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  • There is a Time for Everything.

    Since I started blog, I've been bombarded with one consensus question from my family, friends and readers…Where the heck do I find the time to blog? My husband and I are on our own, and hundred and thousand miles away from families and friends. We don't have a nanny, a full-time maid, a chef, a private trainer, or a driver to help us. We juggle just like every family. I work full time remotely from home, my husband works at night, and yet I still find time to blog and time to enjoy with my family and friends. There is a time for everything. When we work, WE WORK. When we are with our kids, WE ARE WITH OUR KIDS. When we have family time, WE HAVE FAMILY TIME. When we meet with friends, WE MEET WITH FRIENDS. So what's our secret to balance it all? A cleaning lady (just kidding)! Well, it's more to it than that. Yes, we do have a cleaning lady that comes every 3 weeks. This is a must for our family, especially for me. I'm borderline OCD when it comes to cleaning!

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  • Secrets to Losing Weight Without Dieting!

    Family and friends were dying to know what my diet was to be able to lose all my baby weight within 6 months. First off, IT WAS NOT A DIET! It was a simple combination of yoga and most importantly, healthy eating habits that have always been part of my life before, during, and after my pregnancy. In our family, eating healthy is so habitual that it's like brushing your teeth. People usually associate eating healthy with high priced organic items. Well, if you don't know where to shop it can get expensive. Stick with me, in a later post I will show you the best bargain places to shop for organic products! As a family, we try to eat a balanced meal three times a day with healthy snacks in between. Our typical diet includes a variety of vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, and almond milk instead of dairy (except for our boys).

    Fruits and Vegetables

    My Mama was always right when she told me to eat my veggies and fruits. They are high in fiber, which is important

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  • Mommy Tummy...NO MORE!!!

    Here I was, a soon to be mom over 40 standing at 5 foot nothing, carrying two beefy Chitalian boys. Not once during my pregnancy was I ever aware or educated of the great battle that was to come. Four months after giving birth, a landscaper came by to give us a quote to fix our backyard. The first thing he said to me was "congratulations, when are you due?" DUE? I just gave birth to two 6 lbs. 12oz twin boys! My OBGYN said my uterus had shrunk back to its normal size (that was 2 months after post pregnancy). I still look pregnant? Are you kidding me? Needless to say, he didn't get the job (LOL! no, it was not the comment, he was way too expensive!).

    During the first few months while learning the ropes of being a first time mom to twin boys, I got so caught up in this overwhelming yet rewarding roller coaster ride that I had neglected myself. I had this naive belief that if I continued to eat healthy and practice yoga, I would go back to my pre-baby body size. Whoa was I ever

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