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  • Munggo with Gata and Kalabasa

    The windows of our bedrooms face due east so we get the sunrise every day. As much a sunrise as you can get in the middle of the city. Which, actually, has its own special magic…at least to me. Rays of light suddenly bursting into being like so many bright yellow arms reaching around towers of concrete, all at once being reflected and fractured and reflected again, like a beam going through a thousand prisms, against the steel and glass of the stalwart urban sentinels I call my neighbors.
    I love the dawn. Even if, despite all my best efforts and intentions, I am still not naturally a morning person. I struggle to wake up, greedily and groggily clinging to the last vestiges of my slumber. I try vainly to develop and internal body clock. To date, much to my frustration, it hasn't kicked in. Perhaps that's why I love having the morning's new light creep through my bedroom shades, its fingers coaxing me out from under the covers.
    Dawn, unlike any other time of the day, is filled with

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