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  • Lessons Learned by a Grandfather

    Have you ever heard butterflies' whispered songs? After many years and being a grandpoppy, I'm learning to consider children as young people. They're bright and shiny pennies filling with the wonder of discovering the world. Like butterflies they're just emerging from their dark cocoons. They rush this way and that as though they're on wheels and are filled with a never ending supply of questions. For them there are no mountains they cannot climb, no oceans they cannot sail and no stars they cannot reach.

    But so often at the mall or in a restaurant I hear parents and grandparents telling their children to be quiet. Or they say don't do this, stop bothering me, or why should I listen to you? You're a kid and don't know anything. When I hear these faithful words I'm reminded of the story about the truck.

    Not too long ago, an eighteen-wheeler tank truck was stuck in a tunnel under the river between New Jersey and New York City. As you can imagine traffic backed up for miles in

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