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  • Internet Safety

    Internet safety is the newest in the safety issues for our children. Just like so many other concerns parents have, I think it is largely based on inflated incidence of actual tragedies. So much of parenting these days has risen out of paranoia. I know that some awful things do happen to children but it is not the norm and I think parents should stop acting as though it is.

    What really scares me about my child online is bullying from her friends/schoolmates or by her. While also rare you do hear about children killing themselves from bullying online, which I think parents are less tuned into. Here is where I will spend my energy in internet safety. Teaching my child not to put anything online she wouldn't want her grandparents to see, to keep arguments and name calling off the computer entirely, and to let us or another adult know if she sees any bullying or other questionable behavior.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't advise your children on safe practices while on the

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  • Yahoo Ripples of Kindness

    Yahoo's How Good Grows is a great excuse to perform a random act of kindness. Yahoo gave me $100 to start a Ripple of Kindness, as they call it.
    I went to my local post office and paid for peoples postage. It is so fun to surprise people with kindness. The two women I paid for were so baffled, but pleased. One of them even gave me her card and asked that I call her if ever she could do anything for me.
    You don't need money to start a ripple. I've continued my good deeds throughout the week, letting people merge in the parking lots, holding people's places in lines, and watching a women's cart so she could run get her car in the pouring rain.
    If you join the fun make sure to share your Ripple at the How Good Grows site.

    Elise Crane Derby writes about entertainment at Elise's Ramblings

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  • User post: Thanksgiving Celery and Cream Cheese

    Celery and cream cheese may not be the sexiest recipe I could give you for Thanksgiving, but of all the Thanksgiving foods it's one of my favorites. In preparation for this post I looked around online to see if my recipe was anywhere else. I'll admit I wasn't that thorough, but in a cursory search I didn't see it.

    This is my grandmother's recipe who was raised in Minnesota, but it was really the next best thing to Norway. I don't think she even learned to speak English until she was about ten in 1920. Which is my round about way of saying this is the Norwegian way to make celery with cream cheese. Like any good Norwegian there aren't a lot of frills or pomp, but it definitely gets the job done.


    Cream Cheese
    Crumbled blue cheese
    Onion juice

    Instructions and fab picture of grandma after the jump

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  • Healthy Eating and Kids

    Once upon a time my, now 6 year old, daughter would eat anything I put in front of her. With the exception of peanut butter. I should have known that it was too good to be true. Sometime in the last year she has decided she hates almost everything. Things that she loved in the past are now strictly verboten. Not only that but things she likes one day she will suddenly detest a few days later.
    Packing a lunch for her is harder than trigonomotry. Note: I never got through geometry. Every day I scavenge for something she'll eat. Breakfast isn't much better. I have a short list of go to things. Mostly fruit, vegatables and some kind of non crunchy starch. Those are her main stays.
    I'm lucky she still likes raw fruit and vegatables. Beyond that it's rice or pasta. I worry about her getting enough protein. With only meat as a source and very little of that. My best defense for worrying is to think of the day cumulatively. If she gets some protein at any meal I'm happy, if she gets even one

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