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  • Matter of Heart

    Faith is the matter of heart. That's what told to me by one of my friend and I am totally agreed with him..
    Nobody have the right to force us to believe in something we couldn't believe and nobody don't have the right to judge and determine our place in afterlife no matter how holy or high their place in society because they are not God.

    To me, no matter what religion you are or no matter how high you think your religion righteousness, we don't have the right to simply say that someone is going to hell just because she/he is outcast because we are not GOD.. To me, not even a holy religion reference such as Bible or Quran have the power to determine our place in afterlife except God. Yeah, people said those book are holy and it's basically God command but to me, those book are a reference, to differ between bad and good, not a ultimate or definite word by God because all of this book were re-write from generation to generation, so the possibility that bias might happened.

    I am not

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  • Career Vs Family..

    I am workaholic but when situation require me to choose between my career and my family i will definitely sacrifice my career for my family..

    I know how important my career to support my family but i rather lost my career than losing my family.. You can always rebuild your career but you can't rebuild your family once you lost them.. Peoples always think that we can start a new family but to me it's really hard to start a family than to start a new career.. Losing a family will leave a deep scar in our life and nothing can mend or heal those scar in period of time or maybe for eternity..

    So if i am facing this situation, family is my priority...

  • Never Ending Story.. My Blog Headline

    It's been a while since I last update my post..
    many things happened and I am very grateful because my life getting better..
    After gave birth of my baby son on 7th May 2009, everything changed for good.
    I have good career with better salary, my hubby being employed by good company and so many good things happened..

    However, there are no perfection in life. Problem and obstacle may arise sometime and we need to be strong and patient to face all of it..

    I have another blog page ( where i wrote and share my pieces of mind about my life and people around me. Hopefully whoever read my blog will learn something from my experience and inspired them although most of the story based on my daily life.


    Last July, my hubby being fired without reason by his company management.... I am really shocked with the news because my hubby is agood worker and he has been working there for almost 7 years yet his employer terminated him without reasonable cause.
    Then rumours spreaded by my hubby ex-colleagues and reached to my company and i have to resign since i can't face the rumours that is over my patience.
    Both of us jobless yet we have to support our 3 little kids.. We asked help from our family but only humiliation we got in return. I am so much in pressure and i scared it will cause serious hypertension to me since i did have hypertension..
    Both of us struggling to put our life back on track again, but my body and mind is so weak to fight against the stress that affecting my health...
    Moreover, i suspect i am pregnant. I am not ready for another baby so i think of another way to rid off

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    I've married to my husband for almost 8 years and have three kids( 2 boys and 1 girl) but i still can't suit myself to my family in law because of their behaviour.
    They likes to compare my children to theirs and they always said that mine is the worst.. it's really hurt to hear them saying nasty thing to my children yet i can't do anything because of my hubby.
    They even dare to beat my children right to my face.......Sometimes i feel like i want to burst out everything to them.. I really want to tell them that they're not perfect either and their children is not perfect either. Why should i respect them since they never respect.
    Maybe my 2nd and 3rd kids won't understand anything yet, but my eldest son did understand what they said to them.. there was once he ask me " mummy, why mak su and mak ngah always call me weird? am i really weird?" My heart wrecked but all can i answer is they are just joking, don't mind them.......
    Other people may not agree with me but to me family in law

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    I love reading my horoscope daily because i want to know whether it's parallel to what going on that day. My hubby always mocking me for my fanatictisme on horoscope but i ignore him merely because of certain thing that i read in horoscope does make sense..
    Thru horoscope i can alert myself about my life and my future...
    Even thru it i can motivated myself..
    I am not really a horoscope fanatic because i know how to differ myth from reality..
    Whatever, i love reading horoscope and i won't stop reading it..