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  • Create an At-home Yoga Space

    Create a yoga space in your own home.

    A yoga membership is not in my budget. Likewise, traveling to a yoga class can be time consuming. However, for me, doing yoga in a cluttered room with children passing through isn't calming. In fact, it's almost counterproductive. A quiet, tranquil space is an ideal place for me to stretch and exercise. Here are a few tips for creating an at-home yoga space.


    Recently, we put wood floors into our spare bedrooms. With all the furniture removed, it's the perfect home for my yoga mat. An at-home yoga space should be free of clutter. Earthy elements such as live plants, muted wall colors and soft pillows will keep a home yoga area tranquil. Bamboo, orchids and river rocks are other nice ways to decorate this space. I know that I may not always be able to devote an entire room to my yoga mat. However, it's best for me to keep my yoga mat in a room with the least amount of distractions as possible.

    Calming Scents

    I have a hard time relaxing if a room smells stale or

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  • A small flower arrangement on the nightstand is a nice touch for overnight guests.Hosting guests in your home is one of the loveliest simple pleasures we can enjoy in our busy lives. For some inspiration you can incorporate into your own guest room, think of the charming bed and breakfast inns or perfect country house hotels you've encountered. Your personality will shine through in those thoughtful little touches which make such a charming difference to the comfort of your guests. Here are five of the best.

    Bath amenities
    Bring home those small shampoo, conditioner, body cream amenities from one of your recent hotel stays. Add some cotton balls and swabs, a shower cap, perhaps, a new toothbrush still in its wrapper. Just place the items in a basket or on a plate beside fresh towels on the bathroom counter for guests who may have forgotten their own. Leave a hair dryer out as well. How practical (and at no cost to you)!

    Room tray
    Prior to your guests' arrival, prepare a hand written welcome note to insert in an envelope left on a tray. Add a bottle of both sparkling

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  • Bunting is a cozy way to welcome people into your home for fall.

    The crisp, cool air of autumn invites us to retreat indoors to the comfort of our homes. Swap out your summer brights for cozier home décor and wrap yourself in the warmth of the season. Here are five home accents that will add fall warmth to your home.

    1. A stack of vintage board games

    A spirited competition between family members is the perfect accompaniment to cool weather. Cozy up around the coffee table and break out your favorite vintage board games. Light a fire, grab your favorite hot beverage and get ready for a festive evening with loved ones.

    2. New flannel sheets

    Stow away your summer linens and add your extra blankets on top of a new set of soft flannel sheets. A flannel sheet set in a preppy plaid pattern is a comforting way to bring fall into your bedroom.

    3. Decadent candles

    The scents of fall trigger happy memories of years' past: your mom's apple crisp, pumpkin spice coffee with friends, and even pine trees can remind us of baking with family or an afternoon at the

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  • Welcome fall with these new ideas for parties.

    Autumn is a great time to celebrate with your friends and family. The cooler weather and change of seasons encourages outdoor excursions, but it's also a fantastic excuse to get together with your favorite people. Think beyond the hay ride or annual costume party. This year, adjust your party paradigm a bit with these new ideas for gatherings.

    Fall Photo Field Trip
    This one's great for families with young children, but teens and adults can enjoy this, too. Make sure everyone has a camera (a camera phone works, too), and go someplace where the sights, sounds, and even the tastes of the season call out to you. Focus in on the little details at a local pumpkin patch, or a walk in the woods, even a cornfield maze. You'll be surprised what you find by slowing down and taking a close look at the textures and colors. Create a hashtag on social media sites to share the photos with everyone in your group.

    Autumn "Crafternoon"
    Ask everyone to bring an inexpensive woven grapevine wreath, a hot

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  • Pumpkin pie is a favorite fall scent.

    The change of the season is a great time of year to redecorate the home and bring new scents into your living space. Emotions associated with the season can be triggered by certain scents; surrounding yourself with these aromas can inspire happy feelings. Transform your home into a cozy space with soothing, comforting and energizing aromas inspired by the season.

    Your living room, home office and bedroom can become more inviting when you burn scented candles or use a room spray in a fresh scent. Fall is a great time to bring in the scents of nature with refreshing scents that remind you of the crisp fall air. Think of your happiest fall memories -- choosing pumpkins, picking apples or going for a crisp walk in the fresh air. Baking fall treats that include the comforting scents of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and vanilla will remind you of happy family gatherings in the kitchen.

    If you're hosting a dinner party or gathering, set the mood with Glade Pumpkin Spice Scented Oil Candles that

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