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  • New moon in Scorpio: new possibilities for you!

    The new Moon in Scorpio on October 26 turns your awareness toward your secretive, inner self, giving you clarity to recognize any outmoded habits that need to be broken. Transformative, willful Scorpio burns away your illusions to expose anything inauthentic about yourself. Indeed, during this transit, you'll be poised for powerful, personal renewal at the deepest level!

    The Moon's opposition to retrograde Jupiter in Taurus encourages you to move toward a broader personal vision. If you keep your eye on the biggest prize, you're less likely to be distracted by the red herrings that may keep you stuck in the same spot -- the antithesis of Scorpio's intent. To get the most out of this new Moon, go for the gold and don't sweat the small stuff!

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    Meanwhile, the Moon's supportive angle to Neptune helps you weave soulfulness into your intentions, making sure your goals are

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  • Heat up your love life Aries-style!

    With Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury all convening in fiery Aries through June 4, everyone's energy is running on high! Not only that, but your sex drive is concentrated in a very specific area of your chart, depending on your sign. Explore the cosmic clues of passionate Aries energy for a spring fling ... and maybe even a summer of love!

    Aries: Let your confidence shine!
    You are the star of the hour -- or more accurately, the year, since Jupiter and Uranus plan to light fireworks for you far beyond the next few weeks! Your key to romance right now is to unlock your courageous self-expression by taking personal risks that set you apart from less bold signs. The cosmos say it's time for your refreshed spirit to make a physical impact, whether it's a new hairstyle or some eye-catching new clothes.

    Taurus: Your feminine mystique is compelling!
    With five planets in Aries lighting up your twelfth house of mystery, people can't quite get a read on whether you're interested or

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  • Let Aries help you spring up your space

    Spring is fully upon us, and with vibrant Aries joining forces with several planets right now, now is the time to cast aside all the unnecessary baggage you've collected -- or perhaps been besieged by -- over the last several insular winter months. If you can harness the Ram's emphatic energy to relieve your home, mind and body of all that extra weight, you'll be able to confidently dive headlong into the new season!

    First off, you must be willing to burn a few bridges that lead back to an outmoded way of life; after all, Aries is about welcoming new energy and releasing the old. But how do you best say goodbye to things that no longer serve you?

    With every item you handle, look at it in one of three ways: Be honest about the space you have and make decisions to trash items, take care of them immediately or hand the job off along to someone you know will handle it.

    1. Trash It
    When in doubt, it's probably best to throw it out -- especially if it's been over a year since you've used

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  • Earth Day: Celebrate Our Most Precious Resource!

    Today is Earth Day, an annual opportunity to celebrate our commitment to the environment. With the Sun residing in earthy Taurus, five planets lining up in fiery Aries, and the Moon visiting philanthropic Aquarius, today's cosmic energies are setting an enthusiastic tone for healthy changes in the way we live. The planetary message? Get out there today (or this weekend) and do something good for Mother Earth!

    Organized in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson in response to an oil spill near Santa Barbara, California, the first Earth Day marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement. Now, with more than 500 million participants throughout 175 countries, Earth Day's visibility reflects our collectively growing ecological concern. With tragedies like last year's Gulf of Mexico oil spill and Japan's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis still fresh in our minds, our planet has certainly demanded our attention recently.

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  • Love in the Year of the Rabbit

    Beginning with the new Moon on February 3, we enter a cycle where the wisdom of the lucky Rabbit reigns over our earthly affairs. How can you work with this energy to be lucky in love? Read on for strategies to help make the rest of 2011 a memorable affair of the heart!

    Practice Patience
    Rabbit is more yin than yang, thriving on gentleness, kindness and diplomacy, so this is not a year to force your romantic agenda on others; instead, gently respond to all the loving connections around you. Harmony and humility rule the year to come, and sweeping romantic gestures that rely on bravado will likely fall flat. Coming out of the Year of the Tiger, which encouraged aggressive action, such patience and discretion may seem challenging at first. But the chase, at least this year, is a strategy of the past.

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    Cultivate Your Personal Space

    Take this as a metaphor for cultivating inner peace

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  • Staying Balanced This Season -- by Moon Sign

    When the adrenaline of the holiday season threatens our sense of balance, the Moon is the most important luminary you can look toward when it comes to taking care of yourself emotionally. Discover secrets of your Moon's sign and learn how to keep your Moon hydrated throughout the holidays; if you can, you'll feel as if you're flowing with your natural current, rather than against it!

    If your Moon is in Aries, you actually thrive on the urgency and action that often drives the holidays. You need a sense of freedom, as well as some space, to actually enjoy all the triggers you're pulling to make plans come together. A consistent and rigorous physical regimen is of the utmost importance to keep your emotions balanced. With your natural sense of adventure, rugged hikes and competitive sports are especially invigorating.

    If your Moon is in Taurus, you find harmony in the holidays by prioritizing your financial well-being. Feeling out practical deals and plans that stay within your budget go

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  • How to Survive Mercury Retrograde During the Holidays

    Sound the alarms! Mercury, the planet of communication, turns retrograde in the sign of Capricorn beginning December 10, and remains so through December 29. At a time of year already known for heaping on the stress, this could be considered a huge planetary inconvenience. But while mixups are inevitable, there's a way to survive -- and even thrive -- in a Mercury retrograde period.

    When the messenger planet goes retrograde, things tend to get pretty screwy here on Earth and we are advised to act accordingly. Still, if you know the energy you're working with and are willing to be patient, adaptable and employ some right-brained thinking, you'll survive this period, and even emerge on December 29 with some valuable discoveries.

    Since Mercury is in Capricorn during this retrograde period, the key to survival lies in paying extra attention to material reality, as well as being particularly attentive to career details. This means not taking anything for granted when it comes to being

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  • Gift Giving by the Signs

    Time to narrow down a good gift? Chances are, if you're generous enough to buy a holiday gift for someone, you probably know their birthday. Voila! By knowing their Sun sign, you can hedge your bets that what you get them will be cosmically aligned!

    Trailblazing Aries friends will appreciate one-of-a-kind gifts ... just like them. Having something monogrammed with their favorite motto -- or a unique find that no one else has -- will satisfy their craving for original treasures.

    Taurus individuals are ultra-materialists and would adore something they can wrap their finely tuned tactile senses around! Whether it's one good pillow sham or a new sheet set, going for quality -- not quantity -- is sure to please this earthy sign.

    Gemini folks crave variety and don't like the idea of being hemmed in, especially intellectually. After all, nothing is more fascinating to them than new information and fresh ways of understanding the world. If your Gemini friend already has more books than they

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