - This is the name of our third daughter. Again, it sounds like it came straight from Hollywood. Her sisters like to call her Marge. ;)

    4. Wilhelmina - A friend of mine just had a baby and gave her this name. She goes by Minnie! Isn't that the cutest?!


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  • 52 Unisex Baby Names from A-Z

    52 Unisex Baby Names From A - Z

    It's no secret that my husband and I are some of the worst baby-namers on the planet.

    I mean, that's not to say that our kids don't have names, or even nice names, (I happen to think they're pretty great, of course) but the process of naming babies is brutal to us.

    I guess that sort of things happens when you have four children, but nonetheless, I thought it might be helpful to whip us this list for other hapless parents-to-be.

    Because what easier way to name a baby than to use a name that would fit for a boy or a girl?

    1. Adrian. Meaning "dark."
    2. Ashley. Meaning "meadow of ash trees."
    3. Ashton. Also Old English for "ash tree."
    4. Avery. English for "Elf ruler."
    5. Bailey. French for "administrator."
    6. Blaine. Means "slender."
    7. Cameron. Of Scottish origin.
    8. Casey. Means "brave."
    9. Darren. Irish for "great."
    10. Devon. Means "poet." Also has many spelling variations, such as "Devan," or "Deven."
    11. Erin. A very Irish name with many variations for
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