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  • Bosses reveal worst wardrobe don’ts

    By Sarah B. Weir

    Certified Image Consultant and Chair of the Association of Image Consultants International, Kelly Machbitz worries about what messages some women today are sending with their office attire. "I've noticed that Casual Fridays have morphed into 'Happy Hour' Fridays -- you can tell who's got a date that night by what they wear to the office that day."

    (Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

    She points out that you only have 30-40 seconds to make a first impression on your boss or co-worker so what you wear is going to instantly signal how smart and competent you are, for better or worse. Kelly feels the more skin you show, the less power you project: "If you are sitting next to a male colleague in a three-piece suit and you are wearing a strappy dress, who do you think is going to command the respect?"

    Kelly recommends that women have three separate wardrobes: one for the office, one for the weekend, and another for special occasions. While this might seem a little old school, she explains

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  • Busting eyeglasses myths for better vision

    (Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)By Sarah B. Weir

    According to the Vision Council of America, there are about 12 million adults in the United States with an uncorrected vision problem. We investigated 4 common glasses myths to help you save money and take care of your eyes.

    Wearing prescription glasses makes your vision worse

    Fiction. Some people are reluctant to increase the power of their prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses or even rely on glasses at all because they fear it will weaken their eyesight over the long run. It turns out this is a myth that was perpetuated in the 1920s by an eye doctor named William Horatio Bates in order to promote his system of exercises called the "Bates Training Method to Sight Without Glasses."

    There is no proven benefit to doing eye exercises or using a lower prescription. The American Academy of Ophthalmology explains that the degeneration of vision is generally caused by hereditary factors or age. So, if you think your glasses are making your eyes worse

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  • Surprising success from pretzels and positive thinking

    Kim Holstein of Kim and Scott's Gourmet PretzelsKim Holstein of Kim and Scott's Gourmet Pretzels

    by Sarah B. Weir

    Sometimes the best ideas are the most twisted. That's what Kim Oster Holstein discovered when she launched her business, Kim and Scott's Gourmet Pretzels, in 1995. After reading an article about a soft pretzel stand at a local Chicago green market, Kim became obsessed with the idea that she could turn the pretzel concept inside out - literally. She envisioned stuffed pretzels in funky flavors like cinnamon roll and grilled cheese, a whole new spin on a classic American snack. At the same time, her dream was to create a company that would serve the community as well as turn a profit.

    When Kim heard that pretzels were invented in 610 by a monk who gave them to children as gifts for good scholarship, her vision of "Pretzels W ith a Purpose" started to feel like fate.

    Though many people shot down her idea, Kim's future husband, Scott, encouraged her to "go for it." The couple met at a book signing in 1994, and within months, Scott was helping her bake

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  • Stories and action on Yahoo!

    At Yahoo!, we tell great stories that inspire people to take action that adds up to change. We're able to do this through powerful storytelling that captures the imagination and empathy of our audiences.

    Along with each story, we offer up actions that people can easily take, right in that moment of compassion. And after they've acted, we show them how their individual actions combine with others just like theirs to result in a bigger positive impact. Thousands of people are volunteering, donating, and spreading the word to support causes they care about.

    When Yahoo! tells these stories and makes it easy to act on a large scale, we're helping more people be part of How Good Grows.

    Here are some success stories:

    • When Jodie Nelson's story appeared on Yahoo!, she raised $92,000 within 24 hours for breast cancer education. The professional surfer continues to raise awareness and funds for causes and organizations through Paddle With Purpose.
    • The Yahoo!
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  • 10 things childcare providers won't tell you

    By Mother Nature Network
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    You leave your child with them day in and day out, and you trust them completely. But there are some things even your childcare provider won't tell you - about your child, your peers, and maybe even yourself.

    The following are 10 things your baby-sitter, nanny, and day-care operator won't tell you. (To protect their anonymity, some of the childcare providers interviewed asked that we identify them only by first name.)

    1. The way you treat your childcare provider matters

    You might be in a rush to drop off your child at daycare or pick them up on your way home, but that's no reason to not take a moment to be kind to your childcare provider. "The parent should speak to the childcare provider in the way they want their child to act: Courteous, use pleases and thank-you's," said Mathilda Williams, who runs an in-home childcare facility in New Jersey. "Yes, the childcare provider works for you, but that doesn't mean they

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