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  • How Internal Linking Improves Your SEO

    Search engine optimization isn't just about being found through online search, it's about putting your best content in front of the right people. The key to being found by your ideal niche is doing everything within your power to make sure search engines are able to figure out what you do in order to refer the right traffic to your site. One of the easiest tools to neglect in optimizing SEO is internal linking within your website.

    Internal linking is a valuable tool you can use to help a search engine figure out which pages on your website are the most valuable. Dave Davies writes for Search Engine Watchthat, "a link from the homepage of a site or another strong page will be weighted higher than a link from a weak page 12 levels deep in its hierarchy."

    Highlight Important Pages through Internal Links

    If you want to highlight a signature product's landing page, vitally important content in a blog post, or your company's about page for search engines, you can build more internal

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  • Braised Fennel

    Braised Fennel

    Fennel is one of those vegetables that until recently, I didn't really cook or eat that often. It seemed to me to be kind of precious, something unusual, not an everyday veggie like broccoli or green beans. At first the only thing I would do with it is slice it thin into a salad. (So good with Parmesan.) Then I discovered roasting it. With some balsamic? Yum. And then I found out how good it was in a tomato sauce with seafood.

    See a pattern developing?

    Yes, I am slowly becoming addicted to fennel. This braised fennel recipe is the latest incarnation of The Fennel Experiments, and I have a confession to make. I ate the whole batch. Yes, it serves 4. Normally. Yes, I could have saved some for my family. I didn't. Too bad. What they don't know won't hurt them. Now that they have the recipe they can make their own. (I can just hear my dad now, "et tu, Brutus, et tu?" He can be a bit dramatic sometimes.)

    So, back to the braised fennel. It's lovely. I recommend it as a side

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