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  • Cryin

    My life was bein turned upside , outside ,out. my mind an my life was hell. my mind was made up. either expect the fact i was a baby an that i be a single parent . love comes an oes but the children are the futher. so eiter leave me or love me. make up ur mind. Fyi im love men. its the fact men arent trusted wrothey until, i fill safe with them. time for me to face the music. what do you think ???/

  • Life!

    Have you every played the game life as a child.I have. now living it is another story. people say everything happens for a reason. The are plans you made for yourself. people told me that i was going be a heartbreaker. I 've made some mistake in my life time but how eles do learn about life. when your young you couldnt wait to grow -up. when you grow -up you wish that you was a kid a again. its funny the way life turns out, playing life you think its easy to be an adult. when you sit back you and look an see that the game prepared you for life in the real world. LIFE!

  • New Baby!

    I'm having another baby . my oldest child is so used to being my baby. At first i was freakin out because a second is not what i had planned for 2013.The first time i told mama -mama father i was havin a baby . didn't go as planned. let just say . single- mother. My family was a big help. my second baby daddy jumping threw hoops. i'm afaird of starting over as raising a child. Maybe because 1st baby i was afaird of missing up. my hubby told me i have nothing to worry about. 5 months in still freaking out. . 2 girls in my life. two talks about becoming a women.