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  • Kate Middleton Confesses: Prince George Hates Eating Vegetables!

    Danica Lo


    Kate Middleton and Prince George Kate Middleton and Prince George Royal babies, as it turns out, are just like any other babies. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her young son Prince George are currently on tour with Prince William in Australia and New Zealand -- and as it's the young prince's first official diplomatic public outing, we're learning lots of fun facts and tidbits about the teeny tiny royal. Like, for example, how he won't eat his vegetables.

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    Kate Middleton told one girl at a New Zealand hospice how Prince George wouldn't eat his greens unless they were hidden in something else. "The duchess laughed," 14-year-old Lee Thompson told Female First. "It was a problem getting George to eat them. She said she and William had to mash up all his vegetables so he wouldn't notice."

    Mushy peas and vegetables. Yum. You know what Prince George does like, though? Hair. Specifically: his mum's hair.

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  • Kitchen Hacks for Boxed Cake Mix

    Sara Bonisteel

    We had a chance to visit Pinnacle Foods this week in Parsippany, New Jersey, to take a look at the test kitchen where Duncan Hines hones their boxed cake mixes and meet the senior research chef in charge there, Joe DiPaolo.

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    Consumers “want to be inspired,” DiPaolo said. “I think they want to be able to get more ideas. It’s beyond the cake. It’s what else can you do with it.”

    Much of his job is figuring that out. Here are some of the things he’s come up with using the brand’s latest line, Signature Velvet (the various iterations of mixes do matter, because they’re designed to give different kinds of crumb and moisture to a cake).

    "You can take our cake mix, and you can add one egg and a stick of butter and a little bit of water and … make almost a dough out of our cake mix, and then add a cheesecake filling, and put some of our Duncan Hines Comstock [canned fruit] on top of it," he said. "I’ve actually made it where you

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  • What's the Difference Between Baking Soda and Baking Powder?

    Lauren Salkeld

    Anyone who’s done any from scratch baking is familiar with baking soda and baking powder. But what’s the difference and are they interchangeable? As odorless white powders they certainly seem similar, but baking soda and baking powder are indeed two distinct leavening agents.

    Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate and when combined with an acidic ingredient (buttermilk, lemon juice, etc.), it creates carbon dioxide gas, which expands in the heat of the oven and helps cookies, cakes, and other baked goods rise. The acid also neutralizes baking soda’s by-product, sodium carbonate, which happens to have a rather unpleasant metallic flavor.  One very important thing to take away from all this is that you need to be careful with substitutions. For instance, in a recipe calling for baking soda and buttermilk, you can’t just use regular milk and get the same results (you’ll need to add an acid like lemon juice or vinegar).

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    Baking powder is a

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  • The Mistake You Should Make for Better Brownies

     Kemp Minifie

    I’m just like a lot of Epicurious readers. I rarely follow a recipe—even my own—without tinkering with it. One of my current favorites to play with is my Best Friends Forever Brownies, which I developed in 2011 for the re-imagined frozen dinner of my dreams. Those brownies were thick for food photography reasons. Since then I’ve been making slimmer, sleeker brownies by doubling the batter, skipping the nuts, sprinkling it with a little flaky Maldon sea salt, and baking it in a large (18- by 13-inch) rimmed baking sheet—known in the trade as a half-sheet pan— much to the delight of friends and colleagues.

    Recently I was baking a batch and took it out a bit early to test for doneness; I wanted to be sure I didn’t over-bake the batter. The brownies weren’t anywhere near done, but instead of sliding the pan back in the oven, I absentmindedly left the pan out and raced from the room to deal with something else. When I discovered my mistake about 15 minutes later, I simply

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  • To Refrigerate Or Not To Refrigerate?

    Sara Bonisteel

    We were recently talking about Alessandra’s interview with Grant Achatz, and she mentioned that the Alinea chef copped to eating peanut butter straight out of the jar and the fridge, where he keeps it.

    He keeps his peanut butter in the fridge? That was a new one to me.

    With Kerry’s recent 15 things you should be freezing, we thought we should revisit cold storage with some surprising things you might not be storing in the refrigerator.

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    Vermouth: If your bottle is from the Clinton Administration, it’s time to toss it out. Vermouth is a wine and should be kept chilled in the fridge.

    Nuts: They spoil so quickly, you should store them in the fridge if you plan to eat them within a week or two. Put them in the freezer if it’s longer than that.

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: Kerry loves them fresh from the fridge.

    Oils: Kemp keeps healthful oils like hemp, olive leaf, and flax seed in the fridge. Lauren likes to keep her nut oils in

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  • How Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss, and Teresa Moore Survive New York Fashion Week

    Alessandra Bulow

    Adriana LimaAdriana LimaJust because they have crazy schedules, there's no way that food-loving models Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss, and Teresa Moore are going to skip a meal. Here, they tell Epicurious their game plans to surviving Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, which begins today.

    How Adriana Lima Survives New York Fashion Week: I make a smoothie first thing in the morning--usually with lots of berries, banana, and chia seeds--it kick starts my metabolism and is great for boosting my energy. Throughout the day, I always keep a stash of healthy snacks and AMAZON water in my bag. I'm constantly on my feet and don't really get a chance to sit down for a meal, so I like to keep granola bars and nuts with me at all times.

    Best Fashion Week City for Food: That's a tough one between New York, Paris, and Milan, but I have to say New York because it has a little bit of everything! Favorite NYC Restaurant: I absolutely love ABC Kitchen. The menu is always changing and chef Dan Kluger is a genius!

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  • Pizza Delivery Taste Test: Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Little Caesars, or Domino's?

    Kendra Vizcaino-Lico

    Pizza delivery taste test!Pizza delivery taste test!

    In preparation for our Super Bowl Sunday celebrations, we decided to find out which of the big pizza delivery chain restaurants had the best pies. We tasted cheese and pepperoni pizzas from the big four (Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa John's, and Little Caesars) to find out which one was worthy of a place in our game day spread. See the results after the jump.

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    The winner: Domino's
    This was by far Epi editors' preferred pizza of the bunch. They liked the balance of softness and crispiness in the crust, the slightly sweet sauce, and the savory spice of the pepperoni. Some felt it could use a little more cheese, but the quality of the crust is what won over the tasters, "The crispy crust is a nice touch, it has a little chewiness like real pizza," said one judge.

    2nd Place: Pizza Hut
    Overly sweet sauce and a thick, doughy crust put this pizza out of favor with many of the tasters. "The crust is quite puffy and fluffy,

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  • Juicing: 3 Reasons to Give it a Try

    Esther Sung

    Juicing 101Juicing 101Juicing. Seems like everyone's doing it, and not just the rich and famous. Going to the grocery store or the gym, more and more branded bottles are for sale, and brick and mortar juiceries keep opening up. It's as if the thirst can't be quenched. So, to help you--the home cook--get going, we put together our own juicing story with easy-to-follow tips to get you going. Also, we've gathered some of our favorite juice cleanse recipes, including several from New York City's Juice Generation and Southern California's Ritual Cleanse. So other than the initial cost of equipment and ingredients, why should you try juicing? Well, here are several reasons that I personally find compelling.

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    1. Drinking fresh-pressed juices can increase your daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. Now, I love to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. The taste, texture, smells--they're unique and add variety. But there are those days when taking in the recommended 1 1/2 cups

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  • Paleo Diet Pros and Cons

    Tanya Steel

    When it was recently reported that the term "Paleo" was the most searched diet term of 2013, we decided to take a harder look at what comprises this diet. Ostensibly featuring what a Paleolithic man and woman, i.e., hunter gatherers, would have eaten about 10,000 B.C, before the Agrarian Revolution, the Paleo is akin to Atkins but with ample produce.

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    One reason for its popularity is its relative simplicity: Dos include grass-produced meats, fish and seafood, fresh fruits and veggies, eggs, nuts and seeds, healthy oils (olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut). Don'ts include any processed food, grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugar, potatoes, salt and vegetable oil. Another reason is that dieters are likely to see pretty fast results as processed foods are eliminated and the high protein and fiber keeps people satiated longer.

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    Given its popularity,

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  • 5 Surprising Immunity Boosting Foods for Cold and Flu Season

    Megan O. Steintrager

    Glazed Pearl Onions and GrapesAccording to the CDC's weekly FluView report, "flu activity continues to increase in parts of the United States." Additionally, my super-scientific Sneezers on the Subway observations indicate that colds are also on the rise. And while the CDC stresses that the best ways to prevent the flu is to get vaccinated against it and wash your hands properly, there's evidence that certain foods can help boost immunity and might help ward off colds and the flu. Here are a few you might not know about:

    Organic, Whole Milk: The findings of a just-released study on organic milk and fatty acid composition, published in the reputable peer-reviewed journal PLOS one, indicate that organic milk contains a better balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids than conventional milk. And omega-3s have been linked to tons of benefits, including boosting immunity by increasing the activity of phagocytes, "cells that fight flu by eating up bacteria," says Prevention. You'll also get the

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