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  • Sibling Rivalry

    Sibling Rivalry

    Can you really be this jealous for so long? Does the possible chance for me to find success in the business world at this time in my life bother you to the point, that you couldn't bring yourself to help me? Can this really be rooted to the fact that I was even born? As if I had something to do about that. Did you really consider things when I came along five years after you were born? But not just that, on Mama's birthday! You didn't stand a chance. You were so resentful of me that on more than one occasion you tried to do me harm. You basically caused the accident that would render me incapacitated on the back porch, sporting a cast made of plaster covering my whole leg up to my hip. In those days that was real plaster used. It added about 20 pounds to my already small frame. The summer before starting kindergarten, I spent on the back porch watching everybody else run up and down the alley because I couldn't. I had to look at others make fun of me because I

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  • The Struggle to Become Relevant Again

    We're coming into the last third of 2012, still waiting to see whether History again will be repeated or will the country revert back to a time when the hopes and dreams of african-americans were just that. This isn't about politics in any form, that's what November brings. Will the Ravens right the ship after major inconsistencies in the first half of the season and having a week off for their bye, start back again on Sunday with a game that they have to win. But this isn't a sports blog either; it's just what happens in November. My biggest concern will I find meaningful employment so I don't have to feel depressed again this holiday season like so many in the past. Last year was a little different, I was working for a contractor of a state agency as a temp, so while I enjoyed the many days off afforded to state employees I didn't get paid for them because I just started the last week of November, so even as a temp employee I had not accrued any leave time. So there were a few 4

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  • Reality in the Wake of the Gabby Douglas Hair Controversy

    If I'm going to just put it out there, any person, especially women who had a considerable problem with how Gabby Douglas' hair looked during and after securing 2 Gold Medals in the Olympics obviously has never engaged in athletics nor persired doing so. After doing something NO woman of color who proceeded her in the Summer Games has ever done, that is winning the Gold Medal in an all-around performance, the tone shifted to how her hair looked during the gymnastics portion of the games. Now just those few sentences there truly prioritized for some what was more important. Now I won't take a poll on what amount of disappointed posts were from African-Americans like Gabby, but I would venture a guess most of them were people of color, Men and Women. It's so terribly sad in these days of social media, that her hair would take presidence over her history making accomplishments. 5 months ago, her coaches didn't think she posessed the intestinal fortitude to even make the team. They said

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    Customer service representatives interact with customers and are responsible for imparting information to inquiries regarding services and products. If you are still at a crossroads as to the career option you should select and if one of your options happens to be customer service, the salary offered by the careers you are considering can well serve as one of the deciding factors.

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    How Much Can You Make in Customer Service? Tuesday - October 12, 2010
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  • The Cover-UP

    Now while I don't begrudge anyone in this economy for trying to find that one good idea that can make them the next successful entrepeneur, I do feel as though there is a contradiction that goes along with it. Now presumably Sara Blakely took $5,000.00 and came up with the idea of "Spanx". Now reportedly the company is supposedly worth upwards of over $250 million. Now in reading about M's Blakely's tenacity and perserverance, I applaud her for both by the way, she states she designed the undergarments for a blemish-free look under white pants. Now fast forward to over 200 products that range from slimming apparel to swimsuits, activewear and Men's undershirts. Now in this image concious society where musicians and actors lose dramatic amounts of weight some for red carpets or photo-ops or maybe just for health reasons there was a report the other day on E news that at this years Grammy Awards, multiple winner Adele wore four sets of Spanx, while at the Golden Globe or SAG awards

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  • How to Overcome Insignificance or Do YOU?

    Here lately fashioned myself as a writer. I feel that depending on the subject. My therapist and myself thought it would be therapeutic. It could also lead to overcoming my fear of writing a novel. I could weigh in and offer my perspective that would be articulate and insightful. I love to discuss politics, especially the blatant disrespect of the POTUS. I can be very passionate about that. But on a lighter topic, I will engage with anyone everything Baltimore Ravens, not from a statistical point of view to validate my points, to conversate as if I could be in the front office or Head Coach. Why certain moves are made when they have consequential effects down the line. I never try to attempt to act as if I am the "smartest in the room", but I would challenge those who instead of a calm debate want to hide behind screen names and use foul language as if one, it would intimidate me and two, make me withdraw and go away. But my main topic I like to write about is my Family. Specifically

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  • Clemens Verdict

    Seriously Innocent of all 6 charges? Why was the case ever retried? So Andy Pettitte has either had one too many concussions, or early onset of memory loss. Or, and this is more plausible to me, the first trial he was telling the truth and the second, he couldn't bring himself to Rat out "The Rocket". Now they discredited Mcnamee saying the evidence he kept stored in a soda can was trash? Then why would he keep it? Supposedly his "Ace in the Hole". And since I really didn't follow either one because I knew the outcome and I'm totally not surprised at the verdict, did I hear where they had entered evidence that the wife got stuck? Well isn't that interesting because that was consistent with what Mcnamee was saying all along. But 0 for 6 not even an obstruction charge? See all along the "Big Fish" clearly was Barry Bonds, even though the metamorphing that Clemens physically went through along with his stats, the Prosecution could somehow connect the dots as they say. Well neither will

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