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  • Creative New Ways to Earn Extra Income Online

    Most of us would admit that right about now we could use some extra cash. The traditional concept of moonlighting has been redefined in the past few years. The internet age has changed everything. Earning money from home has never been easier. Here are 10 ideas for you to consider.

    • shutterstock Do you have a digital camera? Are you good at taking pictures and videos? Earn 25 cents to $75 per download of photos, vector drawings, or illustrations, and $2.50 to $23 for video footage.
    • bookscouter Do you have unwanted books sitting on your shelves or in boxes up in the attic? Someone somewhere may want them. Let bookscouter hook you up.
    • secondspin Do you have unwanted cds, dvds, or video games? SecondSpin will buy in bulk or offer you a trade-in value.
    • gofunrewards Here is one that anyone can do. Go Fun Rewards will actually pay you to advertise for them. Your simple daily task is to copy a pre-written ad and paste the ad on a free classified ad
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  • Surprising News About Kettlebells, Fat Burning, and Weight Loss

    Are you tired of those fad diets that seem to fail you more often than not? Are you needing to lose weight and keep it off? I have found an extremely effective Kettlebell workout program that strips off unwanted body fat - up to 2 to 3 pounds per week!

    When I heard that you can burn 13.6 calories per minute in a Kettlebell workout I got excited. That is the equivalent of running a 6-minute mile pace. Anyone interested in weight loss and weight management should take notice.

    Unlike exercises with dumbbells, Kettlebell exercises often involve large numbers of repetitions, working several muscles simultaneously. Kettlebell workouts are like high-intensity interval training. So, if you are serious bout weight loss and weight management, read on.

    For a fat-loss program to be most effective, it should help you to acheive 5 goals.

    • Lift Heavy - When you lift heavier weights you will use up more energy
    • Lift Explosively - This means your movements while lifting
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