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  • Know Your Divorce Risk? Try the Marriage Calculator!


    Age, Education and Other Factors Can Make or Break a Marriage, Studies Show

    If you knew graduating from college, waiting a few years to marry, settling down and having a child would make your marriage last, would you do it? Your answer might be up in the air -- but the statistics are solid as a rock.

    They show that your risk for divorce is significantly less if you do those things. While they can't show whether you'll be happy or not, experts say they do show your marriage is more likely to last until death do you part. "People who marry older with more education have the lowest divorce rates," said Betsey Stevenson, assistant professor of business and public policy, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.

    Stevenson, who studies marriage and divorce statistics, recently used the statistics to develop the Marriage Calculator, which allows users to examine their risk of divorce compared to others who married about the same age, have the same

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  • Ex-Etiquette and Holidays

    Tips to Keep the Holidays Focused on the Children


    Learning how to play well with others can be a hard lesson even as an adult - specifically when referring to one's ex.

    "Ex-Etiquette for Holidays and other Family Celebrations," is the third book in the Ex-Etiquette series, which is also a syndicated question and answer column under McClatchy Tribune, featured in many newspapers. The book delves into the basics of how to deal with one's ex-spouse, new additions to the family and how to behave when sitting across from each other at the dinner table. "This isn't necessarily only for the holidays," said Jann Blackstone-Ford, one of the two authors. "Really any setting where a split family gets together can be very awkward; it requires new rules."

    The Stepfamily Foundation, an organization founded to help families of separated parents, features statistics from U.S. Census Bureau stating that 50 percent of the 60 million children under the age of 13 are currently

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  • Inside Infidelity: Signs of Cheating?

    Infidelity: Practical Reasons to Search for Signs of your Spouse's Affair


    Many women say they'd rather not know if their spouse or significant other is cheating on them. But when it comes to infidelity and extramarital affairs, ignorance is not bliss. If you suspect your husband of cheating on you, it's in your best interests to search for signs of infidelity so you can either confirm or disprove what you suspect. Here are 11 practical and very compelling reasons why:

    1. So you can put your mind at ease.
    Suspecting your husband of infidelity can cause you endless days of worry and many sleepless nights. If it turns out that your husband isn't cheating, it will be a big relief to know your suspicions were untrue. The sooner you confront your suspicions, the sooner you can stop worrying and get on with your life.

    2. To keep unfounded suspicions from poisoning your marriage and your mind.
    No matter how carefully you try to conceal your suspicions, if you think your

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  • Boost your Self-Esteem after Divorce

    Mental Health: Five Tips to Help Improve your Self-Esteem after Divorce

    By Brenda Della Casa for divorce360

    There are some women who seem to slip comfortably into their own skin and sashay through life without feeling even the slightest pinch of envy or self doubt. Then there are the rest of us who worry about what others are thinking, are scared to say no out of fear of rejection,compare our bums to Giselles and spend the morning-after the work happy hour recapping every silly remark we think we made to our boss who we are sure now thinks we are a total twit. And if you've just gotten divorce, it's not like your self esteem is at a high point. If you're running low on your confidence supply, dont fret, simply read on to find out real-world ways to give your self-esteem a little shot in the arm.

    1. The Road to Comparison is Paved with Pain.
    Your friend, Sally is 28, gorgeous and is well on her way to the corner office while you are 33, in need of a makeover and wondering what to do

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  • AFTER THE BREAK-UP: Do You Need a New Do?

    New Hairstyle Can Help You Improve Your Outlook During Divorce


    Emotionally, recovering from a divorce isnt easy. But for some people, a simple visit to the salon is the first step in moving on. I had one woman who was divorcing after15 years of marriage and her hair [had been] long during the entire marriage, said Erica Carr, stylist atThe Barber Loungein San Francisco, Calif. She had considered cutting it before she had children, but her then-husband gave her such a hassle when she mentioned the idea.I gave her a classic bob with long flippy layers. She had never looked better. I finally saw the confidence that was trapped under all the hair she was hiding behind.

    Do you want a new hairstyle but are afraid of losing too much length? On some people, highlights or vibrant color can be just as dramatic as a new cut. A client of mine broke off her engagement to a man she had been dating for four years, said Marie Hansen, owner of MarieMarieSalon in

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  • Dating after Divorce: Three Tips to Starting a New Sexual Relationship after the Split


    Men and women have to redefine themselves after a relationship ends, and reinvent their lives. If they do it well, it can lead to the most satisfying and successful years they've had. Dating successfully after divorce or a breakup require several steps to recover from the breakup.

    • Understanding what went wrong in the last relationship, so you don't repeat the pattern.
    • Identifying the kind of partner you're looking for and developing social networks involving these kinds of people.

    Some people never date again or don't do so for a long time. People who wait a long time, or never date are trying to avoid repeating old mistakes and having hurt feelings, loss, disappointment and grief. This is akin to not changing anything in your departed partner's closet, because you don't want to face the pain. A better way to do it is to work through the pain, and learn from it as you go. You can figure out what went

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  • Relationship traps to avoid

    Relationships: The Five Right and Five Wrong Reasons to Consider Getting Married

    By Gary Stern for
    to siteto siteToo many people get married for the wrong reasons. That may help explain why 43 percent of all marriages in the U.S. fall apart. Divorce360 asked three leading marital experts for the top five right reasons and top five wrong reasons to get married. Heres what they said:


    Sexual attraction may not last forever.

    Too many people confuse sexual attraction with love and that can lead to a short-lived marriage, explains Michele Weiner Davis, a Boulder, Colorado-based therapist and author of "The Sex-Starved Marriage" and "The Sex-Starved Wife" (published in January 2008). The novelty of being with someone will turn on anyone, she says. When the sexual attraction wanes, if theres no mutual trust and a joint view of the future, the marriage fades as well. Her advice is clear: sexual attraction between two people is a good thing and energizes

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  • Back to School After Divorce

    Parenting: Children Can Recover from Split if Teachers, Parents Work Together

    By Michele Bush Kimball

    When Mary Ann Gehrenbeck, an elementary school teacher in Silver Spring, Md., prepared to tell her son about her divorce, one of the first people she confided in was her sons teacher. I think parents sometimes feel shy or embarrassed and dont want to share the intimate details of their lives, Gehrenbeck said, but I think it is important for teachers to know and understand.

    Returning to school after parents decide to separate or divorce can betraumatic. But
    Gehrenbeck attributes her preparation and a unified effort between herself and her sons school for his positive transition.

    Gehrenbecks son was 6 years old when she and her husband separated.Her divorce was final a few months ago. But it was the time immediately surrounding breaking the news to her son that was most important. And because he spends so much of his day in school, Gehrenbeck said, it was

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  • Growing Up Faster: Divorce and Puberty

    Study Shows Troubled Fathers who Divorce Can Cause Girls to Reach Puberty Faster

    Young girls whose parents divorce are more likely to reach puberty earlier, according to a recently released study designed to determine the relationship between divorce and troubled youngsters.

    "We know kids from divorced families are more likely to experience teen-age pregnancy, drop out of school or become delinquent. But we have no idea whether divorce causes that," said Professor Bruce Ellis, who, along with a colleague, studied the issue and recently published their results in the journal "Developmental Psychology."" This study can show the effects of different exposures to divorce."

    About 90 families were involved in the study, including 70 with divorced parents had divorced."We looked at families in which one daughter might be five and the other 12 when a divorce occurred. So the youngest daughter had seven more years living in a disrupted family without her father, compared to

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