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  • I'm Overweight and My Boyfriend's Not. Big Freaking Deal

    Photos by Gloria Shuri NavaMy boyfriend Ali is 5'10" with friendly blue eyes, a dimpled smile and a fit, muscular body. He's someone you'd expect to see with a really hot, thin woman...not an overweight girl like me.

    We've been dating for 18 months, and wherever we go—whether we're walking hand in hand through the mall, airport or down the street in his hometown (Glasgow, Scotland) or mine (San Jose, California)—we get confused looks that say, He can do better than her!

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    When people say things out loud, their comments range from cruel ("Is he blind?" or "He's only with you to get a green card") to quips such as, "It's great he can see past your looks" or "He's so nice for being with you." I usually respond, "He's not doing me a favor—he's my boyfriend!"

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    Now and then, even people close to me made unkind remarks. Once, when I confided to a friend, "I can't believe he likes me!" he Read More »from I'm Overweight and My Boyfriend's Not. Big Freaking Deal