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  • How a Good Samaritan’s Tip Saved a Dog’s Life

    Before Saturday night, Christina Summitt didn't know how she would be able to afford her dog Tucker's surgery. The 37-year-old bartender was working three jobs, but still struggled financially, and Tucker immediately needed an operation. She found herself sharing her pet story with a nice couple she was serving at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, NJ.


    Then, fortune turned in her favor. After hearing about her puppy, the couple left Summitt a $1,000 tip on an $80 bill, with instructions to put the money only toward the vet.

    Summitt was hysterical.

    "I hugged the couple with every bit of love I have on my body," she tells the Good News Blog. "My sister was also bartending and I grabbed her like I would grab somebody who was about to fall off a building."

    For Summitt, Tucker is a close member of the family, like a child, thus she was blown away by the gesture. Summitt is a stepmother to her husband Eric's three children from a previous marriage, and the couple also has another dog,

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  • This is the Safest Way You’ll Ever Nuzzle a Leopard

    GoPro cameras have given us the ability to vicariously experience the wildest things from just about anywhere. Now we know what it's like to be on safari from a leopard's point of view!

    A ranger at the MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa mounted a GoPro camera to a wooden stand. Eventually, a leopard and her cub came over to investigate the mysterious object. After some gentle pawing, the big cat picked up the camera in its mouth and took it into the bush.

    Unfortunately for the mama leopard, the camera wasn't edible. Fortunately for us, the camera remained unscathed after its close encounter, leaving us this awesome footage.

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  • Photo: Stephen's Story FacebookThe #1 item on 19-year-old cancer patient Stephen Sutton's bucket list is to raise £10,000 ($16,800) for charity. This week, the teen reached and surpassed his goal several times over.

    Stephen, from Burntwood, England, was diagnosed with bowel cancer at age 15 and has been battling his illness for years. Unfortunately, in January 2013, the teen's doctors deemed his condition incurable.

    Stephen decided to compose a bucket list detailing all the things he wanted to do with the precious time he had left, and included experiences like "Get a tattoo," "Go to Australia" and "Throw a massive party for all my friends."

    At the very top, Stephen wrote, "Raise £10,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust." He created a website and Facebook page called "Stephen's Story," hoping to attract attention to his cause.

    In one year, he raised £500,000 ($840,000). This past week, his fundraising efforts have surpassed £1 million ($1,679,800). As of this writing, he's raised £1,979,285 ($3,324,802).

    "Teenage Cancer

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  • Darrius Heyward-Bey is in his sixth season with the NFL, but he's never forgotten where he came from. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver recently returned to his high school with a one-of-a-kind gift -- the chance for student athletes to play under the glow of Friday night lights.

    The 27-year-old has paid for his alma mater, the McDonogh School in Owings Mills, Maryland, to install stadium lighting for its football field. The addition will give students, athletes, and the community a new rush of school spirit with the chance to see various sports teams play night games.

    "I had the opportunity when I was 14 to go to school there, and it was the best thing to ever happen to me," Heyward-Bey tells the Good News blog. At the private college-preparatory school, which teaches kindergarten through 12th grade, Heyward-Bey played football, basketball, and track, and broke several school records thanks to his natural athletic talent.

    Darrius Heyward-BeyHe recalls that his football team only played on Saturdays

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  • Ellen Helps an Inspiring Student Make His Way to the Ivy League

    Overachieving high school senior Akintunde Ahmad from Oakland, California has a 5.0 GPA, scored 2,100 on his SATs and has been accepted to three Ivy League schools (Yale, Brown and Columbia). Many people can't believe Tunde's incredible accomplishments. After appearing on "Ellen," no one will ever doubt him again!

    The 18-year-old student appeared on the show to share his story -- and revealed that he's decided to go to Yale in the fall and even play on their baseball team! Tunde is concerned how he and his family will pay for his tuition, so Ellen and Shutterfly helped them out by presenting him with a check for $15,000!

    Check out Jeannie's backstage interview to find out more about this amazing student.

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  • Meet the Teen Who Just Broke the World Record for Planking

    It took Gabi Ury a mere six months to break a world record, and that's not even the best part of her feat.


    In August, the 16-year-old from Denver set out to break the Guinness World Record for planking, and on Saturday, she accomplished her goal, planking for 1 hour and 20 minutes, and raising $50,000 in the process for a local children's hospital.

    The achievement is even more impressive when you consider that Gabi is missing several muscles in her body, suffers from severe scoliosis and has had 14 major surgeries in her young life. Gabi was born with VATER syndrome, which affects her spine, muscles, and limbs; she is missing muscles in her calf, glutes, and abs. Most of the surgeries she has undergone were when she was little, and these days, she only finds herself in the hospital in the event of an emergency or for a corrective operation.

    She says her condition only slightly affected her efforts.

    "My physical condition helped and it made it harder in different ways,"

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  • You Can Play Super Mario Brothers or You Can Watch This…

    You've almost definitely heard the Super Mario Brothers theme song, but have you heard the snapped version?

    Turns out, it's actually possible to snap the famous Nintendo soundtrack on your hands, and a YouTuber named Emil Axelsson is showing us all how to do it in this super cool video he released this morning.

    Emil is pretty good. If he can do the castle round song, then we'll really be impressed.

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  • These Two Strangers Shared a Bus Ride… and a Heartwarming Moment

    An act of kindness can happen anywhere -- even on a city bus.

    Off-duty bus driver Surjit Singh Virk was on the No. 341 route home in Vancouver, Canada last Saturday when he captured a beautiful moment between two strangers, reports the Toronto Sun.

    One of his fellow passengers was a man clearly in need. Instead of shoes, the man wore two plastic hairnets on his feet.

    Another rider noticed the man's makeshift footwear, and helped him in the most immediate way he could... by taking off his own shoes and handing them over to the man. At his stop, he walked off the bus barefoot.

    Wanting to share this act of kindness with the world, Virk took photos of the interaction and posted them on social media. He recalls that the shoeless man was taken aback at the impromptu gift, remarking, "What a nice guy… did that really happen?"

    "It made my heart melt," Virk told the QMI Agency. "He just took his shoes and socks off and said, 'You can take these, don't worry about me -- I live close by and can

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  • Need a Lift, and Love Harry Potter? We’ve Found Your Girl!

    Amanda Schrader doesn't just give people a Lyft, she gives them a joyride. The 35-year-old in San Diego gave up a corporate career to drive people around, and she did so because it allowed her the chance to capitalize on her talents for creativity, storytelling and entertainment, and to brighten someone else's day.


    It may sound strange since Lyft is a ride-sharing service similar to a taxi, however, once you know more about Schrader and her ride, it will make sense. As Lyft allows its employees to explore their own passions and interests, Schrader gave her car a Harry Potter theme, and filled it with wizard wands, candy, and sparkly matchbooks.

    She does it all to make people happy because she also found happiness through the service.

    "Back when I interviewed with Lyft, they were talking about who are you, what you love and how you can incorporate that into your vehicle," Schrader tells the Good News Blog. "They said to have the thing that you really love around with your passengers."

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  • Kitten Plays Hide and Seek, Falls Asleep

    Photo: RedditIf you're ever playing Hide and Seek, remember that it's important to tell your playmate that you're hiding!

    "Couldn't find my kitten anywhere, then I walked past the pot plant and saw this," writes a Redditor who shared this photo of his stealthy pet holed up in a planter.

    We're pretty sure he meant "potted" plant and not "pot," though that might explain why his kitty looks so mellow.


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