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  • Affordable Late Summer Vacation Ideas

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    The economy is recovering - and travel spend reflects that. This summer, U.S. travelers will have taken an average of 2.8 one-week trips, and 43 percent will have take long weekend trips, according to a summer travel survey conducted by
    American Express, which polled a random sampling of 1,500 participants defined by a minimum annual household income of $100,000. Spending an average of $1,180 per person, travelers are back on the map. As August marks the slow wind down of these hot months, we at Bundle brainstormed the best end-of-summer vacation ideas that are easy on your wallet and fun for all. Here's where not to travel - these are America's most expensive vacation towns.

    Read on to find out how to make the most of the last dog days of summer.

    Collaborate with Friends
    Renting a condo, beach or lake house is often more budget-friendly than staying at a hotel, and renting them with friends is even more affordable. Usually, these types of accommodations

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  • Ice Cream Country: The Cities and States that Eat the Most Ice Cream in America

    It's the height of summer and ice cream cravings are in full swing. While frozen yogurt and ice cream sales are active year round, summer sales spike: one of the best summer treats that helps beat the heat is an ice cold cone. Here at Bundle, we wanted to discover which places scream the most for ice cream.

    To find out which American cities and states are ice cream-crazy - that is, which frequent their favorite ice cream stores most often - we examined all households which had a credit card transaction at ice cream and frozen yogurt vendors. We then examined the total number of transactions per city and ranked on a per capita basis.

    If you're obsessed with ice cream, does your city or state follow in your sweet tooth footsteps? Find out below!

    Topping our list for the most ice cream-crazy state in America is Washington, D.C., whose residents eat ice cream 85 percent more than the average American. The state is big on the dessert fad scene, ranging from cupcakes to

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  • 4th of July Guide to Finding Free Fireworks

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    Fireworks and freebies: Two things most Americans can't get enough of. And lucky for us, we can have both at once this 4th of July.

    "There are free fireworks displays scheduled in almost every major metropolitan area across the United States," says Andrew Schrage, founder of personal finance "However, due to the fact that some cities have eliminated fireworks displays because of budgetary concerns, it is wise to check in advance."

    But rather than you having to do the online research, has created a list of some major cities that are holding free fireworks displays. (If you live in a smaller city, a quick Google search of "free fireworks" and your city's name will alert you to whether there's a free show in town.)

    Getting ready for 4th of July weekend? Find the best of (almost) anything here

    Here are ten of the most prominent free fireworks displays in the nation:

    1. Boston, Massachusetts
    This is one of

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  • 4th of July Sales Not to Miss

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    For some of you, excitement on the 4th of July comes from the fireworks. For others, the fact that you're boss-free that day. And still others, from the fact that you can score amazing deals on clothes, restaurants and more. If you fall into this last category, keep reading -- we're showing you which stores have awesome sales this 4th of July.

    Find the best Fourth of July sales at a store near you

    But first things first: Before you hit the stores, "check out's aggregated 4th of July deals page for a roundup of all the best sales on the web along with coupons for additional discounts and free shipping," says consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch. You can also check out an extensive list of 4th of July deals from here. Or, "if you prefer to shop in store, check before heading out the door to find local retail sales/deals in your area," Woroch adds.

    To nail down the specific stores offering great

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  • Last-Minute 4th of July Beach Getaways

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    Sure, it's fun to watch the fireworks in your hometown with friends and family, but let's face it, you've probably done that almost every year of your life. So why not try something new this 4th of July -- like a last-minute beach getaway?

    "There are plenty of last-minute deals for the 4th of July, especially if you're flexible about location and travel times," says Lindsay Sakraida, the features director For one, is offering 30% off of a bunch of hotels this 4th of July, and then is giving 4% cash-back on top of that. And a lot of hotels in Myrtle Beach and Orlando are offering big discounts, says Sakraida. Furthermore, if you're considering a last-minute cruise, "look to Carnival options first -- lately the cruise line has had a higher number of budget-friendly options than any other carrier, so you'll increase your chances of getting a good price," she says.

    And those deals are just the beginning. That's why

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  • What Does a Breakup Cost?

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    Divorce is notoriously expensive (both financially and emotionally), but as more unmarried couples move in together, they may be surprised to discover the costs of breaking up an unmarried household. For instance, "someone has to pay for a mover and cough up the security deposit because you're not necessarily going to get it back from the original apartment if the other person is staying," says Wynne Whitman, attorney at the law firm Schenck, Price, Smith & King, LLP and coauthor of Shacking Up: The Smart Girl's Guide to Living in Sin Without Getting Burned . "There are a lot of expenses involved in setting up an apartment."

    The best moving companies in America

    We at talked to Whitman about cushioning the financial impact and dividing up a household.

    Signing a cohabitation agreement
    It's a good idea to discuss expectations before moving in together, even though it may sound unromantic. "Take the

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