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  • Are You Eating Enough Protein– or Too Much?

    Today people are much more aware about their health than before and they especially take care of what they eat. They count almost everything and of course, they want to know how much proteins, calories, fats, carbs and so on, they need per day. In this article we are going to discuss about how much protein we need and the first thing we have to say is that it is different from one person to another. This is mainly caused by the physical activity of the person. Additionally, the amount of proteins needed is different in people who want to lose or gain weight, the ones who want to build muscles etc. If you are serious about your goals and want to know how much protein you need a day, please keep reading.

    How Much Protein Per Day?

    Some recent studies have shown that the recommended daily amount of proteins for both men and women is 0.8 gram per 1 kg of body mass. Let's take a look at the following example. If you are a grownup man and you weigh 98 kg, then you need 78.4 grams

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