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  • 15 Ways to Reduce Fuel Costs

    Filling up at the bowserFilling up at the bowser

    In hard economic times everyone is thinking of ways to cut expenses on essential items such as fuel.

    Most of the following simple ways to reduce your fuel consumption are common sense and can be integrated easily into your regular driving routine. It shouldn't take long for these habits to become second nature.

    1. The fuel-efficiency of your vehicle is the place to start.

      It may be stating the blindingly obvious but, in general, four-cylinder vehicles are more economical to run than six-cylinders, and six-cylinders are better than eight. Light-weight models are easier on running costs than heavier ones. If you are about ready to trade in your vehicle then this should be a major consideration.

      However, because everyone is thinking the same way, the market for gas-guzzlers has fallen while anyone with a fuel-efficient model knows that demand for their stock is increasing. Result: Heavy vehicles have to be sold cheap while you pay top dollar for the

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  • Save Money Buying a New Vehicle

    You can save hundreds, even thousands, buying a vehicle. It's not that difficult - if you prepare thoroughly and are aware of the strategies used by salespeople, so that you don't make an impulsive, emotional decision.

    New car dealershipNew car dealership

    To succeed you need information - lots of it. And you must do your homework before you get to the showroom. Research online, read consumer reports and reviews, ask questions of unbiased outsiders.

    You also need an attitude that expects to get the lowest possible price, in the knowledge that:

    1. The motor dealer wants your order. They are particularly keen just before the month end, the end of each quarter and the end of the financial year. They have sales targets and there are usually incentives on offer from the manufacturers. Time your purchase accordingly. Be ready to go elsewhere to get a good price.
    2. You will be dealing with trained salespeople. Their tactics are designed to get you emotionally attached to a car, to raise fear in your mind that you may
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