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  • Pink Slip: Spring's Best Pastel Makeup

    Pink Slip: Spring's Best Pastel MakeupPink Slip: Spring's Best Pastel MakeupSoften the edge and embrace Easter egg shades for a subtle, shimmery beauty look this season


    Spring Comes Into Bloom with Fresh New Scents
    Dermatologist Secrets for Camera-Ready Skin
    The Spring 2014 Beauty Trends, Stipped

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  • What Comes After "Click to Buy"? the Future of Online Shopping

    What Comes After What Comes After Every Saturday for years, unless we had something else to do-and we rarely did-my friend K and I spent the afternoon at a swanky New York department store (hint-it's on Fifth and 57th Street and starts with B), grabbing lunch in the basement café and killing hours trying on every conceivable thing, from bikini to ball gown, jodhpur to jumpsuit, and even, very occasionally, actually buying something.

    We don't do this anymore. Now we follow the UPS tracking feature on our MacBook Airs until the glorious moment when a big brown box arrives at one of our houses (it's more fun to order together), awaiting the arrival of this parcel with an anticipation worthy of the second coming of the Messiah.

    When the great day is finally here-and it comes at this point around once a week-we fire up the coffee, have a long, delicious, try-on party and inevitably each keep one, or at most two, of, say, the 43 assorted frocks ordered.

    The advantages to this revolutionary new shopping system are

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  • How to Get Runway-Ready Lashes—With or Without Eyelash Extensions

    Peter Som NYFW Fall 2014Peter Som NYFW Fall 2014


    If there's one thing we noticed again and again at New York Fashion Week, it was the emphasis on bold, dramatic eye makeup. Though the eponymous cat eye trend took center stage at the tents, there's no better enhancement to a dark line than bold eyelashes.


    For his Fall 2014 collection, Peter Som went for a darker look than usual, from the blue, grey and black color palette to the messy, slept-in tresses to the bold eye makeup. Som paired dark, smoky eye makeup and pronounced lashes with an almost-nude lip and soft brows, further emphasizing the eyes.


    To achieve runway-inspired eyelashes at home, Pierre Michel Salon make up artist Stacey Menzer recommends a three-step process starting with an eyelash primer. Her personal favorite? Tarte's multiplEYE Lash Enhaing Primer. "It always helps to condition lashes and give a little extra length, as well as volume," she says.

    After applying

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  • All About BrowsAll About Brows

    In DuJour's weekly Body Language column, our editors focus in on a singular body part. This week, it's all about brows.

    1. THE TIP: Rules for Tweezing

    From celebrity brow-shaping specialist Anastasia Soare:

    "I have two major rules when it comes to plucking your own eyebrows. The first rule is to throw away your magnifying mirror! I find that clients who use a magnifying mirror focus on the brows individually and end up tweezing back and forth on each brow in an effort to make them match. To make them truly as even as possible, look at your entire face in a regular mirror and examine how each brow matches the other in the big picture.

    "The second rule that I tell clients is to set a guideline! Use a brow pencil like Brow Wiz to outline the desired shape of your eyebrows. After you like the way the shape looks on your face, tweeze only the hairs that lay outside the outlined area above or below the brow. Remember to draw a guideline that is full and natural looking before

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  • Value Vintage: The Rise of High-End Consignment Shops

    Value Vintage: The Rise of High-End Consignment ShopsValue Vintage: The Rise of High-End Consignment Shops

    Every time I enter a swanky soiree in the dead of winter, I half expect a hushed, snooty voice behind me to whisper, "OMG, there goes my coat!" This is because my Russian sable darling, my pride and joy, used to belong to someone else-a wealthy dowager or maybe a fickle social girl who coldly traded in my baby for a younger model.

    When I bought my coat on eBay roughly a decade ago, that site was pretty much the only place to find such items on the Internet. Back then, the process of wealthy people unloading their unwanted jewelry and clothing was still cloaked in the tattered raiment of shame. eBay was one step up from the pawn shop-you could hide behind a quirky pseudonym, and at least you didn't have to talk to a guy sitting behind a cage.

    But stick around long enough and anything can happen. (It's one of the chief-maybe the only- benefits of being old.) In the 10 or so years since my sable angel entered my life, there has been an incredible shift: Plenty of websites now

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  • The Secrets of Laser Treatments: How to Choose the Right Light

    The country's top skin docs reveal the secrets of laser treatments, new vs. old technologies and achieving the best results

    How to Choose the Right LaserHow to Choose the Right LaserWith the power to absolve you of wrinkles, acne scars, unwanted hair, fat, college tattoos and sun damage from all those fun-while-they-lasted Nantucket summers, lasers are one of dermatology's most valued tools. But with growing interest comes growing confusion: Between ablative and non-ablative, fractional and pulsed dye, Q-switch and IPL, how are you supposed to know which laser is right for you? We asked the country's top dermatologists to shed light on what you need to know now about lasers.

    How do I know which laser is best for me?
    The quick answer: You don't. But a board-certified doctor with years of experience does. Resist the urge to ask for a specific laser by name-don't be swayed by marketing-and instead choose a doctor who has plenty of experience (ask for photos of patients they've worked on) and at least three to five different machines. The

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  • Supplement Powders: The New Juice Cleanse Alternative?

    Powder supplementsPowder supplementsHealth hangovers happen to everyone: those moments of realization that there's no erasing last night's fourth martini or second piece of cake during dessert. Thanks to the popular notion that pressed juices hold magical detox powers, many believe that one slug of liquefied kale and spinach will instantly make up for all the bad stuff. Though the juices are indeed good for you, they aren't always readily available for those on the go-and what of juices that don't actually have all of the beneficial nutrients promised on the bottle?

    For that, there's a new health hangover cure on the block. ALOHA is a progressive new wellness initiative that not only provides said forgotten nutrients, they're also making convenience a top priority. Founded by entrepreneur and lifestyle guru Constantin Bisanz and available beginning today, the ALOHA program contains two components.

    The first is called "The Foundation," a package of five supplement capsules to be taken once daily to aid in promoting

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  • Two DuJour staffers endure a week of A-list workouts with the women who train Madonna and Rihanna

    What It's Really Like to Work Out With Madonna and Rihanna's TrainersWhat It's Really Like to Work Out With Madonna and Rihanna's TrainersIf you've ever wondered what it takes to maintain some of the fittest bodies in Hollywood, you're not alone-and probably a lot like us. It often seems that no matter how much time, energy and money we invest into replicating Madonna's toned arms or Rihanna's washboard abs-ours never seem to look as fabulous as theirs.

    So what happens when "real" women-those women being DuJour staffers Lindsay Silberman and Natasha Wolff-endure a week-long workout with two top celebrity trainers? Here, they've chronicled their experiences.

    The Trainer:
    Nicole Winhoffer
    Celebrity Clients: Madonna, Rachel Weisz
    The Subject: Natasha
    The Workout Details: Treadmill-based legs and ab exercises, cardio, alkaline diet

    Day 1

    I met Nicole at a group dance cardio class earlier this year and was impressed by our workout. She wasn't some crazy bobble-head trainer who wants you to starve and work out for

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  • Lupita Nyong'o: From 12 Years a Slave to Fearless Fashion Icon

    A single film in - and with Oscar buzz already - the compelling star of 12 Years a Slave is just getting started. But as she makes clear, Lupita Nyong'o isn't afraid of the spotlight.

    Read the full article and see a behind the scenes video on

  • In Search of Perfect Skin: Cracking the Anti-Aging Code

    Dermatologists are getting a bit closer to figuring out the secrets to anti-aging. By Eva Chen

    Cracking the Anti-Aging CodeCracking the Anti-Aging CodeThe Universal Truth

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of good skin is in want of better skin. Nowadays, in our instant gratification society-of one-hour teeth whitening and spray-on tans-we expect to get it post-haste. But a rapid plan of attack isn't always practical or realistic. "You don't suddenly age overnight," says New York City dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross. "Radiation has a delayed effect on the skin. The sun that you got years ago is still with you, lurking beneath the surface, and will continue to manifest. As a result, skincare should be measured and ongoing."

    Switching mind-sets to slow and steady is, of course, easier said than done. "When [facial injectible] Sculptra came out and three months were needed to see results, it was difficult for patients to understand," says New York City psychiatrist and dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler. "They

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