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  • Adam Levine's New Collection: The Reviews Are In


    Adam Levine is clearly very familiar with fashion models — he’s dated three Victoria's Secret Angels and is now engaged to Behati Prinsloo. But does the Maroon Five heartthrob know his fashion? We’re not so sure. Levine himself wears the official rocker wardrobe of skinny jeans and tees, and his lady friends seem to favor wearing sexy lingerie in public. So what would Levine present for his new Kmart women's clothing line? In an interview with Women's Wear Daily he described it as "effortless and classic" but bloggers beg to differ.

    The collection, which launches online today and tomorrow in stores, includes Apache-print cropped tanks, floral kimono tops, overalls, cut-off shorts, and a slew of other “boho-chic” items (emphasis on the boho) catering to the perhaps-clichéd music festival vibe. Perhaps more polarizing are the suspender shorts, tie-dye leggings, and retro graphic tees with the words like “Mermaid,” “Reggae,” and most inexplicably “Africa” printed across the chest in the

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  • The Slow Burn That Is Being Single on Valentine's Day

    Once a year, the world is reminded that love is, in fact, all you need. Or is it? Some see Feb. 14 as a chance to give roses, cards, candy, and kisses in the name of St. Valentine, no matter how commercial the day has become. For others, it’s a not-so-pleasant reminder of the single life. Cue the real-world version of Renée Zellweger in "Bridget Jones’ Diary" when she guzzles wine on the couch listening to “All By Myself.” Or Elle Woods’s bite-and-toss chocolate-eating scene after Warner dumps her in "Legally Blonde." Here, a list of humorous truths that will make being single on Valentine’s Day as digestible as obnoxiously expensive truffles.



    Your favorite online retailers make it impossible for you shop without reminding you that you should be wearing that new dress on a hot date (a hot date that you don't have). 
    But you use the LOVE123 promo code anyway. Who are you to pass up a 20 percent-off opportunity? Especially in the name of love.

    Paramount Pictures


    Surprise! You find a bouquet at your

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  • 10 Things to Do on Christmas After You Open Presents

    The gift-giving frenzy is over and wrapping paper is strewn about – now what? There are plenty of activities you can do to maintain the holiday buzz. Here are 10 suggestions to get you started.

    1. Watch an entire season on Netflix

    Because binge-watching a new show is the new normal – just like Orange is the New Black…(there’s an option right there).



    2. Go to the movies

    A trip to the movies isn’t just for the lonesome or non-celebrators. You can help make one of the highest grossing weeks for the movie industry even more profitable. Rumor has it that Saving Mr. Banks has something for people of all ages, making it a top choice for families this holiday season.

    Modern Family Movies

    3. Bake cookies

    There's nothing better than a classic Christmas sugar cookie to get you in the holiday mood. After the baking, just frost, decorate, eat and repeat.


    (Tumblr/Chunk n Chip)

    4. Whip out the board games

    A family that plays together, stays together. Pictionary and charades included.



    5. Watch old family videos or create new ones

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  • Bye-Bye, Dressing Room: 8 Home Try-On Services That Will Change Your Life

    Who doesn't love the feeling of taking home a brand-new outfit complete with the season's perfect accessories? But the actual process of shopping can often feel less than glamorous, and retailers know it … but still want you to shop with them. While at-home try-on services used to be a rarity, reserved for really big spenders, the trend is growing. These days the average Jane, or Joe, can try on everything from blue jeans to bras without leaving the house. The system in a nutshell: You can sample several items for free, send the unwanted pieces back (again, sans a charge), and only pay for what you choose to keep. It’s time to bid adieu to overcrowded parking lots, pushy salespeople, unflattering lighting, and unnecessary impulse-buys. Here are some at-home try-on services worth investing your time (and money) in.

    Photo by: Warby ParkerWarby Parker

    Want to test out a bunch of frames before committing? This purveyor of designer glasses allows you to try up to five eyeglasses at a time for five days. When the

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  • Are Puppy Purses For Real?

    Photo by: Alberto Reyes/WENN.comNew York’s Park Avenue is essentially a runway for the rich and the famous to boast the latest trends and apparently, they're all about the “Puppy Purse.”

    “As of today the phone hasn’t stopped ringing because they showed up on The Post,” Stacy Braverman, owner of the New York pet accessories store that sold the item in the photo, told Yahoo Shine.

    The inventively stylish rendition of a dog carrier broke headlines yesterday when former model Rachelle Garzia was spotted on 30th and Park in New York with her sand-colored Brussels Griffon Shih Tzu mix, Frank, hanging from her ever-so-stylish camouflage printed pooch pouch.

    “It’s not the kind of thing you’re going to keep your dog in all day long, it’s not a typical carrier. So if you’re going on a short walk or want to put it on its feet and quickly pick it up, that’s what it’s used for. Or if you want your dog to have fresh air, especially in the city, that’s what it’s used for,” said Braverman, who sold Garzia the Puppy Purse.

    The device,

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  • Can Man Win Back Ex With Kitty Memes? Probably!

    Boyfriends take note: Photo by: via JimKid/ImgurThe classic box of chocolates and bouquet of roses to win over your ex-girlfriend is totally passé. Instead, a couple of online kitten pictures along with some hokey one-liners might just do the trick.

    Imgur user JimKid put together seven cat memes on Monday in an effort to charm his ex-girlfriend. "After she broke up with me, I got carried away trying to get her back," he posted to his page on the online image hosting service. The pictures are mostly clips of pocket-sized kittens – a strategic move, for sure. The memes range from a kitty swaddled in a white blanket with "my heart aches when you’re not with me" written at the bottom, to a little orange tabby sporting a green beanie with the question "was I not cool enough?" floating above its head.

    Take it from us, guys. Save yourself a trip to Godiva and a call to the florist and let technology do the talking. Nowadays it’s all about reviving your relationship with the power of memes … and kittens, of course.

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  • This Kitten Could Change The World. No Bigs.

    Photo by: Wildwood Trust/FacebookHappy National Cat Day! We're smitten by this kitten.  She's no piano-playing YouTube star, nor is her father Karl Lagerfeld (hello, Choupette). She does, however, appear cute and cuddly; but looks can be deceiving – she’s a wild one. The wildcat kitten, whose species is one of Britain’s rarest mammals, is being hand-raised at the Wildwood conservation center in England.

    And according to keeper Sally Barnes, she’s already one fierce feline: "Our kitten has already got four teeth that can give quite a nip, her claws are well formed and she is already proving quite a handful.”

    We’re ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the too-cute-to-be-real (or wild) pictures of the kitty, but conservationists have more of a reason to be excited. According to Wildwood Trust Chief Executive Peter Smith, the park’s extinction specialists are collaborating with scientists to develop genetic tests that will be able to identify purebred wildcats so extinction can hopefully come to a halt. 

    The tiny furball is giving

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  • See One Very Crazy 53-Coat Manicure

    Photo by: Kas/varnishedvalkyie.blogspot.comMost of us are used to a classic manicure with two layers of polish. Three, maybe, if you're looking to darken up a lighter shade. But one Toronto woman decided that two, three, even 10 coats simply wasn't enough. Kas, the creator of nail blog Varnished Valkyrie, posted a picture of her nails painted with not one, not two, but a whopping 53 layers of polish. Not surprisingly, the photo – which shows the multicolor coats individually stacked over her nailbeds – went viral.

    “Boredom took over,” the improv instructor and aspiring comedy writer (who didn't share her last name) told Yahoo! Shine. “I wish I could tell you I saw something amazing that triggered this, but the reality was it just popped into my head.”

    Kas began the process with a mere 10 layers of polish; and then another 10; and 10 more once again, until she hit 53 coats. But why the odd number? She had exactly 53 colors she was willing to sacrifice in case mixing ensued. The manicure took two hours to complete, but only a

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  • Katie Holmes: The Next Big Style Mogul?

    Katie Holmes with fellow fashion and beauty insiders, including Jeanne Yang (L) and Bobbi Brown (R). (Getty Images)It’s been a little over a year since Katie Holmes announced her split from Tom Cruise, and she's been staying busy ever since. The 34-year-old's fashion label, Holmes & Yang, debuted its most recent collection to an exclusive list of guests on Thursday (since she pulled it from the official New York Fashion Week schedule) and now the actress-turned-fashionista is extending her empire to the realms of beauty.

    It’s safe to say that Holmes made a name for herself in showbiz, thanks to her many seasons on teen drama "Dawson's Creek," roles in multiple films, and her much-watched marriage to a certain mega-movie star. But over the last year, she’s hit the ground running in the beauty and fashion worlds too. Could she be the next big style mogul? We’re not saying no. Last year, the actress partnered with celebrity stylist Jeanne Yang to create a clothing line, Holmes & Yang and became the first-ever celebrity to represent cosmetic line Bobbi Brown in September.  She's also been the face of Read More »from Katie Holmes: The Next Big Style Mogul?
  • Eight Things Model Jennie Runk Could Teach Your 14-Year-Old Self

    Love the skiLa Redoute/Facebookn you're in. Believe in yourself. Stand up for your rights. They’re all sentiments we’ve heard many times before, but they're also all easier said than done. And living in a world – especially as a teenage girl – populated by illusory, small-framed models who set the bar for societal standards of what’s “beautiful,” can make it extra difficult to exercise these mantras.

    Georgia Luckhurst, 14, of Great Britain, took it upon herself to interview renowned plus-size model Jennie Runk for the young feminist activist site Runk, who is as much of a role model as she is a fashion model, shared her feelings on everything from how to make a difference to how she grew to feel comfortable with her body. "My goal is to work towards the day when people will stop calling each other too fat or too skinny or too anything – a day when people can live and let live in peace, regardless of the bodies they’re living in,” Runk said.

    Hats off to Luckhurst for giving Runk a

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