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  • How to Sun Dry Tomatoes

    How to Sun Dry Tomatoes How to Sun Dry Tomatoes Looking for a guide on how to sun dry tomatoes? Well here it is in all its glory. Learn the three major methods for drying tomatoes. Use the traditional method of sun drying, or learn how to dry tomatoes using modern cooking technology. No matter how you choose to dry your tomatoes, you will find the information you need right here! Sun dried tomatoes are great on salads, on top of pastas, or even just as a healthy snack.

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    Tips on Drying Tomatoes

    • Roma tomatoes are considered the best for drying because they have a rich flavor and are not particularly watery
    • There are three kinds of drying: sun drying, oven drying, and using a professionally drying machine.
    • Sun dried tomatoes are an Italian tradition
    • Dried tomatoes are great in pastas, salads, or as snacks
    • Drying tomatoes was originally invented as a way to save the large tomato crops for use throughout the year. Today, people dry tomatoes mainly for
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