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  • So... Maybe People Can Be Born Gay After All

    Do you think people can be born gay?Working in the medical field, I'm always interested in learning more about all things medical. And, being the analogist that I am, I'm always looking for ways to figure out why, where and how things come to be and 'are' the way that they are.

    I was recently reading an article in the March 2012 issue of Reader's digest that I picked up at the local hospital here titled, "Five Body Parts You May Not Need". It was written by Robert T. Gonzalez, a science writer. In the article, Gonzalez names five body parts that experts say we could really do without.

    *The Coccyx- The left over part from the tail we had as embryos.

    *Ear Muscles- Apparently, our primate ancestors used them to "move their ears like satellite dishes searching for signals". Of course, the most we can do today is give a little wiggle.

    *Wisdom Teeth- Anyone between the ages of say, 17-25, know how much of a nuisance these can be.

    *Arrector Pili- These are muscle fibers that contract and give us what we

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