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  • The Confessions of an Overthinker

    "Daily Teen

    You need to step up and see what's going on with your people -- they might need your style of enthusiastic energy to help them get started on something sweet. Keep pushing until they tell you to stop."

    As much as I love seeing my horoscope, I'm going to have to have to disagree with this one. As summer is coming to a halting stop to begin my sophomore year, I am single and not quiet ready to mingle. Even though I'm the one that called it off, I try to stay on friendly bases and help this one guy I thought I loved with his guilt problem, all I got was a very sensitive guy calling me a problem. As as sure as my hair is awful at the moment, I will never talk to the jerk again, I won't even say his name...unless I run into him in the halls this August, but I'll make sure that won't happen.
    As much as I hate that this is coming down like a bomb shell, this will not only hurt him but me as well. I still think to myself if I should have let this happen, that if this could Read More »from The Confessions of an Overthinker