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  • What Makes You Smile?

    Everyone loves to smile. Studies show that smiling helps you live longer, It boosts your immune system and lowers your blood pressure. There are many reasons to smile.

    I want to know! What are 10 things that make you smile? Show me your list at All About Jillzy below.

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  • New Blog Site

    I almost forgot all about my shine blog here. I haven't posted anything on here since January. So sad! But I have been busy blogging on my own site: so please come check out my new blog and become a follower! I love followers! They motivate me to want to write. See you there!

  • My New Hobby: Baking

    I don't know what's going on with me lately. Perhaps it's the "mom brain" or my mind has turned to mush. I've been craving knowledge lately. I've had my max of cartoons, video games and Old Maid. I want to learn something new. I've been wanting to learn to bake bread for quite a while and finally got brave enough to start trying. I actually wrote an article about my first time baking bread and found it to be quite comical. I survived a tasty bread but that wasn't enough for me. There are tons of recipes out there on the internet for bread and it is very overwhelming for someone who has never been taught the basics of baking bread. My goal in this new baking hobby is to have that signature recipe that's all mine. One that I've mastered and people ask me specifically to make. That must be the Italian coming out of me. I love it when people take seconds of my meals, especially my desserts. So my new mission right now is to learn to bake bread.

    As if it isn't enough for me to focus on one

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  • Facts About Giraffes

    My daughter is a huge fan of giraffes. She has her own little stuffed giraffe that she takes everywhere she goes. She makes noises for her giraffe and makes it "talk" but do giraffes really make sounds? Have you ever heard one make noise?

    It took a while, but I found a video on youtube by Myth Crew. Some interesting facts about giraffes:

    • they can get up to 18 feet tall
    • their heart is about 25 pounds, which is a little over 2 gallons of milk jugs together size
    • their tongue is about a foot and a half long so they can reach food at high places
    • they can either bend their knees or spread their front legs apart so they can reach down to drink water
    • they can't keep their head down low for very long because it will make their blood pressure drop and make them pass out.
    • they have the same number of bones in their neck that all mammals have
    So do they make sound? Check out myth crew for more interesting facts and find out for yourself!

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  • Our Kids Will Do It Differently

    I got inspired to write an article when I took my 7-year-old roller skating. My sisters and I lived at the roller rink when we were growing up. Times were so simple "back then". I thought about all the things I want to teach my kids that kids don't know how to do today, like bake a cake from scratch, jump rope rhymes and make an empty pop can stick to our shoe while we walk. Ever since my daughter was born, I have lived vicariously through her and at times found myself depressed because toys that we played with as kids just aren't made the same anymore. One Christmas, Santa brought her a sit and spin, a princess castle for Barbies, a wooden baby crib, a vanity table, and some smaller toys that my husband and I played with when we were growing up. We ended up getting rid of all these toys before the following Christmas because they either fell apart or didn't work right. Even the sit and spin had lights and music to it and it didn't even spin all that fast. Talk about a hit of reality.

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