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  • UN Human Rights Organization Fails Ethiopian Women Refugees in Lebanon

    UNHR, save Ethiopian girls and women NOW!

    The following video is very disturbing. It shows an Ethiopian woman who was beaten and dragged by her murderers. Later, she was found dead and the media reported it as suicide.

    According to Sabah Moh'd (not her real name to protect her identity) who lives in Lebanon and is also an immigrant, Ethiopian women are treated like animals.

    "Black people are suffering like hell in Lebanon. Most of them are refugees who are supposed to receive help from UNHR and been transferred to another country. But since the UNHR's employers are Lebanese, these refugees receive no help and end up in prisons or as domestic workers for no money most of the time. If they complain, the police will take to prison where prison cells are under the ground and they won't see the sunlight for months and months."

    According to the Preamble of United Nation's Human Rights Declaration,

    Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human

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  • Mayor "Gloomberg": New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Refuses Food Donations for Hurricane Sandy Survivors

    Mayor Michael BloombergWhen will the citizens of New York get the message? When will they realize that New York City Mayor Michael "Gloomberg" Bloomberg is only in it for his personal agenda? During the Sandy crisis, Mayor Bloomberg has told the world New York will not accept food donations because its contents cannot be checked for high fat and sodium content.

    During a time when families have been wiped out financially, Mayor Bloomberg has stepped on their emotions, psyche, and spirits while sitting nice and comfy in his mansion, staring down from his tower looking upon the lowly New York serfs. What a shameful act. What a despicable decision to make during New Yorkers' time of need. Is there no shame to Gloomberg's game?

    It goes to show that when unadulterated political power is given to an individual he can become a runaway train destroying lives along the way. After all is said and done, how will New Yorkers feel about their infallible dictator? Will they re-elect the autocrat who decides

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  • Sorry but There is No Talent Found Here: Black Male Comedians Who Throw Black Women Under the Bus for Laughs

    Comedy1Some may say Black women are just too sensitive when they complain about being the butt of Black comedian jokes. Many Black women will strongly disagree with this sentiment. It has become too easy for Black male comedians to use Black women as the nucleus of their non-original witticisms.

    Most people love a good laugh. True comedians tell stories that mirror their lives without belittling a particular segment of society. It is obvious that several Black male comedians either have lost their creativity for garnering laughs or never had the talent. Playing the dozens is elementary school tactics. Quick wit is what makes for a talented comedian; but defaming the character of Black women to garner gaffes is tasteless and lacks true talent.

    Plenty of stereotypes used in comedic acts are laughable. No one is that naïve. Without laughter, this world would shrivel up and die. However, when the majority of Black male comedian material is to drag Black women through the proverbial

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  • An Open Letter to England on the Plight of Malala Yousafzai: A Return to Certain Death

    Life SaverTo the government of the United Kingdom:

    It is reported in the CBS article, "Hero's reception" awaits Pakistani teen back home, that 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai will be returned to the place where she was almost executed. For some, this may appears as a hero's welcome; but to most of the world, this is an ominous sign of her fate: certain death.

    How could England return this child to a certain death? The Taliban is an unforgiving bunch. They do not respect the lives of girls and women. For a girl or woman to exercise her need to voice an original idea or opinion is risky business. This is what Malala Yousafzai experienced and payback was a bullet in the head. Returning Malala to those who attempted to murder her reeks of murderous success. The Taliban will finally get the job done (;contentBody).

    Her only desire was to share the plight of her people through music and rap. The Taliban abhors women who publically

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  • Why I’m Sick and Tired of Politics

    Screaming Woman

    There was a time when politics was about issues that affected the lives of individuals and their families, when voters aligned themselves with politicians who represented their values regardless of political party. Now, smear campaigns are flooding the media airwaves that are smoke and mirrors to distract voters from important issues: the economy, education, health, and military security.

    A disturbing trend is the constant race baiting. The polarization of Americans is at its worst during this presidential race. Any effort to discuss facts that impact American lives are dashed when many who question President Barack Obama's leadership are called racists. If you are a Black American who questions President Obama's job, some consider you an Uncle Tom or Aunt Jemima. However, if you support President Obama, some will consider you closed-minded and in stride with the New Black Panther Party.

    If you are against Mitt Romney and you are Black, you will receive a virtual

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  • Who Will Protect Black Children in America?

    Black Girl--Black Boy

    Many in the Black church seem confused about who they should protect. The care of Black children within the Black church appears often ignored. There are many news reports of the rape of Black children by those who hold a Bible in one hand while clutching the hand of their next child rape victim in the other.

    The Daily Local News reported that 65-year old Homer Richard Clifford, Sr., a Pennsylvania pastor, was found guilty of raping children. The most disturbing aspect of his trial were church members who rallied on behalf of this admitted child rapist stating he was an upstanding and good, family man. How disgusting!

    In another news report from Los Angeles, an Inglewood pastor was charged with nine felony counts of child rape. These are just a few of the disturbing pedophile acts perpetrated by Black ministers who have a committed following of parishioners.

    The saddest aspect of such crimes and these Black pastors is the child rape victims are treated as

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  • BWE Sisterhood—Many Messengers, One Message

    Black Women BloggerNot everyone will understand my message. Not everyone will love my message. However, another BWE sister may share the same message and a person's life will be significantly changed. Will I feel slighted? Will I feel cheated? No, because my soul's purpose is to change the lives of those in need.

    It's very sad to know that there are some who will attempt to kill my reputation because my message is similar to theirs. My similar message may have reached particular people who were not spiritually touched by the other messenger's message.

    As someone stated, "There is nothing new under the sun. It's similar to a physicist who wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Physics isn't new; but the NPP recipient just expanded on the theory." The BWE Movement is similar in principle. The pioneers--Evia Moore, Khadijah, Faith, and Aimee.--have provided the platform for many of us to voice our heart-felt ideologies. Their voices have catapulted the courage of other BWE bloggers to tackle the problems

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  • Stuart Brazell Finds Romney's Binder Full of Women!

    Stuart Brazell brings dry wit and great humor into the often too serious political scene. In a parody on Romney's gaffe, Stuart Brazell along with a talented team of humorists created a video titled, We Found Mitt Romney's Binder Full of Women! Check it out!