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  • Don't worry, we'll spot you.

    By Ruthie Friedlander

    Going to the gym can be stressful. Instead of leg elongating slacks, calf-defining heels, and tricep shrouding knits, we're thrust into the intimidating world of green juiceheads wearing nothing but our butt huggers. And though the only posted guidelines are few and far between-ditch the cell phone and re-rack your barbells (it's what separates us from the animals!)-sweat enthusiasts know there's a secret manual of unwritten rules. Here, we unearth it:

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    1. If you think you are in everyone's way while you are jumping rope, you most certainly are.

    2. During SoulCycle, if I'm not on the beat, and you're just jamming away with your dominant leg to "Holy Grail," let's avoid eye contact. We both know what's happening.

    3. Don't check your e-mail while doing your planks. This too shall pass.

    4. There is no shame in an Eminem-only playlist game.

    5. It's okay to cry during Eagle Pose. We store emotion in

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  • More Mothers Are Staying at Home with Their Kids

    After a 30-year decline, more mothers are staying at home with their children.

    By Sally Holmes

    After a steady 30-year decline, the number of mothers staying at home to take care of their children is once again on the rise, a new study from Pew reports. Based on census bureau data, the study found that in 2012, 29% of mothers age 18 to 69 with children under 18 living with them, did not work outside the home-that's about 10.4 million more women than in 1999. Of that number, two-thirds are married, stay-at-home mothers with working husbands, but the other third is compromised of single mothers or married women with non-working or absent husbands.

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    But not all of these women are staying at home by choice. The study finds that six percent of women in 2012 reported that they were staying home because they were unable to find a job, compared to one percent in 2000. Other reasons for staying home were due to illness, disability, or being enrolled in school. The study also cites the

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  • 30 Beauty Commandments to Live By

    Beauty commandments to live by.

    By Justine Harman

    Because sometimes, these things are just cut and (blow) dry.

    Apropos of absolutely nothing, beauty and features editor Justine Harman lets you in on a little beauty secret-well, 30, to be precise.

    Without further ado, here are 30 beauty commandments to live by:

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    1. Never underestimate the power of drugstore brand cold cream.

    2. Q-tips are, by far, the most important life instrument.

    3. Visine gets your whites whiter. And helps your runway-inspired makeup lewks pop.

    4. Buy products you love, like face lotion, in multiples. Just do it.

    5. Never mess with a zit before "it's time." (One ELLE editor swears by the drying properties of this clay powder to dry the bugger out.)

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    5a. Sometimes it really is worth shelling out the money for a cortisone shot. New Yorkers: For $85 big ones, the Tribeca Skin Center does a bang up

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  • 11 Secrets to Success from Top Female Executives

    Secrets from women who have climbed to executive positions across the globe.

    By Victoria Dawson Hoff

    It's not news that there are more women in high-powered positions than ever before. But while the strides we have made in the past 50 years are huge, there's still a long way to go, and much to learn from those women who have managed to climb to executive positions across the globe. Lauren Ready of the International Consortium of Executive Development Research (ICEDR) recognized this, and decided to go straight to the source. She surveyed 60 of the top female executives around the world to find out exactly how they define success. Ready compiled the results of her study into an eye-opening report called "Taking Charge: A Roadmap for a Successful Career and a Meaningful Life for High Potential Corporate Woman Leaders." The entire report is a great read for any career-driven woman, and along with the initial survey results reported by Harvard Business Review, here are some of the most valuable lessons on how to achieve success from Ready's findings:

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  • Does Your Hair Need a Detox?

    How to tell if it's time to detox.

    By Jesse Breeden

    Spring is an occasion to start fresh. It's the time to crawl out from under the Thai takeout and True Detective-covered rock you've been living under, and back out into the sunlight. It's also an ideal moment to renew, but I'm not talking about your body-in my book, spring diets consist of fish tacos and micheladas-I'm talking about your hair. In anticipation of beach season, we spoke to color guru, and Nexxus celebrity color expert, Aura Friedman (who has tended to the buttery hues of stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Carolyn Murphy) about the rules of detoxing. Write this down.

    Why You Should:

    Tap water contains a multitude of sins. According to Friedman, NYC tap water is notoriously high in minerals, rust, and chlorine, which can seriously harsh your balayage and double process game. These headaches are of epic proportions if you are icy blonde-like myself-who is desperately holding on to each cool toned strand for dear life. Rust, especially, warms

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  • 10 Celebrities with Swoon-Worthy Long Bobs

    The long bob gained even more momentum with yet another batch of celebs including Taylor Swift and Kristen Bell unveiling shoulder-sweeping haircuts. But it was the reveal of Kim Kardashian's new 'do that has truly catapulted the haircut into iconic status. Here are the latest celebs to join club "lob."

    By Megan Cahn

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  • 5 New Haircuts to Try for Spring

    After what seems like an eternity in beauty years, the era of long hair is over. Whether the pixie, the bob, or the It girl favorite lob (otherwise known as the long bob) is more your thing, this season is all about going short. For those not willing to make the chop, the long styles of the moment still have a short element like bangs or choppy layers. Here, Raphael Reboh founder of Femme Coiffure Hair Spa in Miami Beach and stylist to Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, and Chrissy Teigen, gives us the lowdown on the chicest cuts for spring.

    By Megan Cahn

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  • The Scary News About the Paleo Diet

    The scary news about the Paleo diet.

    By Natalie Matthews

    People who love the Paleo diet are often quick to dismiss naysayers. (I know because I have, like, eight of these friends, and they're cult-y about it.) But a new study just released this week may give them reason for concern, too.

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    The study, published in Cell Metabolism, tracked more than 6,000 adults above the age of 50 for 18 years. Some people were on an animal-protein rich diet like Paleo or Atkins (remember when Atkins was a thing?); some were not. And those who ate the animal-protein heavy diet fared way, way worse than others: They were 74% more likely to die early than those who followed a low-protein diet.

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    "We provide convincing evidence that a high-protein diet, particularly if the proteins are derived from animals, is nearly as bad as smoking," said Dr. Valter D. Longo, lead author of the study. (SMOKING. Gah!!)

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  • 10 Insider Fashion Hacks

    10 insider fashion hacks

    By Ruthie Friedlander

    During my first internship at a fashion magazine, I watched the editors with awe (and a little fear): They were powerful, worked hard, and looked impossibly chic. Everything about them seemed cool and effortless.

    So I studied them. I tried to find out how they got that swag (though I believed they must have been born with it). But the secret to their cool wasn't innate; it wasn't so mysterious. It was simply that after years of working in the industry, they'd gathered all the tricks to looking just-so. And now, after racking up a number of years in fashion myself, I feel equipped to share some of the sneaky fashion tips I've learned. Be warned: they are weird, and many require a fridge.

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    1. Try to never wash your jeans. If they start to smell, put them in a gallon zip lock bag with a dryer sheet over night and leave them in the freezer. Once they thaw, they will feel fresh and clean but still fit

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  • This woman spends her entire day on Instagram.

    By Ruthie Friedlander

    How many times a day do you go on Instagram? If you're Brina Lee, it's more than the normal user. And it's not because she's addicted to taking selfies. It's because as Instagram's first female engineer, it's literally her job. We spoke to Lee about how she fell into engineering, what it's like working in a male-centric office, and of course, what her favorite filter is.

    How did you get interested in engineering and coding?

    My dad's an electrical engineer, so I always had the latest and greatest technology. But I wasn't interested in coding. I hated it. My first class of coding was in high school and it was so boring. And then I got to web coding, which is very much instant gratification. I could just code something, refresh the page, and see it pop up in a picture. That's when I started getting interested. I decided to take some more classes and ended up loving it.

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    For people who don't

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