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  • 2012 Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for Your Favorite People

    It's gift-giving season and genConnect has reached out to some of your favorite experts for inspiration. We've got creative picks for best friends, style mavens, jet setters, wellness seekers, and, of course, grandma.

    Armed with our expert recommendations, you can be confident that your presents won't be re-gifted next holiday. Expect to hear: "How thoughtful!" "How personal!" "How clever!" You can thank us in 2013. Happy gifting!

    SpaFinder's Sallie Fraenkel suggests a winter getaway with your mom or best friend as the ultimate holiday gift. Her picks: The Oaks at Ojai in Ojai, Calif; Red Mountain Resort in Ivins, Utah; and Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, N.Y.

    But if a spa vacation is out of reach, Fraenkel says a SpaFinder Wellness gift card is also a great option. "It allows the recipient to choose the wellness experience he or she truly wants," she says. "From a hot stone massage, to a facial, to a cutting-edge fitness experience such as TRX or CrossFit, to a

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  • Emergency Contraception: Should Teens Have Advanced Prescriptions?

    By Susan Wysocki |

    Think emergency contraception is something you don't have to worry about with your kids anytime soon? Think again. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) this week recommended that its members provide emergency contraception or "the morning after pill" - to "teenagers in immediate need" and also write prescriptions in advance for emergency contraception "for teenagers to have on hand in case of future need."

    Related: Birth Control for Men? Why Not?

    We reached out to Susan Wysocki, President at iWoman's Health, to get her thoughts on whether advanced emergency contraception is a good idea. Here's what she said…

    In 1992, Dr. James Trussell and the late Dr. Felicia Stewart, authors of Contraceptive Technology, projected that widespread use of ECPs [emergency contraception pills] could prevent half of all unintended pregnancies and abortions in the U.S. each year. Unfortunately, that has not been the reality. In fact, in over 14 studies

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  • 10 Ways to Avoid Snacking While Cooking

    With Thanksgiving around the corner, many of you will be spending endless hours preparing for the big feast. Did you realize you could realistically add 400 calories to your day by simply taste-testing? Ouch! Here are my favorite tips to prepare a fabulous meal without consuming too many mindless calories.

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    Top 10 tips to help you avoid 'noshing' while cooking:

    1. Brush your teeth before your start. Having that fresh mouth feel helps you to not taste.

    2. Wear a surgical mask or a bandana (looks like your are robbing a bank) - it helps you to be more mindful while tasting.

    3. Eat before you start to cook, just like going to the grocery store, you don't want to be hungry.

    4. Chew sugar-free gum or suck on a hard sugar-free candy.

    5. Keep a bowl of grape tomatoes nearby and nosh on those since they are so low in calories (you can use other chopped veggies if tomatoes are not your favorite).

    6. Wear surgical

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  • Millennials Redefine Family Values (VIDEO)

    Popular culture might convince us to believe that Millennials are self-centered with a disregard for family values.

    Quite the contrary, according to the results in "The Next Normal: An Unprecedented Look at Millennials Worldwide." Viacom and its Viacom International Media Networks division conducting 15,000 interviews to gain perspectives of young people age 9-30 from 24 countries worldwide.

    The study found that spending time with family is actually the top driver of happiness for Millennials. Researchers also discovered that an emphasis on family is a global phenomenon among young people.

    "Thanks to the importance Millennials place on family bonds, the family unit today is closer than ever," Christian Kurz, vice president of Research & Insights at Viacom International Media Networks, said in a press release.

    Hooked Up Book by Jack MyersHooked Up Book by Jack MyersMedia ecologist Jack Myers and author of Hooked Up: A New Generation's Surprising Take on Sex, Politics and Saving the World says it's inaccurate to describe the attitude shift

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  • VIDEO: Paula Broadway on David Petreaus's "Drive"

    Paula Broadway in the summer of 2012 talked exclusively to genConnect about Gen. David Petraeus and his "drive". Watch Paula Broadwell, Army veteran and author of All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, discuss the leadership lessons Petraeus can offer us. (Petraeus at the time of this interview was serving as the CIA director). Paula Broadwell described the book as not only a war chronicle, but a "strategic leadership portrait, so that leaders from any industry could extract from it."

    Paula Broadwell: Women in the Military (VIDEO)

    What Makes Men in Power So Sexy? Experts Answer ...

    Does Pillow Talk Threaten Work Secrets?

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  • Why Are Women Attracted to Powerful Men?

    The investigation into the relationship between former CIA Director David Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell has widened as Petraeus' successor, Gen. John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, is under scrutiny for alleged "inappropriate communication" with Jill Kelley. Kelley was the whistleblower who told the FBI of a possible relationship between Broadwell and Petraeus. The FBI referred the matter to the Pentagon, which ordered an investigation on Monday.

    WATCH: Paula Broadwell Video - Leadership Lessons From David Petraeus

    This is obviously not the first news of a man in a leadership position getting into trouble for his indiscretions. Former Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards' White House hopes were dashed when it came out he had an affair - and a child - with a former staffer, Rielle Hunter; former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner sent a picture of himself in his boxers to an intern via Twitter, ultimately leading to his resignation; former

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  • How to Handle Work Secrets in the Bedroom

    David Petraeus and Paula BroadwellDavid Petraeus and Paula BroadwellBy Dr. Marianne Brandon |

    As the controversy still swirls surrounding the relationship between just-resigned CIA Director David Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell, the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee will investigate why higher ups didn't know about reports of the affair until just before the media got wind of the news, and that the relationship "could have had an effect on national security." This comes after an FBI investigation of Broadwell concluded there was no threat to national security after it looked into complaints from a Petraeus family friend, Jill Kelley, about receiving harassing e-mails from Broadwell. There is a fear that perhaps Broadwell was privy to sensitive information Petraeus had regarding national security issues.

    WATCH: Paula Broadwell - Leadership Lessons From David Petraeus

    Many people deal with secrets when it comes to their work - whether they are in the military, intelligence community, psychology or psychiatry,

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  • 7 Drink Picks to Set the Mood for Your Date

    Pomegranate mojitoBy Chef Jackie M. Lee | genConnect

    The first time you entertain your Dinner Worthy date in your home is a notable event and an opportunity to impress. That's more the reason why you might consider creating that unique cocktail or brushing up on your wine IQ for your special night. When I want to really impress, I like to create a specialty drink or cocktail to offer my DW candidate. It's an opportunity to booster my seduction meter and to put my date at ease with a delicious elixir to tickle the taste buds. If your date is not into cocktails, knowing how to maneuver a wine list will not only earn you coveted brownie points but might also garner you that unspoken nod of approval.

    Related: 5 Questions to Determine if Your Date is 'Dinner Worthy'

    First, COCKTAILS - check out my 3 top drinks below that will help to showcase your mixology skills:

    1. Cucumber Ruby Grapefruit Martini - This refreshing martini with cucumber essence is a great and fresh way to start your
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  • 3 Ideas to Heat Up Your Relationship

    By Dr. Marianne Brandon | genConnect

    It's getting colder outside, which means perhaps you're looking for a way to turn up the heat - both literally, and in your relationship. Keeping in mind that most people in long-term relationships easily get stuck in sexual ruts, bringing more of your heart into the picture will likely have a sizzling impact on your intimate connection.

    Here are some ideas:

    1. While making love, look him or her in the eye and whisper some of the things you love about that person. You can speak about their personality, their body, the way they treat you, whatever feels right. But make it genuine, because no one is turned on by a liar. Also, keep in mind that whispering is key - you are not trying to start a conversation. Make your words part of your sex play.

    2. When making love, imagine that you can dissolve your skin and literally allow your body to melt into your partner's body. Concentrate on the feeling, and surrender yourself into your Read More »from 3 Ideas to Heat Up Your Relationship
  • Why 60 is NOT the New 40 (Thankfully!)

    mature-women-friendsBy Debra Gilbert Rosenberg | genConnect

    I just turned 60 years old and well-meaning friends and colleagues have said to me, "Great! Sixty is the new forty." What is this supposed to mean? Should I find that comforting? Maybe feel less close to life's end? Younger? I don't really know, but I do know that I don't agree. At all.

    Sixty is quite different. My husband and I have lived in a mostly empty nest for several years now; our "kids" are lovely, independent adults. Still wonderful, potty trained and quite verbal, I am grateful and proud to report that they are pretty much my favorite people on Earth. But I also enjoy our quieter home, the ability to eat whatever and whenever my husband and I want, to work late and to go out often without worrying about the children. I feel good, and I have a husband, friends, family and work I love. Leisure time is, at long last, often actually leisurely. At 60, life is pretty good.

    Forty was very good, and I'm finding that 60 is,

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