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  • Female Gender

    Well today I am am standing at work as I do sometimes and two women I work with both have different personalities talk to me today. I just found this very odd since neither one of them ever talks to me on any regular basis which is the normal attitude they have towards me as I only see them at my work place usually a few days a week. It makes me question one of the biggest puzzling question of life which what makes a female mind tick and why are they so different from me? I know that it is in part body genetics and phyical form that is just a small part of the differences that are part of being human on this planet earth sinceall creation by God of humans. Still I find that I dig deeper into the female mind only to find more mystery to add to the growing puzzle and large amount of questions I have no answers to even at my being a middle age man. I used to think I understand the female gender to a good functioning degree but as I have aged to where I am now I am more sure that I know

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  • Climate Change.

    Well, for most people no matter where you live in America most people are experiencing a change of season from nice weather of summer to really sucks cold,snow sometimes mixed with sleet. So no matter whether if you live in the warm states or any other part of America except Hawaii your going too freeze your balls off wishing you were in the Caribbean summer time year round climate instead of your present location. I must admit that I have found that miserable winter cold October to March in most parts of the country I have either lived or just visited really sucks to experience it. I think this makes me feel like there is no really good place to escape frozen toes and fingers. I have tried for example Georgia, Mississippi and some other states only to find it can be just as unbearable cold weather in January while just traveling through these states. I would be wrong to just say that these states suck because they really don't suck but to find that winter is in southern climate is a

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  • Creating Film.

    Well, It is another day on the fast track of learning new ideas and ways to create a independent film which I find both interesting but also very frustrating to do. Somedays it just seems to click in my head how this stupid Avid video editor works and then there is frustrations days like today where not much seems to make any sense to me. I just find that this program is more difficult to work with than any one I have ever used and so I guess that even though I am taking a video production class this semester and I am learning how to do everything. Yes, this type of stuff is not easy but the professor just makes it seem so simple to do it since he is the whiz kid at this stuff. I think that I might have to own this program someday just to do all the important video things that I already have obligations for presently as projects and it will be better if I make money with this knowledge included. I know when i signed up for this class that I would get a easy ride with this course but at

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  • Starting a News Service

    Well, this is been a long time in my mind that one day I would start a news company that would provide a 24 hour fully loaded news channel. To date I have began the process of making this dream become reality by putting a small part of Norton News Co. online for the very first time. I have been writing and doing investagtive journalism for about ten years and so now i have taken the big step forward of making this project finally happen. I think that it is a long time in the making but this news service I hope will eventually become a mainstream place of important critical information for the world and America to turn to when they need to know anything important. So I happy to announce that Norton News Co. is going forward daily with new pages and more added features to become hopefully a well respected source of journalism excellence and credible information as this company grows in influence.. The new Blog .. and

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  • Living with Less.

    I woke up this morning with another day being different from my younger age of 20 and 30's where money was not a very big issue because I made it faster than I could spend it. I have to say that as I got to my late age of 30 something my life started to change radically because I started to learn that all that extra stuff in ones life that I had bought and collected over several decades just no longer had as much value to me as it once did have when I was younger. I started selling things that I did not need and giving away stuff to other people that I no longer used in my daily course of life. I have found that I sort of have adopted a more minimalist attitude being middle age which is completely different from my earlier decades which I spent tons of money on every new gadget that came to market in the local retail stores. I could afford most anything I wanted back then unlike now so I had a money no object attitude that made me eventually poor with credit card debt of $33,000 and

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  • Dealing with Rejection of Life

    I am sitting here today just thinking about the yucky changes in my life and the good ones included over the last decade which makes me think about how many people have walked out on me. I guess that life is not all peaches and roses but there certainly is a point where you start blaming yourself for losing the closest people in your life. I have for the most part been a very positive attitude person who gets things done with little self pity as that is what being in business has taught me over my lifetime. Turning forty something age has certainly made me see the difference in how people view life in general with a more critical less caring attitude. I never thought that as you age that would mean you would eventually end up all alone with virtually no one to love or be loved and cared about because your not valued anymore by the people who are the longest term of years in your life. What a wake up call to find nobody left in your close family and friends cares any more about you with

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  • Blog Absentee.

    Hello to all my readers on this blog as I have to admit that I don't come to update this page like I really should do so I have decided to change this by hopefully adding more to this page soon. I know that this blog lacks everything that the other websites and blogs that I am busy with but I have to admit that over the last few years a total lack of interest in in general in a lot of things. I should do more that reflects a continued interest in writing but many issues in my personal life have made me feel drowned in last 5 years. I know that I should show more enthusiasm for my creative content but the last two year has been particularly difficult for me to feel interested in doing creative things. I basically have put writing,business and music on the back burner for awhile now while I deal with the loss of my wife,dog and family deaths. I apologize to anyone who was reading this blog and hopefully I will feel like wanting to do major changes soon to this blog and Yahoo Contributers

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  • My Return to Blogging Here..

    I have decided to return to this blog after about two years of doing nothing on here since actually I had forgotton about this forum. Well, I have decided that by cvoming back here I hope to accomplish development of a large readership.. Hopefully I will succeed at this venture and make this a really great blog forum thateveryone will love to come to and keep coming back to regularly.
    Have a great day everyone.. Smile..

  • Hurricane Irene Clean Up

    Many oof my blog readers were greatly effected in some degree or another from strong winds and heavy flooding in coastal areas. It is easy to see the after math of this large storm no matter which state you live in on the coastal waterfront. It does come as a surprise to many people how quickly Irene came and how much destruction it left behind in it's path after it moved on from state to state. If you were closer to the water front you got the worst bruntt of the storm as it packed winds around one hundred miles a hour which downed trees and power lines. This left many thousands of people without power to run homes and businesses that would ordinary be able to function with no problem going aboout their daily agenda. If you look at the devastation in some areas of certian states it is appalling how much this hurricane has done to even buildings and homes. While it is not the largest and most severe hurricane ever recorded in America it still surprisingly did a mass amount of

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  • Money Management

    I allways find it interesting how money plays such a large role in peoples lives and how lucky you are just to have it. If your one of the lucky ones you got enough money to have a nice place to live and everything in life taken care of that you need and want. Still their are some who are ver unlucky who have found that money is a very hard commodity to get and just as hard to keep since they don't have much of in the first place. In talking to a woman friend recently she says that if you don't have money anyone who is stuck with this problem should get welfare,SSI or SSDI goverment assistance to cure the money ills thay have. To which I replied to that waht ever happened to being self sufficient and doing things that don't require a goverment hand in your pocket and a choke hold on your freedom. This lovely woman thinks that in order to make it and have all you want that the tax payers of America should foot the bill for everyone who is not willing to work including her. I say that in

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