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  • User Post: 8 Ways to Clean Up Your Digital World

    When most people hear the words spring cleaning, it means cleaning out their house. Having always hated cleaning (and cooking too), my household spring cleaning involves only switching winter clothes to summer. However, being a technology and gadget lover, I use this time to give my digital world a spring cleaning.

    What does that mean exactly? Here are 8 steps I am taking to clean up my digital world:

    1. Bookmarks (Favorites for IE users) - I tend to bookmark every website I like. It doesn't take long for me to have so many that I forget about most of them. I go through each folder, look at each bookmark and see if I still want to keep it. I also check my folders and decide if I need to re-categorize anything.

    2. Desktop - Do I have too many icons? If I don't need them there, I delete them.

    3. Files - Do I have any downloads, documents, videos, pictures that I are taking up a lot of room that either I don't need anymore or that I can store elsewhere?

    4. Email - I try to keep up

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  • 5 Television Characters I Would Want as Daughters

    I have two absolutely wonderful sons and have never regretted not having any daughters. But, with March being Women's History Month, I was asked who I would choose as role models for a daughter if I did have one.

    First, due to my obsession with pop culture, I decided to choose television characters as opposed to real people. Then, I thought it would be even more interesting to choose characters that even though they are make good role models, my choices and therefor my explanations are based on why I would be happy to have each of them as a daughter.

    Here are the Top 5 Female TV Characters I Would Want as Daughters:

    1. Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Sure there would be a lot of danger around what with Buffy always slaying vampires and demons, but she was always very protective of her mother. And while Buffy and her mother had many of the typical mother/teenage daughter spats, it was obvious that Buffy loved her mother. Although I would be worrying constantly, how could

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  • User Post: Pioneers in a New Online World

    Parents of today's teenagers are pioneers in dealing with the new world of online and digital safety. Online social media, networking and mobile devices with texting and digital cameras are all less than a decade old. Best practices, guidelines and advice on digital privacy are yet to be fully formulated and we are still walking through minefields.

    Insafe, a European network of Awareness Centres promoting safe, responsible use of the internet and mobile devices to young people, has organized Safer Internet Day. To be held this year on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 in over 65 countries of the world, its topic this year is "our virtual lives" with the slogan "it's more than a game, it's your life".

    Although Safer Internet Day is a nice reminder of the importance of Internet safety, it is something that parents must be continuously vigilant about. Yahoo! has a newly redesigned Safety site, Yahoo! Safely, which is taking part in Safer Internet Day 2011. You can find more information

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  • Top 10s of 2010

    What is December known for in addition to holiday festivities? Top 10 Lists. Okay, sometimes the lists are top 50 or top 100, but when December comes around, list making is everywhere.

    Yahoo! has compiled more than a few lists of their own. You can go to Yahoo! 2010 Year in Review to see all of the lists, however, here are a few of my favorites.

    10 Obsessions of 2010
    1. iPhone
    2. Lindsay Lohan
    3. iPad
    4. "Glee"
    5. "Jersey Shore"
    6. Facebook
    7. Bedbugs
    8. Tea Party
    9. Silly Bandz
    10. Stieg Larsson's "The Girl"

    Top Searched Questions on Yahoo! in 2010
    1. How to tie a tie
    2. How to lose weight
    3. How to kiss
    4. How to write a resume
    5. What's the world's only immortal animal
    6. Which city has the best tap water
    7. Which natural disaster shortened earth's days
    8. What is love
    9. What causes lightning
    10. How to boil an egg

    My Top 10 articles from 2010 from my blog Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology:
    1. ABC New Video on Teens and Texting with

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  • User post: How I made Chanukah exciting for my kids

    The month of December can be very difficult for Jewish children in the United States. Most of the country is gearing up for Christmas and reminders of it are everywhere - shopping, music, television, decorations - you can't escape it. As an adult, I've become immune to it, but for children, it is hard not to feel left out.

    Chanukuh is celebrated for eight days, therefore many families give eight days of gifts. When I was a child, my parents would take one gift a day out of the closet for me and one for my brother. Although we loved getting gifts, it lacked a certain holiday feel.

    When my sons were young I decided to make the Chanukah gift giving more festive. I would pick a day, a few days before Chanukah, when my kids were at school and wrap all of the presents, including my husbands. I would make three piles of eight gifts each in front of the fireplace using different sheets of brightly colored wrapping paper. My kids would arrive home from school and see the piles and the

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  • User post: 10 Signs That You Are A Helicopter Parent To Your Teens

    Are you a helicopter parent to your teens or young adults? Some parents readily admit to it. However, with all the heat on helicopter parents lately, many are reluctant to see themselves that way. If you find yourself answering yes to at least half of these questions, you are a helicopter parent whether you want to admit it or not.

    1. Under no circumstances will you ever turn off your cell phone, unless all your kids are with you. It doesn't matter how old they are or where you are.

    2. Your teens are away in college yet you still speak to them every day, often multiple times.

    3. You have many of your teen's teachers or professor's on speed dial.

    4. If you are out and realize you left your cell phone behind, you panic and hyperventilate and run home immediately before, heaven forbid, you miss a call from your teens.

    5. When you are out with friends on a Saturday night, you will inevitably get at least one call from each of your teens.

    6. You know your teen's school schedule and

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  • Quotes of Encouragement for Dealing with Cancer

    As most of you are probably already aware of, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although nobody close to me has ever had breast cancer, I lost my mother to cancer eight years ago. Seeing somebody you love suffering through the final stages of cancer is a nightmare that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

    The reason for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is remind women to take care of themselves, do home breast checks and go for regular screenings. That is extremely important. But I also want to share some uplifting quotes from people who have dealt with cancer:

    Cancer got me over unimportant fears, like getting old.
    Olivia Newton-John

    Cancer victims who don't accept their fate, who don't learn to live with it, will only destroy what little time they have left.
    Ingrid Bergman

    Cancer is a word, not a sentence.
    John Diamond

    Yes....Gilda Radner...said this in her book. What cancer does is, it forces you to focus, to prioritize, and you learn what's important. I mean, I don't sweat the

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  • Watching Event TV With My Sons

    I love to watch big events on television. I count the hours until an award show or a season or series finale comes on. Since my husband doesn't share my enthusiasm, I was so happy that my sons inherited this excitement, and watching these events together became a family tradition.

    When they were young, I couldn't wait until they became old enough to watch these events. The first time my son was able to watch the Oscars with me was the year that Beauty and Beast was nominated, which made it that much more fun.

    When they became young teens, we watched American Idol and Survivor. Every week was event viewing, but we treated the finales like parties. Watching the series finales of our favorite shows as they went off the air became some of our favorite times. We'd watch, laugh, cry and critique.

    Now my sons are out of the house, and we rarely get to watch television together. We have to wait until the next day to even discuss television events due to different time zones and/or time

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