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  • 6 Ways to Slash Your Air-conditioning Costs This Summer

    Air Conditioner Tips to Save on Your Energy Bill

    With soaring temperatures going on right now in both Canada and the United States, it's hard not to have the air conditioner blasting in the home like an icy Frigidaire. Unless air conditioner owners live in an apartment building where they do not have to worry about electric bills, homeowners will find themselves paying a hefty price for comfort.

    According to, the average home air conditioner costs a household approximately $280 per year to run. That's a lot of money for the average family. How does one go about slashing air conditioning costs, save money and remain relatively cool at the same time?

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    Here are some tips that will keep the home comfortable until the summer months pass.


    Running an air conditioner all day may provide relief for those seeking a respite from the heat, but it can be costly and even loud. Try putting on the air conditioner at different short periods throughout

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  • 9 Health Risk of Drinking Soda Pop

    Dr Pepper Soda PopDr Pepper Soda PopA meal consisting of burgers and fries is never complete without soda pop. We never think of the ill-effects that these beverages have on our health when we gulp them down every day. Here is why you should bring down the intake of soft drinks to bare minimum...

    Soda pop is a very popular beverage in the U.S., and people of all age groups love to relish it. It is immensely consumed by the younger generation, more specifically school-going children. With the placement of soda pop vending machines in schools and colleges, it has become easier for students to grab a can and quench their thirst. It is unfortunate to see how people have replaced the 'extremely essential' water with soda pop, without realizing its adverse effects on their health.

    Soda pop beverages are basically made up of water and other ingredients like phosphoric acid, caffeine, sodium benzoate, white processed sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, aspartame (in diet soda), etc. These

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