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  • Four Breakup Mistakes Women Make

    When you feel that your relationship is in danger and is coming to its end, you often become emotional and lose composure. This will inevitably result in you making one or more of the most common breakup mistakes women make.

    Take a look at this list of mistakes, and see if you are making any of them:

    Using sex to save the relationship

    One of the most common mistakes women make when their boyfriends or the men they date initiate a breakup conversation is enticing them with sex hoping that the intercourse will make the men feel different about the break up, or make them forget the reasons why they want a breakup.

    Some women may even feel that since the sex is always good it can effectively make the man dismiss the reasons he wants a breakup and to stay in the relationship for the sake of sex.

    The reality is that while it is easy to entice a man with sex, using sex as the single tool to fix an impending breakup is simply not effective and will not result in the

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  • He Says He Loves You But Won't Commit

    If your boyfriend says he loves you but refuses to commit, you may be wondering, how could that be? This article will help you understand why a man can tell you he loves you and still not want to commit. For the longest time I have researched the subject of commitment and how commitment works for men and after research and many realizations I have come to understand why a man can love a woman and still not want a commitment.

    One reason a man does not want to commit to marriage even when he love a woman is that the kind of love he has for a woman, and is not that he is telling you lies, but he may love a woman in a different kind of love. There are many types of love.

    There is a friendly love, the kind of love we have for a dear friend. If you have been with a man for a long time, and especially if romantic love has subsided a notch, he may very well love you as a friend. One guy I know told me that after being with a woman for several years, living together for two

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  • How To Survive A Break Up And Get Your Ex Back

    Are you wondering how to survie a break up and get my ex back?

    Going through a break up can be especially tough, especially if your aim is to get back with your ex. You're in pain, you're confused and it seems like everything you do works against you. Well here's some tips you can use to go through this rough time.

    One of the first thing you need to realize, is that things aren't going to fix themselves by itself if you want your ex back. You'll have to put in a little bit of work to make it happen. Staying home and feeling sorry for yourself, will not improve the state of your relationship. In fact, if you want to bring it ex partner back you're going to have to be proactive.

    When in the breakup situation, what you do and what you say can work against you... So be careful about what you say and what you do because it's easy to make some very grave and dangerous mistakes while it's not always easy to recover from them. The best thing you could do right now, would

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  • How To Get Over a Broken Heart - Five Ways to get Over a Broken Heart

    Trying to get over a broken heart is never an easy task. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas to keep your mind off of that ex who hurt you.

    1. Going to work - This not only keeps your mind off of the hard time that you have been going through but also allows you to get paid in the process. If you work hard a long enough, you might even get a raise or a promotion too. This is a good way to make extra cash to do things you like to do and in the process, helps you forget in time.

    2. Working out - This does not necessarily mean going to a gym and hurting yourself. It means lifting weights, or running to help build strength, endurance, and to let out steam and anger.

    3. Cooking - Like I have been saying, being productive and staying busy is a very good way to forget your broken heart. Cooking is surefire way to forget about your break up when you invite friends over for supper or have a party soon.

    4. Cleaning - This is another good way to keep your mind off of

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  • How To Heal Your Broken Heart - 3 Powerful Tips To Heal Your Broken Heart

    Writing to heal

    You would be surprise of the effect of writing to yourself can have, give it a try of writing to yourself for at least 20 minutes a day and write on stuff that matters to you, by putting your feeling and ideas on paper, you will release a bit of that sadness, anger that overwhelms you and I guarantee that you will be a lot more happier after a while.

    Put away everything regarding your ex

    Okay I don't want you to do any kind of stuff you could regret, like burning pictures, ripping off old souvenirs, etc but at the same do not need constant reminders of your ex. So why not grab a box and put everything in your sight that reminds you of your ex huh? This way you won't have him/her in your mind 24/7

    Talk, Cry & Scream

    There is no point in keeping it all inside, you have to let it all out... Talk to your supportive friends, who will be there to listen to you....not the friends ready to bash on your ex. ....if you need to

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  • Meet Jane. She's your average girl. Just trying to make her way through life and get a decent living. Nothing really special about her. Except for the love of her life, Brian. Her life has revolved around the world of this sweet man and she'll do anything to have and to hold him for the rest of her life. Nothing could possible separate Jane and Brian.

    Except they never saw what came next in their relationship. All that we know of is that it ended in a break-up and a heartfelt disaster that could only be described in tears of distress and cries of desperation. Jane tried everything in her own will to get Brian back in her arms. She wanted to know how to get my ex boyfriend back and did everything that all the dating gurus have recommended to her ... but to no avail.

    Until she stumbled upon an interesting book that caught her attention. A sub-chapter of it read: "2 surprising steps that show you how to get your ex boyfriend back!" She was caught in surprise then she started

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  • If you're reading this article, then hopefully you've had a period of no-contact with your ex for at least a month (if not then you should read up on 'no-contact' and do that first). You should have your emotions under control and gotten rid of any desperate feelings. You should also feel confident and secure, and have spent sufficient time improving your self esteem as well as your physical appearance (doesn't have to be a huge change, maybe just a new haircut or new clothes, but some kind of update).

    If you have done all the above and feel you're ready to see your ex without having some sort of breakdown, then it's time to take action!

    Go ahead and give your ex a phone call, keeping these guidelines in mind:

    1. Call at a time when you think your ex will have a few minutes to talk privately.

    2. Make sure you have a cheerful demeanor, and convey that through your voice tone.

    3. Keep the conversation short; about 10-15 minutes is perfect.

    So what do you talk

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  • Why Is The "No Contact" Rule So Effective For Getting Your Ex To Come Back?

    If you're one of the desperate souls out there on the internet looking for ways to Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend or girlfriend after they've dumped you, you've most likely read about the idea of "no contact". This concept is popular for the simple reason that it flat out works! In fact, you could do nothing at all other than avoid contact with your ex, and more often than not, he or she will be the one to eventually contact you!

    So why is avoiding your ex such an effective way to get them to reconsider their decision to break up?

    First of all, if you're not communicating with your ex, then they won't see what an emotional wreck you are. It's completely natural to become emotional and depressed when you've just been dumped, but the more needy, depressed, or desperate you act around your ex, the more unattractive you become. So avoiding contact acts as a preventative measure in this sense, so you don't make the situation worse by letting your ex see you when you're in

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  • How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back In Seven Easy Steps

    Are you asking yourself, how can I get my ex boyfriend back? Have you recently broken up? Has he left you? Do you want him back? If so, you are in for a treat. This article will explain to you how to get your boyfriend back, and this free video will help you understand the steps.

    1. Go have fun by yourself. Realize that you don't need your ex boyfriend for your happiness. Happiness is inside you, and if you need another human being to make you happy, you are not ready for a relationship with anyone at this point.

    2. Meet new people. Meeting new people can help you get your mind off of him even if this is temporary fix.

    3. Try some new and exciting activities. Now that you are single you will have time to take on some things that you have been putting off.

    4. Visit an old friend. Perhaps you have a great friend from high school who lives out of town. This is a great time to catch up on things with old

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  • How To Keep A Woman Happy

    So you want to know how to keep a woman happy? It is not easy to do but once you master it, you will win the heart of your woman forever. So it is worth a try right?

    A Woman sometimes just needs to talk. Men are programmed to find solutions to every problem but sometimes we just want you to listen to us. We don't want you to look after us or solve every issue we raise but just to listen.

    Yes I know she can spend two hours on the phone to a friend that she is meeting that afternoon anyway. It goes back to the days of cavemen. Whilst the men were out hunting, the women were at home where their ability to bond with others was directly proportionate to their chances of survival. They depended on the other women to look after them and their families should they fall sick. Childbirth in those days often resulted in a death sentence for these women.

    Women like to go to the toilets in twos and threes. It is just a girl thing and the sooner you come to accept it the better. Don't

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