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  • Four tips to help make your fall skin gorgeous and glowing

    "When fall comes around," says beauty expert Lucy Crawford, "the air gets cold, dry, and unforgiving, which leads to cracking and breakouts." Don't we know it! Here she gives us four simple tips to make our fall skin gorgeous and glowing, despite the dropping temperatures.


    We love easy, affordable, do-it-yourself beauty tips like this. In a small bowl, mix together 1 cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of almond oil, and a dash of your favorite perfume to make a just-for-you scrub that can be used all over your body. Your skin gets soft, supple, and totally touchable.


    "This is an imperative step," says Lucy, "and you won't be able to use just any lotion." Our skin gets itchy and dry when the fall air rolls in because we're missing ceramides, the natural lipids in the skin. Look for a moisturizer that contains ceramides, like Curel's Ultra Healing Lotion.


    Just because we're not spending the day at the beach doesn't mean this tip is going

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  • Fall makeup trends to update your look

    It's not just the leaves that switch up their look come fall. On today's episode of Real-Life Makeover, makeup pro, Julie Murray, is showing one mom how to rock our favorite fall colors.


    "I'm a firm believer that if you're going to have a dramatic eye, keep your lips neutral, and vice versa," says Julie. Otherwise, you run the risk of makeup overload. For fall, try pairing a neutral eye, with a rich, luxurious color on your lips, like a deep burgundy.

    Just because you're not hanging at the beach doesn't mean you get a free pass on skin protection. Always remember to prime your skin with some SPF. "It's important when you're choosing your foundation color that you match to your natural skin tones," says Julie. Even out your skin with a foundation that makes your skin look radiant and provides a bit of sun protection, to boot.


    When I asked Julie about the season's hottest makeup colors, she suggested we

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  • Five things to know before you color your hair at home

    We've all seen sitcoms where a towel drops to the bathroom floor and our heroine is beset with a shrieking "OMG, my hair!" moment of terror. Here, how to avoid hair color trauma and tears with five simple tips.


    If you've got Cher black hair, here's the truth: you're not going to become Gwen Stefani at home. Drastic changes seldom work in your own bathroom (didn't you see that episode of 90210?). Don't go more than two shades in either direction. Home color works best for people who want a subtle change or to cover up grays. Save the who's-that-girl? style transformations for the pros.

    Like the color on the box? Cool, but you're going to need to decode the language on the box like a Girl Scout studying a map key. You know the color's black, brown, red, or blond. That's the easy part. Now look for the other defining clues to see how the color will look on you. Is the shade light, medium, or dark? Is the tone warm or cool?


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  • Beauty weapons for your purse

    Mary Poppins had her bag of tricks. Now you can keep your own stealth beauty tools in your purse at all times to keep you safe from makeup mayhem.

    #1 Moisturizing Cream

    The change from hot humid weather to fall's cooler temperatures can dry out your skin. Keep a small tube of moisturizer on hand to make dry, cracked hands supple again, of course. But did you know moisturizer can help tame those flyaways, too?

    #2 Eyelash Curler

    An eyelash curler is one of those steps lots of women skip but makeup artists swear is the key to a wide, bright-eyed look. Don't be scared of this medieval-looking device--once you see how great your peepers look, you won't stay away.

    #3 Blotting Papers

    There's a fine line between a gorgeous glow and just plain greasy. To stay on the right side, blot these paper squares over your face to soak up shine without messing up your makeup. (Bathroom paper towels or tissue toilet covers can also work wonders in a pinch!)

    #4 Eye Drops

    If you're staring at a computer

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  • 5 fall foods to make you look and feel gorgeous

    On this episode of Real-Life Makeover, we've got five fall beauty foods that will help improve your skin, hair, and health this season. Get ready for a diet and beauty makeover in one go.


    They're not just for jack o' lanterns and front porches. Pumpkins are low in calories, fat, and sodium, and pack a wallop of nutrition that can help you look and feel your best. Vitamin A promotes skin healing, vitamin C is a terrific antioxidant, and zinc aids in cellular regeneration. Remember to toast the seeds for a great snack.

    #2 KALE
    Don't shy from this leafy green. Kale is loaded with antioxidants that help increase and promote the collagen level in your skin cells, which leads to better-looking skin tone and texture. Because it's also a high-alkaline food, it helps boost your immune system. Saute with garlic and olive oil for the a quick and delicious, good-for-you dinner side dish.


    Winter squash have a lot going for them. These gourds are rich in fiber,

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  • 5 exercises you can do anywhere

    Schedule too nutty to get to the gym? We've got five foolproof exercises you can do anywhere that will get you feeling strong, boost metabolism and burn calories.


    Sit towards the edge of a chair with your back perfectly straight and your hips firmly planted. Hold on to a water bottle, a book, or a dumbbell with both hands at chest-level. Keeping your hips still and squared toward the front, rotate your torso to the left, then back to center, and to the right. Keep abs contracted and use a slow, controlled motion so that your abs and obliques--not your arms--do the work. Rotate to each side 15-20 times and complete 2-3 sets.

    Assist your push-ups by doing them against any counter, desk or sturdy table rather than on the floor. Keeping elbows in and legs straight, do 2-3 sets of 15-20 push-ups.


    Sit on the edge of a chair with feet shoulder-distance apart and shins parallel. Be careful to not let your knees extend past your

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  • A handy guide for better portion control

    If your portions are super-sized, healthy foods can result in the same unwanted pounds as burgers and fries. But you don't need to carry around a travel set of measuring cups to make over your serving size. On today's Real-Life Makeover, we've got six ways your hand can help you keep a grip on your portion sizes.


    Protein fuels our energy and helps build strong muscles. Use the area and thickness of your palm to eyeball how much chicken, fish or tofu you should be eating in a single sitting.

    What should accompany your protein? Scoop up two fist-sized portions of fresh veggies for a ton of nutrients and antioxidants.

    Use both your hands like serving spoons to lift up a big portion of leafy greens. To give yourself about a tablespoon of dressing, use the length of your thumb as a guideline.

    When you're figuring out how many berries to pile on top of your morning yogurt, fill your hand for just the right

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  • After-School Snack Makeover with Holly Robinson Peete

    A new school year means new after school snacks! We're ditching the old-standbys for three quick and creative cures for the afternoon munchies.


    Hollow out sourdough rolls (keep the tops!) to make a bread bowl and fill with tomato soup. Layer a slice of your cheese of choice over the soup (I like sharp cheddar), pop the bread "lids" back on, and slide into a 350 degree oven. When the boats take on a gorgeous golden hue and the cheese is melted, your soup boats are done. Just grab the spoons!


    This snack's got that irresistible mix of sweet and salty. In a medium bowl, mix a can of drained tuna with a couple teaspoons of mayo and half of a diced green apple. Season with salt and pepper to taste, and then scoop into a pita pocket. Add a leaf of lettuce for some extra crunch and serve with remaining apple slices.


    The kids will go crazy for this one. In a small bowl, stir some chopped peanuts with chocolate spread. Place

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  • Does your child's backpack have the essentials?

    One of the way to calm back-to-school nerves is to make sure your child is prepared. Danielle is mom to six-year-old Carter, who is about to start the first grade. We're loading Carter up with everything he needs for the momentous first day and having some creative fun by adding personalized touches to his backpack. This is Real-Life Makeover, Backpack Edition!


    We've first got to make sure the backpack is filled with everything Carter needs to learn his "Three Rs." He can jazz up his notebook by sliding a drawing into the front. And while we want him to learn his 'rithmetic the hard way (hey, we had to), sometimes a calculator comes in handy. Last but not least, fill up a durable pencil case with crayons, markers, scissors, erasers, and pencils.


    Serious injuries and ailments warrant a trip to the nurse's office, but for chapped lips and paper cuts, it never hurts to put a little first aid kit in your child's backpack (okay, and it puts Mom's mind at

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  • A new mom learns some makeup tips to help her look bright eyed and fresh

    Worn out by newborn twins and a five-year-old, Tanya's current beauty routine includes such luxuries as brushing her hair and teeth. "If I'm lucky I can take a shower," she says. We're giving this sleep-deprived mom a Real-Life Makeover with tips on how to look bright-eyed, no matter how much sleep she got last night. Watch as makeup pro Julie Murray works her magic.


    First, clear the decks. Clear skin of dirt and oil and get the appearance of smaller pores by using an exfoliating cleanser. Follow-up with a subtle self-tanning moisturizer containing SPF. It's easy to find one for fair/medium skin and one for medium/tan skin. "This is going to help you gradually build your tan over time and give you that healthy glow for the summer," says Julie.

    To look alert and rested, it's all about the eyes. On the eyelids, use a cream-based primer or eyeshadow with silica to absorb oil and prevent creasing. Choose one with a bit of shimmer to make eyes subtly pop. Push

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