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  • 10 Women CEOs Who Are Forces of Change

    By Stephanie Rogers

    There may still be a huge gender gap in the workforce, with even the women running Fortune 500 companies earning just 69 cents to every dollar earned by male CEOs. But women are proving to be major forces of change in virtually every industry, from international banking to non-profit organizations. These 10 women CEOs, including Eileen Fisher, Lauren Bush and Majora Carter, are promoting social and environmental responsibility within their companies and in the world at large.

    Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Green for All

    CEO of anti-poverty organization Green for All, Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins is also a sustainability advocate who has been named among the 100 most powerful people in California's Silicon Valley. Green for All provides green jobs training for low-income people and people of color, and helped push through a California provision that guarantees local workers access to energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects. Before she came to Green for All in 2009,

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  • 10 Real-Life Women Heroes

  • 60 Simple and Useful Food and Kitchen Tips

    By Aylin Erman and Anna Brones

    Mother knows best! When it comes to the kitchen, this idiom couldn't hold more true. But it's not only your female superiors who have so graciously passed on their secrets - with the rise of celebrity chefs and the number of Food Network productions, the general public is increasingly more educated on ways to become the master of mealtime making.

    Sometimes however, it's the information that gets lost between the lines that matters most, so we've assembled 60 of the most important kitchen tidbits that have stood the test of time and experience. This guide is packed with essential culinary pointers that will not only help you cook better meals but also navigate the kitchen with even greater ease and effectiveness.

    Keep your onions in the refrigerator. A chilled onion is easier to chop, and causes fewer tears.

    If you switch out seltzer for tap water or milk, you'll end up with fluffier pancakes, waffles and scrambled eggs.

    Want to boost the antioxidant

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  • 20 Ways to Use Vodka Besides Making Cocktails

    By Aylin Erman

    Aside from the one way we all know vodka can be put to good use, it's not a completely pointless liquid otherwise. In fact, the alcoholic beverage spreads itself quite thin on the usefulness scale. Vodka's anti-bacterial properties are what give it such potency in combatting a lot of common ailments and household issues - from earaches to carpet stains. Grab yourself a bottle, or two, and redefine what it means to booze.

    Poison Ivy Reliever

    Apply vodka to an area affected by poison ivy and it will dry up surrounding skin, getting rid of any oils that are causing the poison ivy to inflame and itch.

    Laundry Freshener

    Fill a small spray bottle with vodka and lightly spray clothes. The vodka smell goes away when the clothes dry completely. The vodka helps to remove any unwanted odors.

    Flower Preserver

    Plants produce the ripening gas ethylene, which promotes maturation. Vodka stunts ethylene production and allows for flowers to stay fresher, longer. Spray flower stems

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  • hair

    By Mia Davis

    A couple of years ago, EcoSalon's Beauty Editor Kathie Butler posted the (much-read, oft-shared) piece Best Organic, Natural and Eco-Friendly Shampoos for All Hair Types. Who doesn't want the scoop on better hair products? Well, we have an update for you, below. But first, a note on what has changed-and what hasn't-in the world of "natural" shampoos.

    "Sustainable" cosmetics are the fastest growing segment of the industry. But many companies are using claims like "natural," "organic," and "sustainable" without walking the walk. This is called greenwashing. Look for meaningful certifications as one way to back up eco-friendly claims.

    And keep in mind that natural doesn't necessarily equal safe. Personal care products are still the least regulated consumer products on the market. Many companies use harmful ingredients in shampoo and other products we use all the time. This is perfectly legal because of a seriously outdated cosmetics law (from 1938). Environmental health

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  • 9 Ways to Keep Your Delicate Garments Clean Without Dry Cleaning


    By Johanna Björk

    Part of being a conscious consumer is to know how to properly care for your things. This way, you can ensure that they last longer. When it comes to clothing, you should make a habit of looking at the labels and trying to follow the instructions on them. But what about when they say "dry clean only?" We all know by now that dry cleaning is not a good thing. Conventional dry cleaning is a highly toxic process. Most dry cleaners use the chemical perchloroethylene (perc), which has been linked to various forms of cancers, eye, nose, throat and skin irritation and reduced fertility. Thankfully there are better ways to take care of those delicate garments.

    1. CO2 Dry Cleaning

    In recent years, eco-friendly dry cleaners have started to pop up in major cities. This may be a good option for those favorite pieces you just don't want to experiment on. Look for cleaners that uses liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) instead of that toxic perc. Type in your zip on and

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  • 20 Unusual Uses for Green Tea

    By Aylin Erman

    From sunblock to liver cleansing, we celebrate 20 uses of green tea you may never have known about.
    Green tea is hailed as an antioxidant-rich, anti-aging phenomenon. With reports that regular green tea consumption can lower the risk of heart disease and certain cancers, it's a popular drink among the health conscious. However, green tea is more than just a cup of tea. Here are 20 unusual, thrifty and eco-friendly uses for green tea that will surprise, challenge, and excite you.

    Dark Circles and Puffy Eye Relief

    After you've enjoyed a cup of green tea - or two - let the tea bags cool and place one over each closed eye. Tea contains polyphenol particles known as tannins. Tannins are an astringent and are able to shrink living tissue, including human skin. Green tea bags can reduce swelling and tighten the skin around the eyes by reducing the dilation of the blood vessels under the eyes.

    Irritation and Redness Alleviation

    Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties

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  • 20 Fun Things to Do Without Spending a Dime


    By Stephanie Rogers

    You've got the day off, but your spending money is low and there's only so much time you can spend sitting in front of the television. Well, get up and do something different. There are literally dozens of fun things you can do without spending any money at all. Drink some wine and look at some art. Bake some bread. Invite some friends over to watch a goofy movie. Here are 20 (more) ideas for totally free activities that will expand your mind, make you feel better about yourself and give you a break from stress-inducing responsibilities.

    Attend a Gallery Opening

    Two words: free wine. Art gallery openings for new exhibits will not only give you a close look at some of your community's top artistic talents, but also access to free snacks and beverages. Plus, there are bound to be some pretty interesting people milling about, so it's a great chance to make a few new acquaintances. But if you're going to show up and drink the wine, be sure to display interest in the

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  • 10 Essential Items for a Vegan Pantry

    By Stephanie Rogers

    Contrary to the assumptions of many a meat eater, vegans don't solely subsist on lettuce and carrots. But what, exactly, should be stocked in a vegan's pantry? Anyone looking to make healthy, nutritious meals that are free of animal products should have a few basic ingredients on hand at all times to provide protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals - and let's not forget flavor. These 10 pantry essentials make sticking to a vegan diet easy and interesting, from beans and whole grains to truffle oils and agave nectar.

    Beans, Tofu, Tempeh and Seitan

    If there's one nutrient that Americans tend to focus on when it comes to healthy diets, it's protein. But no matter what meat-obsessed fad diets imply, it's easy to get plenty of protein from vegan sources. Beans and tofu are two lean, cholesterol-free options for protein, and they're incredibly versatile. Canned beans are convenient, but dried beans are cheaper and don't come with the risk of hormone-altering BPA in the

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  • 10 Drinks to Boost Your Libido

    By Stephanie Rogers

    Can a cocktail facilitate better sex? Sure, once you've had a certain amount of alcohol, your inhibitions begin to slip away - but when you add certain ingredients to a drink, the effects are even greater. Aphrodisiacs like ginger, honey, vanilla, hot peppers and saffron get your blood pumping, flood your brain with feel-good chemicals and increase hormone levels to heighten arousal, increase your stamina and just plain get you in the mood. And the starring ingredients in these 10 libido-boosting drinks (both the hard kind and the non-alcoholic) will please your taste buds, too.

    Cardamom Rose Cocktail

    Who can resist the aromatic allure of cardamom? This stimulating seed pod, which is often used as a natural treatment for impotence, packs a lot of flavor into a small package. Pair it with romantic rose in the Cardamom Rose Cocktail by Apothecary, featured at Design Sponge. Rose and cucumber-infused Hendrick's gin, homemade rose syrup, grapefruit juice, bitters and

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