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  • Webkinz Murder True or False?

    So back in 2007 the whole talk was about a webkinz killer,I am here to tell you the 2012 results!
    So far we staus NOT SURE!,But some of the scary things that happened was:
    1.A killer bear roaming around rooms killing other pets
    2.Dr.Quack chopping up or decapitateing webkinz with a chainsaw from clicking a certain poster so many times
    3.Three boes apperaing red= A neo pet or Ms.birdy chopping your pets head off
    Black= same thing yellow = Everything stolen including kinzcash
    4. A pegiuin with red eyes ruining your pc
    5.A gift box poping up and ms.birdy or Dr.Quack,Then the lights go out red eyes come and slashy noises are being heard then when the light come on your pets are dead

    But we all know,Would Ganz be in trouble for allowing this?
    Most certain but ganz is one of the numberone kids stuff animal company ever! And course ganz would never turn on us,Mostly told that a hacker from neo pets or a old employe has been doing this,
    But i dont think so,I think this was just a

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  • Ducktapekraze.Weebly.Com

    Need some ideas well then come on over to this website! Comment for ideas that could feature it in the blog!! 2 ideas each week will be updated! So come on over! Heres allthe features

    1. where to find ducttape
    2.New ducttape you might not of known about
    3. Your ideas could be featured on the website!
    4. Tips on how to make stuff!
    And alot more! So come on over!