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  • I hate Angelina Jolie!!!

    I was just browsing the tabloids online and had an epiphany; I HATE ANGELINA JOLIE. I think she is beautiful, sure. I'm not seething from jealousy or spite, I just genuinely cannot stand the woman. And here's why...

    1. I can't stand her acting. It is almost as though she realizes how beautiful she is and projects it outward. I hate when people do that. I like people who are beautiful and don't realize it. Low self esteem can really help a person's ego. Like "Girl Interrupted" for instance. I couldn't even look at her she was radiating so much vanity. That is just an example, watch it again, you'll see.

    2. Okay, so she probably has 100 million dollars in her joint bank account. That does not give a person the right to go around adopting more kids than you can count on your hands and feet and then hiring nannies to take care of them. Her only time with those kids, I guarantee, are photo-ops to the candy/toy store. It's a big sham. The woman sits in her bedroom and snorts crushed up

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  • I just started dating this guy who I really like. Here's the thing; He has only been with one woman and I have been with 15+ guys. If this relationship is going to go anywhere, lying probably isn't what I want to do right? But, I know guys pretty well, and no matter how thoroughly I explain myself, he's going to see me as kind of a slut. This is how I see it anyway. Is it really necessary to tell the guy about who and how many. Isn't it a faux pas to talk about past relationships? This is weighing on me, and I'm not sure what to do.

  • horoscopes

    You know, I was just thinking about these damn horoscopes. The other day I got sucked into this web page offering me a free horoscope reading. It was a total scam (and not from this website let me add) of course, and it told me I should buy a lottery ticket today and use these three numbers (3,17,27) among the picks. And you know what? I almost did. I almost spent five dollars that I dont really HAVE to spend on frivelous things like this and then I decided otherwise. I thought I would post it and if anyone read this by saturday night, they could use them and perhaps become very very rich.
    The point I'm trying to make is that horoscopes are so generalized and cannot possibly effect an individual enough to predict winning lottery numbers. I faithfully read my horoscope here every day and it NEVER speaks to what's going on im my life. It always says things like "Dont go to work today, just crawl in bed with your 'cutie' and snuggle all day". For one; I dont have a "cutie" (unless

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