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  • NFHS Blazin' Silkz Color Guard

    Colorguard is a competitive dance theater using props along with dance as a visual expression of the music performed by either a marching band or pre-recorded. Colorguard is both an athletic competition and a form of art that mixes modern dance and ballet and uses props traditionally including rifles, flags and sabres.

    The North Forest Color Guard, directed by Ms. Gretchen Shelton, competes with the marching band from August through March, using choreography and equipment to enhance the visual effect of the marching band show. The colorguard is judged both as part of the overall visual appeal of the show as well as in its own category.
    Our organization is primarily self funded and does not receive assistance from the school district. We have several girls who have the passion but not the financial means to participate. In this I am asking for your help I do not feel as if these girls should be penalized for their inability to pay. Each girl is unique and Read More »from NFHS Blazin' Silkz Color Guard