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  • User post: Festival of Lights—and jelly donuts too!

    I'm about as Jewish as I am a super model, but the Mr.'s mother is Jewish. Technically my girls are not because their mama is not Jewish, but always one to buck authority, I say they have as much right to their father's heritage as they do to my Italian one.

    I especially love preparing meals for the Jewish holidays, since food is very symbolic. Last week, while listening to NPR, I overheard an interview about a family that emigrated from Russia. Their first Thanksgiving here was perplexing, because they wanted to know why turkey was customary. In Judaism, almost every food on the holiday table has significance. Apples and honey are served during Rosh Hashanah for hopes of a sweet new year. Leavening agents are forbidden during Passover because there was no time to wait for the dough to rise when the Jews were freed from slavery and made their exodus from Egypt.

    Hanukkah, which starts this evening, celebrates a miracle. Like history in every religion, there was much bloodshed

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  • User post: An All-Inclusive Thanksgiving Menu

    Thanksgiving is an angst-ridden cooking day for many people. Throw in a food allergy, and well, I can see how it can make for an even tougher situation. We have none of these issues in our family, though once you learn a thing or two, I think they're much easier to deal with than picky eaters who show up with their own box of Stove Top stuffing.

    Isabella has been friends for a few years now with a little boy who has a cow's milk allergy. For those who've been with me for a while, you know how Oliver has been an inspiration in my recipes. While butter and dairy are a huge part of my cooking, I'm challenged in a good way to think differently of how to add flavor and texture.

    Another little voice that I often find whispering sweet somethings in my ear is Shauna.

    One word echoes in my mind when confronted with adapting or developing a recipe to make it tasty and safe for everyone to eat: yes.

    That's all Shauna's doing.

    Rather than fret over what I can't use, I

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