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  • This Cat Really Regrets His Haircut

    Photo: Reddit"Just take a little off the top," said the cat. When he finally glanced in the mirror, he realized his owner got a little too excited with the scissors.

    A photo of this kitty - possibly a distant relative of Grumpy Cat - was recently shared by a Reddit user, who explained that his friend wanted to give his pet a haircut for summer. Clearly, the cat wasn't happy with the results.

    Cheer up, kitty! It'll grow out soon!

  • Australia Hires ‘Chief Funster’

    Everyone wishes they could get paid to have fun... Andrew Smith gets a check for it.


    That's right. Smith is the recently appointed Chief Funster for New South Wales in Australia. According to Gizmodo, the 25-year-old California native won a contest for the position, which requires him to have 802,000 moments of fun in six months (that's one for every square kilometer of the region). By "fun" we mean skydiving, rappelling from cliffs, hanging out with pro athletes, visiting local breweries, "slipping down a 91-meter-long typhoon waterslide; and being chased by a massive pig." It's all part of a campaign to promote the area, and Smith earns his keep by showing people how exciting a visit to New South Wales would be.


    ABC News reports that the lucky employee studied Finance in college before moving to South Korea, and was one of six people selected from 18 finalists and 620,000 applications from 196 different countries.



    It was a tough hiring process, but from the

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  • Bride-to-Be Gets Best Bridal Shower Gift Ever… Taylor Swift!

    Gena Gabrielle and Taylor Swift (Photo: Gena Gabrielle Instagram)Some of the typical things to expect when attending a bridal shower: eating dainty brunch food, playing a few cheesy games, and watching the bride-to-be spend a lengthy amount of time opening boxes filled with cookware.

    One thing you don't usually expect: taking a selfie with Taylor Swift.

    The superstar singer received an invite from one of her biggest fans, Gena Gabrielle, for both her upcoming wedding and bridal shower. Since Gena had been a constant fixture at Taylor's concerts over the years and had supported her career since the beginning, Taylor wanted to do something special for her.

    "I've never been to a bridal shower," she says in a video blog, deciding to fly to Ohio and surprise the bride-to-be with an impromptu visit. "Gena has no idea that we're coming, none of her friends know we're coming, so we're going to go surprise her."

    Taylor didn't RSVP - a party etiquette no-no! - but we're sure Gena didn't mind, if the countless photos she posted on her Instagram of the

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  • This Little Boy's Best Friend is Sweet, Loyal, and Covered in Feathers

    This precious viral video of a little boy lovingly embracing a chicken is proof that any animal can be capable of love and companionship.

    The boy is 6-year-old Mason, and the chicken is a hen named Love Bird, and they were both raised on Rifle Creek Ranch in Las Vegas, NV. The two are unlikely best friends, but the bond between them is apparent. She wakes Mason up in the morning and greets him with a hug when he comes home from school each day.

    Despite her name, Love Bird wasn't always so loveable. As a chick, she was aggressive and pecked anyone who tried to get near her. "We were all about to give up on her, except for Mason," writes the bird's owners on Love Bird's Facebook page. "He gave her the time and love she needed for her to develop into the Love Bird she is today."

    Find out more about this heartwarming friendship on their Facebook page.

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  • This Video is a Better Ride Than Any Roller Coaster

    Even though you're not descending a rocky cliff like this biker, watching the trek through his eyes is just as thrilling.

    A video of some daredevil cyclist wearing a GoPro was posted to YouTube on Tuesday, chronicling his incredible journey down the mountain, and it has nearly a million hits to date.

    It's hard to watch without closing your eyes, and about halfway through (just when you're hoping it's over and the biker can go home safe), the course gets worse.

    "You got this," an observer says, as the biker stares at a wood track leading him almost vertically down the peak.

    Not only does the biker stay on the path, he seems to flip and twist through the air as he leaps from various points. He never falls, he only gets higher and more acrobatic.

    We hope he was at least wearing a helmet!

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  • Student Motivated to Change Her Life Through Push-Ups

    A hundred days might not seem like enough time to change your life or your physique, but 20-year-old Estella Gong proves it's possible just by doing push-ups.


    The computer engineering student at University of Central Florida was known among her friends for being scrawny, so when she happened up the website, which challenges users to accomplish a goal in 100 days, she decided it was time to test her strength.

    "When I first started, I was really interested in getting personal strength, and working on my upper body strength in general," Gong tells the Good News Blog. "For some reason, I guess because I'm really tiny, people don't expect a lot of strength from me."

    Determined to change that opinion, Gong challenged herself to master push-ups, an exercise she'd always despised and had little success doing.

    "The first time I tried doing push-ups, it was pitiful, it was almost like gravity was laughing at me because I couldn't get off the ground," she recalls.

    Beginning last

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  • Breaking a Limb Wouldn’t Be that Bad If This Guy was Our Doctor

    Move over Dr. Dre, there's a new rapping MD in town. This awesome staff sergeant was filmed performing a rap for a little girl with an injured foot, giving her instructions on how to take care of her cast... while using pretty slick rhymes.

    "Don't get the cast wet, don't stick nothin' in it / cause if you did, you the one who gotta deal with it," he raps. Some more good advice: "Just elevate for 15 minutes / If that don't work you can come back to the clinic."

    Somebody give this medic a mic to drop!

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  • Ellen Rewards Two Girls for Giving Back to Their School

    Instead of giving presents at their joint birthday party, 8-year-olds Gabbie St. Peter and Alice Wilette from Waterville, ME asked their friends and family to donate to their food drive. They not only got their community's attention -- they also got Ellen's attention!

    The friends, whose birthdays are one day apart, wanted to raise money for their school's food pantry program that helps feed less fortunate students. They were able to raise $20,000, which is enough to feed the kids at school for four years!

    Ellen was touched by these girls' generous spirit and wanted to help, so she presented them with a check from Shutterfly for another $20,000!

    See what Gabbie and Alice had to say about meeting Ellen and how good it is to be able to help their classmates. To find out how you can donate and help their cause, head here.

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  • Inspiring Teen Plays Ball with the Boys and Strikes Them Out Every Time

    Chelsea Baker throws like a girl, and it's a baseball pitch no one, not even the boys, can hit.


    The 16-year-old pitcher from Plant City, Florida first appeared in headlines a few years ago when her Little League jersey was retired after she pitched four straight years without losing a game. Now, Chelsea is back in the news as one of the few girls to play varsity baseball in high school.

    Dubbed the "Knuckleball Princess" by her followers in Japan, the teen throws a crazy curve ball that has set her at the top of the sport and beguiled even the most skilled of her opponents.

    "You never hear of girls playing in high school because of the discrimination," Chelsea tells the Good News Blog. "People say, 'You're a girl. It's a boy's sport. You don't have the strength or the talent.' They don't accept girls and I think that's why a lot of girls don't play."

    Not Chelsea, of course. The insults and detractors only motivated her to work harder in order to play ball with the boys. The athlete has

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  • Every Teen Should Be This Excited About Getting into College

    Noah VanVooren from Little Chute, WI was born with Down Syndrome, but that hasn't stopped him from accomplishing some amazing things. The 18-year-old senior went from water boy to football player when he suited up and scored a touchdown in the last play of a game last October. Now this hardworking teen is headed to college.

    VanVooren had been waiting for a reply to his application to Edgewood College in Madison, WI. When it finally arrived, he got some of the best news ever -- he's going to college!

    "I got accepted!" exclaimed the teen, celebrating his good news with a victory cheer while his proud family looked on.

    VanVooren will be headed to Edgewood as part of its Cutting Edge program. The program is designed for students with developmental disabilities who would normally have difficulty meeting standard admissions criteria, and gives them the opportunity to have a four-year college experience.

    With his infectious personality and positive attitude, Noah is clearly destined to be

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