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  • It's the Economy Stupid!!

    With this being an election year I just thought that I would put in my two cents worth.Of course thats about all any of us have anymore and we look to the election as some magical fix,sorry I'm a witch and don't believe that BS.The truth to the matter is that the fix for our economy lies not in our goverment but in the corner office with the ceo's and coo's of most corperations that have left wages stagnent for years. For me I have not had a real pay raise in ten years paycuts to be sure but no substancial pay increase.MY bills have gone up so I have no savings for retirement and very little real savings. I loved when I saw an episode of undercover boss where the guy realized what this had done to his workers, he cried. He finally realized that his responsibility was not just to his share holders and customers but to his employees too.A living wage is not minimum wage(or less in the case of wait staff)it is a wage where people can live off of what they take home after a weeks work.

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  • Requiem for a Photographer

    This week I learned of the passing of Brian Lanker, a legendary photographer.One of my inspirations while growing up.

    Requiem for A Photographer

    A photographer tells our story with his pictures of us.Thus we become part of his story.
    A photographer captures a moment in time,and then shares that moment for all times.
    A photographer shows his point of view and opens our point of view.
    A photographer will have a portfolio of his photos that show not only his best work but also his story.
    A photographer will always know when the moment is right for a photo,and when it is not.
    A photographer can take pictures that portray and cause emotion,while holding his own in check.
    A photographer can see the beauty and ugly in everything.
    A photographer can see and tell the story without becoming the story.
    But most of all he knows,he is the photographer.

  • Religious Freedom?

    For those who don't know it, I am a Pagan,Wiccan or just plain Witch if you prefer. I recently attended a festival called Pagan Unity Days here.(Charleston,S.C.) I am also a photographer and was asked to take pictures for the website. But I had to be careful as not all my fellow Pagans are out of the broom closet. Some hid their faces and others just asked that I not take their picture for fear of being outed at work. Now what the laws say and actual practice are two different things as we all know. But in this day and age why do people of any faith need to hide? Why are we still debating the First Amendment? Religious Freedom is just that, not for one faith but for all.

  • Why I HATE Lindsay Lohan

    If you are a Lindsay fan stop here now.I hate this little trollup because she gets breaks she doesn't deserve .Why should I care I don't.But while we excuse stars bad behavior,we need to give some breaks to the regular guys and gals.I have a friend who just recently got fired from a company he worked for for twenty years .Why? Because he showed up drunk.Yes I know he shouldn't have but consider this.Before he worked in the shop for this company he was a driver who was finally forced to stop driving because of his back.Before that he was in the US Army for twenty years including time in Vietnam as a Tunnel Rat. Do you think that he should be given a break? How about time at a luxury rehab facility?No my friend didn't get a break.But Lindsay gets a few days in jail then luxury rehab.I HATE Lindsay Lohan.

  • What's wrong

    What is wrong with America?Nothing,nothing but greed,yup that dirty thing that is envied and scorned at the same time.It is what caused our economic woes at present and unless some realize that greed is good in small quantities but dangerous at large we are in for alot more problems for all of us rich and poor alike. You see the problem is that the big guys don't realize that its the middle and lower classes that make him the big guy(ie pay his paycheck) so everyone has to make a decent wage that they can live on or our economy collapses.The middle class is being squeezed not just by the goverment as some would have you believe but by their bosses too.Stagnent pay and benefits have been going on for years now. I personally have not had a pay raise in over 9 years oh there have been superficial additions a portion of my health care insurance(if you can call it that) and a raise in the rate we get for specialized(oversize loads)But my base pay and benefits has stayed stagnent.At the

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  • Memorial Day

    Monday is Memorial Day A day to honor those who gave their last full measure for our country,for the freedoms we enjoy.Today the One Thousandth soldier was killed in Afganastan and the oldest living Medal of Honor recipient died.Men and women have died defending our country on battlefields from Afganastan to The Ardennes,from Baghdad to the Coral Sea.Remember Them and remember;

  • Ghost's of the Past

    A few weeks ago I visited my home town in Ohio(I now live in South Carolina) I just slipped into town to see some of the old places, but I knew one would be gone my old High school had been torn down due to ground water contamination from the now closed factory next door.As I walked the hill up to the now silent field where my school had stood I felt the ghost's of past students; of my dad who had attended it before me. Of those living and not. There was nothing left the crosswalk where kids used to sneak a smoke before school just ended in an empty field. I felt ghost's from the past before one time when I walked into Appomatox,VA I had the strange sensations of sorrow and of relief. I found out later I had followed the path that Robert E. Lee had taken into town to surrender. These ghost's were not frightening but were intensely emotional feelings. If you ever meet these ghost's don't fear then let them in they give you greater capacity for emotion, and emotions are good.

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  • Friday and John Wayne

    Well Its Friday night and I just had to break out the John Wayne movie True Grit.Theres nothing like his movies even though he's been gone for a long time they are classic.His movies wre always black and white good guys and bad guys no gray areas.I know it's not realistic,but who says a movie has to be realistic.It's a movie it should be fun. And the Duke made some movies. See Ya Later pilgrim...

  • Question for the Ladies

    Ladies does it matter what a man does for a living? I recently had some one tell me I don't do blue collar guys. Well does what a does for a living make a difference.I asked this on yahoo answers and got no responses I'm hoping to get some dicussion here,nothing mean spirited just discussion.Thank you in advance

  • Friends,Pick-up trucks,and perspective

    This past week my little red pick up was down due to the fan coming apart.(It's a 91) .So it was time to dive under the hood for repairs. Now I have a friend named Clyde who fixes cars as a hobby,abd since he works where I do he just hopped in on to help me(it was more like me helping him).Then yesterday we figured out that the water pump was the culprit and had to replace that too. Well Clyde just put his plans on hold 'til my pick up was fixed, friends like that are priceless. But I've helped him too on projects he has had.But that's what friends do. And as bad as this economy is the more friends you have the better and don't forget your friends either.You don't need grand gestures,it's the little things that count.Share a meal,or a good cup of coffe or tea. Life isn't about what you own or how much you make,it's about the person you are.


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