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  • How to Fix the Economy

    How To fix The Economy

    by Henry Massingale

    June 20,2012

    This posting is a Opinion Page, to add in what I may not see. This is by all means a Tea Party Agenda, to Rebuild America.

    Issue #1;

    The Tax System, is at 35% against companies. Why not reduce this Tax to 17% and lock it in for 10 years, At the same time each year reduce this by 1%, according to the Economy Recovery.

    Issue # 2;

    The sending of money to Countries that use this money to support Terrorism against America. I do understand a lot of Terrorism Act brought against Americans was because of Government Officials Betraying people of those countries.

    End this money support for a 7 year period, and only give Aid in the form of Food and Health Care Needs.

    Issue # 3;

    More and more companies move over seas in order to not be Taxed the 35%. I see, and found out that the Pharmaceutical Companies that have been supported by American Tax Dollars to bring Pharmaceutical Heroin

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