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  • Top 10 Products for Black Hair

    Here are the top ten miracle workers to give you glorious, shiny, just-stepped-out-of-a-shampoo-commercial hair -- just like Vanessa Williams.

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  • Balancing Act: I Was a Divorcee at 27

    Like many women, I looked forward to being married with children and felt blessed that it happened. When I was 22 years old, I fell in love with a man who proposed marriage. I accepted. Most importantly, we did things the right way.

    Not only did we talk about everything from spirituality to finances, we took the time to go over the minute details; such as how we would attack disagreements or approach child rearing. We seemingly planned for everything... except failure.

    My husband and I spent countless days together during our courtship, but I didn't meet the real him until our honeymoon. That's when he had his first -- of many to come -- meltdown. His voice, demeanor and eyes said it all. He was nasty, loud and aggressive with a beach vendor who approached me to sell a service. His behavior was more than territorial; it was blatant insecurity and hostility.

    After the situation was diffused, my husband apologized profusely and I let it go. What else could I do? I reasoned that it

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  • Great Beauty: Top 10 Fragrances for Fall

    After a long, hot summer, we're thrilled to welcome fall! Crimson-colored trees, chunky sweaters, windy weekends spent cuddled up with your honey... what's yummier than autumn?

    This season, the top beauty brands are all debuting fall scents that perfectly embody all the crisp sensuality of the season. From Sarah Jessica Parker's new SJP NYC to Coach's sassy Poppy scent, here are the ten most addictive fall fragrances.

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  • 12 Celebs Who Should Be in Guinness Book of Records

    Beyonce and Jay-Z are making and breaking records, and we're not talking about album sales. Admittedly the most powerful couple in hip hop and R&B made headlines last week when they were inducted into the Guinness Book Of World Records.

    The Carters have been added to the 2010 edition of the respected record book for being the "highest earning power couple" after collectively earning $122 million since their marriage in 2004 through June 2009. It comes to no surprise that the dynamic duo made the cut, and they'll be joined by Lady Gaga, another megastar who's been named the "Most Searched-For Female."

    Since the creation of the first book in 1955, people still remain smitten by records making the GBWR, the biggest-selling copyrighted book of all time, by 2004 selling more than 92 million copies. The records included in the Guinness book are often debated for value and ethics, because a large part on the content included are pretty zany. Records for "woman with longest cheek sags" and

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  • Commentary: Is Technology the Enemy of Love?

    It's hard to tell someone how you really feel -- in 140 characters. I mean, you can try it. Sometimes it works. Except when it doesn't. Like when your significant other texts you to ask what you think of your date-night plans, and you text back only one word: "Fine."

    Does that "fine" equal "Sounds like a great idea, honey! Can't wait to tear up those chicken wings at Harold's!" Or does that "fine" equal "I am begrudgingly agreeing to do this thing that I hate. Your obsession with Harold's Chicken is grossly stereotypical and disgusts me."

    That's the real peril of love via Twitter and text. You only get a brief amount of time to get your point across, and without the visual clues you get from casual conversation, a "joke" can quickly become offensive. An off-hand quip can become a heated fight. It's easy to be misunderstood when such a small form of communication can be read in so many different ways.

    But technology is not the enemy of love.

    And yet you'd never know that from the

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  • Commentary: Are We Addicted to Heels?


    I have a confession to make. My name is Keli and I'm a heel-a-holic.

    I didn't come to terms with my high heel addiction easily. In fact, as someone who's been nearly 6 feet tall since junior high, I had never considered high heels a necessity. Looking back, I actually spent much of my adolescence trying to call less attention to my height, not more. But at some point -- and I'm not exactly sure when it happened -- I became just as obsessed with sky-high stilettos as some of my vertically challenged sisters. How obsessed?

    Let's put it this way... I'm currently in rehab and therapy and struggling to let go of my addiction. And no, I'm not joking...

    After being hit by a car and injuring my leg, I was forced into physical therapy and early on had an exchange with my therapist that revealed the depths of my high heel addiction. It went something like this:

    "So when will I finally be back to normal?"

    "Well, Keli, you can probably start easing back into

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  • Piece de Resistance: Metallic Statement Necklaces

    Sometimes, our only fashion option is to go bold or go home. A statement necklace makes it easy. Oversized gems, shiny dangling fringes, and eye-catching beads all speak for themselves. Your clothes don't have to be the only thing getting all of the attention. Step out on the edge and give a little shine to your accessories with one of these spotlight-stealing metallic neck pieces.

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  • Commentary: What If Lindsay Lohan Were Black?

    Even folks who routinely avoid entertainment gossip are probably vaguely aware of actress Lindsay Lohan's never-ending saga of arrests, drug charges and illicit behavior. While the former child star has certainly seen her career take a turn for the worse in wake of her troubles, there is still a great deal of public support for her. Not just sympathy, but forgiveness for the actress -- even as she seems unwilling to take responsibility for her misdeeds. (Does anyone recall her stealing a car in 2007, running over a man's foot and then saying, "The Black guy did it!"? 'Cause I do.)

    And if fans have had mixed emotions about Lohan's wild ride, judges haven't seemed to have much of a hard time at all giving the girl a slap on the wrist time after time after time. Just this weekend, she was released from prison after serving less than one day of a one-month sentence for violating her probation because of a failed drug test. This was her third imprisonment as a result of a

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  • Hollywood Glam: Chic and Shimmery Dresses

    Glam and glitz are almost synonymous (in our minds, anyway). It's easy to steal the spotlight when wearing a bit of sparkle, and who doesn't love to be the center of attention? Whether it's a full on shine-fest or a more modest dose of glimmer, dazzling duds are no longer banished to after-hours clubs.

    Hollywood starlets have turned shimmery nighttime staples into looks that work both day and evening. If you're looking to add a little pizazz to your look, without the gaudiness, here are some sparkling options.

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  • The Predator in Your Daughter's Bedroom

    There is no better tool for predators than the Internet, says Nola Brantly, executive director of the Oakland-based Motivating Inspiring Serving and Supporting Sexually Exploited Youth, Inc. (, an organization providing counseling to trafficked children. Here she describes how pimps use the Web to groom and sell young girls and offers ways you can help in your community:

    When we were growing up, parents felt children were vulnerable when they were in the streets. You didn't worry about them so much when they were at home. But the computer has changed all that. Now the predator is in your child's bedroom, talking to her for hours, getting inside her head, all while you're asleep. this might go on for months. by the time parents catch wind of it, they can't tell that child, "You don't know this person." As far as that child is concerned she has a full relationship and the parent is the one who doesn't get it. About a quarter of the girls we see at MISSSEY were groomed

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