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    I want to make clear, I am no theologian, I do not even attend church anymore. I am no better, and no worse than anyone. .
    The Bible commands us to feed the hungry, and help the oppressed. I know, without a doubt, Jesus, would never let a person die because he didn't "plan ahead" and have health insurance. Jesus would have compassion and understanding. He would consider factories close, people die, spouses run out, plans change, and feeding your kids, comes above heath insurance for yourself. He commands us to help each other
    I think we should focus on that, and not worry about gays getting married or girls getting an abortion. That's between them and God. Work out your own salvation with fear, and trembling, right? The Bible commands us to worry about getting them some food. We will not be judged for what they do, we will be judged for what we did, or did not do. It says many many times, feed the hungry, take care of the sick. Help each other.
    I guess my point is don't use the Bible

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