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  • Are You in Love With God?

    If something is going wrong in my life do I search to ask how can I serve God more?

    Is there something more God expects of me? Am I capable of what He asks?

    Don't compare the way the Lord treats me in comparison to others.

    He who believes in Jesus and asks to be saved will be saved. We as Christians should be as loving as Jesus is. We should show our faith. We should practice self discipline in the word of God. The Bible is a foundation to grow in and when you grow in Christianity you grow in love and goodness through Jesus Christ. Actions speak louder than words.

    Exodus 12:2

    This month shall be unto you the beginning of Months: It shall be the first month of the year to you.

    Comment: The month referred to in this verse is "the day of the Lord"

    Romans 1:24-27

    Talks about the lust of the body. It is sin.

    Corinthians II 5:17

    Tells you must be born again to be in Christ. (Also John 3:3)

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  • Notes taken from the Bible

    Three things God does not like--

    1-Poor people who are arrogant

    2-Rich people who lie

    3-Foolish old men who commit adultery

    Shameless Passions--



    3-Evil desires


    James 4:11-12

    Warning against judging a Christian brother. Do not criticize one another, my brothers. Who do you think you are to judge your fellow man?

    What is the role of the Church?

    The Church to me is a family. In Church we all worship God and help each other to grow in Christianity.

    Romans 8:35-36

    This chapter tells how Christians will be persecuted for believing in Jesus as our savior.

    Psalm 149: 7-9

    To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people; To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgment written: this honor have all His saints. Praise yea the Lord.

    This is a promise to all that keep God's word and that go to heaven with the Lord.

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  • Numbers and Secret Codes in the Bible

    1…..Unity, God John 10:30

    2…. Union , Division, Witnessing, Christ Matthew 18:16

    3… Resurrection, Divine completeness and perfection, Holy Spirit

    4…. Creation, World Gen. 1:14-19

    5…. Grace, God's Goodness

    6…. Weakness of man, Evils of Satan, Manifestation of Sin. Man

    7…. Completeness, Spiritual, Perfection

    8…. New Birth, New Creation or New Beginning

    9…. Fruit of the Spirit, Divine completeness from the Lord

    10…. Testimony, Law and Responsibility

    11…. Judgement and disorder

    12…. Governmental Perfection

    13…. Depravity and Rebellion

    14…. Deliverance or Salvation

    15…. Rest

    16…. Love

    17…. Victory

    18…. Bondage

    19…. Faith

    20…. Redemption

    21…. Exeeding Sinfullness of sin

    22…. Light

    23…. Death

    24…. The Priesthood

    25…. The forgiveness of sins

    26…. The Gospel of Christ

    27…. Preaching of the Gospel

    28…. Eternal Life

    29…. Departure

    30…. The blood of Christ, Dedications


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  • Women and Rape

    To all of you women who have been raped, or worry about being raped, don't despair, you're not alone. Don't ever blame yourself for it happening to you. Perverts have been raping women for centuries. Even when women wore high button shoes and dresses buttoned up around their necks. Some how the woman always get blamed for the crime happening. "You were looking to get raped", or "Did you tease him?" or get this one… "You loved it." These are the kind of remarks made to victims. OH REALLY!!! How stupid these people are. No woman wants to go through rape.

    Ladies, don't ever, ever, feel it was your fault of feel guilty for being raped. The social behavior in this country has degenerated to the level of idiots. You, as the victim are made to feel or think you are the guilty one. Rapist are criminals. Their minds are deeply sick and disturbed. Their minds can't function as a normal person's do. They don't belong out on the streets free… but they are.

    Beware, because the rapist

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  • How to Save Money

    There are a lot of ways to save money that can add up. Have a get together with your friends and trade clothes. Shop at Good will and thrift shops. I never buy new clothes and I'm always told how nice I look. You can buy really nice clothes for children at the Goodwill Stores in good condition.
    Make your own soaps and detergents. How to make them is on the internet. They last longer and make a lot. Turn off lights during the day time. Unplug appliances not being used. Give up soadas, beer and booze. There is a lot of sugar in them and they are no good for you. Drink water, it's better for your body. Get out of the habit of using credit cards. The intrest rates are too high. If you can't give up those credit cards, set a limit on what you'll charge and don't go over that. Pay the bill once a month so you won't have to pay any intrest. Look for sales on food. If you can't eat at home, eat where they have dollar menu's, like at Wendy's and Burger King. If you can't afford food, some

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  • Poor Japan and Haiti

    i feel so sorry for these two countries. i have an idea for them both. why doesn't some of the other countries aproach them and offer them each a new island to relocate on. it would be cheaper than rebuilding. Besides Japan is not safe now with all the nuclear satoration.
    Offer them each a new island at a good price with a low intrest rate.
    Yea!! I know i sound like a dreamer,but i think it is a better idea than rebuilding. It will take them years and cost more money.

  • Precious Name of All

    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...precious name of all. All glory and honor to You precious Lord. Hold the Christian banner high in the sky, Precious Lord Jesus, King of Kings.
    Every knee shall bow and tremble at your sight, Precious Lord Jesus, King of Kings.Satan will be bound, with his people too,
    Glory Holy Jesus the key to hell You hold.
    I bow my head in admiration, You are the almighty King,
    Blessed Holy Jesus, King of Kings.
    I will serve you always, Jesus my King,
    Blessed Lord Jesus, God of everything.
    This song was written by me in2006

  • Satans Traps and How He'll Get You

    Satan is very clever. He know's what to tep you with, it may be money, sex, murder, rape, stealing, etc. He will even give you what you wantif you just do his dirty deeds. He just want to get you in hell some day with him. Remember Satan plans to take over God's throne some day, so he is working overtime to get as many people with him and his deamons as possible. You have to resist the devil and obey God. God will win the battle no matter what. Satans time is getting short now, so he's workin overtime. It is so evident by the things that are going on in the world. Satan was God's favorite at one time, that's why God is letting him get away with everhthing he is doing.
    God gave everyone free will to choose between right and wrong. It is up to you who you will serve. The Bible says you can't serve two masters, you'll love one and hate the other.
    God has so many rewards and so much to offer you. Please serve God and not Satan.
    This world is not your final home. You will either go to

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  • The True Inside Story About Pan American World Airlines

    I worked for Pan American World Airlines for several years I can tell you exactly what they were like. The managers never wore suits. As a matter of fact the men managers came to work with stains on the seat of their trousers. the lesbian managers gave the straight girls a hard time. They didn't get their jobs on what they knew, but on who they knew. The employees weren't much better. They came to work with bad breath and clothes that didn't even fit them properly. their atire was wrinkled and inapropiate for work.
    They left a lot to be desired in the personality department too. Some of the employees would threaten other workers.
    Twenty five percent of the employees in the New York and New Jersey couldn't even speak English, the International language.
    At Kennedy Airport one day one of the ticket agents took a fit and tore up my plane ticket. ABC is going to put on a program in September about Pan American. I'm going to laugh if they portray the Stewardess as

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  • Can't You Find Time

    There's time to go to work and make money, but you never find time for God. You find time to go to the race track and gamble, but you never find time for God. You find time to go to the bars and drink, but you never find time for God. You find time to fight with your neighbor, but you never find time for God. You find time to urt your fellow man, but you never find time for God. What? You are in dismay and trouble now, God doesn't have time for you!


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