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  • An Alternative to the Traditional Easter Dinner

    Rather than a stuffy, sit down dinner, my family celebrates Oestra style. Easter has linkages to the pagan holiday Oestra, which is officially celebrated at the spring equinox. The trappings of Oestra are bunches flowers, dyed eggs, rabbits, and bonfires.

    1. Start the Day with a Bouquet

    The day starts with fresh flowers. I always put a vase of tulips on the kitchen table the night before so I wake up to the freshness of spring and can enjoy looking at them while I assemble Easter Baskets and cook breakfast. As far as I'm concerned the purpose of the Easter Basket is to give kids something to eat and keep them out from under your feet in the morning. I scoff at traditional Easter Basket filler and instead choose things that the kids can eat in lue of breakfast and lunch.

    2. Add Healthy Easter Basket Filler

    Coffee Drinks or tea
    100% Juice beverage
    fresh fruit (kiwi, strawberry, clementine's, grapes, bananas, pears, etc)

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  • Easter Bunny 101

    Every year multitudes of people buy their kids bunnies for Easter without actually thinking through the consequences of their actions. If you are contemplating the purchase of a Bunny this Easter here are some things you need to know:

    1. Rabbits bite! All rabbits bite when they are scared, but full arch breeds like the Checkered Giant or Britannia Petite will take your finger off for no apparent reason. Think, evil Bunny from Monte Python's Quest for the Holy Grail. (Actually, that rabbit was a New Zealand Giant and a very docile bunny. Had the cave actually been guarded by the more vicious Britannia Petite they really would have ended up with missing limbs!) There are 47 different breeds of rabbits, take the time to learn about them to make sure you've bought a bunny that will be a good fit for your family.

    2. Rabbits Die! A rabbit's second favorite thing to do is dye. (Their favorite thing to do is, well, breed like rabbits.) So far as I know a rabbits are the only

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  • Want to Buy Your Kid a Bunny for Easter: Read This First!

    After having been a member of the family for 8 years, one of my kids' rabbits recently passed away. With the untimely demise of our pet I began thinking of all the Easter Bunnies who are going to die in the next few weeks because some parent thought it would be cute to get their kid a bunny for Easter.

    For those parents who want to get their kid an Easter Bunny this year I offer one word of advice: Don't.

    While at a party this weekend I met my rabbit's worst nightmare. The ditzy red-headed woman, whom I have dubbed Psycho-Mama, was going on about how she wanted to get her 5 year old daughter a Bunny for Easter, because it would just be "too cute." The five year old in question was unruly, unable to sit still, threw things, and screamed loudly. The mother thought her daughter would love the bunny and that it would look great in the pictures of her daughter in the new outfit Psycho-Mama was buying her for Easter.

    When asked what possessed her to buy a rabbit, Psycho-Mama

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  • Republicans: If I Only Had a Brain!

    I've heard a lot of people say that national politics and national politicians are nothing like the real, every-day people they are claiming to represent; I would beg to differ. My grandfather was fond of quoting Al Capone, "The reason there are so many crooks in politics is because they are truly representative of the people." Nowhere was this more evident than in reading my local paper.

    Page 3-Sheriffs Department Has Hard Time Obeying the Law.

    Can you tell which man in this picture is the Sheriff? . . . . . .
    Me Neither!

    See previous story here:

    It seems our good Republican Sheriff wasn't the only one in the department who was misappropriating funds, but this time the Idaho State Police have decided to actually use the word embezzlement. But whereas the Sheriff was able to keep his job because he is an elected official, the 26 year old lieutenant named today was relieved of duty.

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  • Republicans Gone Wild!!!

    This morning I read the paper; nothing new there. Then I got disgusted; the news was awful and confirms my belief that this election season Republicans have taken leave of their senses!

    These guys don't look that scary to me. . .Front Page -The Chairman of the County Republicans wants to disband two militia groups in the area. The militias are sort of like a glorified Boy Scout group for adults; they help the sheriff's department with search and rescue, emergency evacuations, highway closures in bad weather, etc. The County Republicans are claiming they need to be disbanded because one of the Militia members might run for Sheriff against our current Republican Sheriff.

    The current Sherriff happens to be a law-breaker. He was just tried and convicted of violating the terms of an agreement with another county agency and for misappropriating Sheriff's Department items and funds. He recently filed for bankruptcy because he was forced to repay the funds that he "accidentally" misappropriated into his own bank account.

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  • You'll Never Believe What My Child Brought Home!

    Ok, I'll admit it: my kids go to a private Catholic school. I know that Catholics think birth control is a sin. I know that for Catholics women have no choice, it's just pump out baby after baby. I understand that this presidential election season has quite literally gone off the deep-end as far as women's choices, reproductive freedom, and well, . . . The Pill. But never in a million years would I have guessed that my elementary school daughter would come home from school with a paper that read:

    "An article in the July 21, 2006 Washington Post shows a silent calamity underway in America. Over 1.5 million Americans area harmed, sometimes fatally, every year by medical mistakes. This is Islamic Terrorism; murderous hoards of syringe-armed officials steal silently through our thrice ravened flock. Research on the origins of this travesty reveals that: THE ARABIC ROOTS OF MODERN MEDCINE ARE HAVING THE INTENDED EFFECTS ON CHRISTIAN SOCITY. But Christianity today heals just like

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