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  • Toddlers and Tiaras

    some one please tell me why about 90% of those little girls have a major common thread......morbid obese mothers?

  • Immigration

    I think it's odd that in certain parts of the U.S. we can DRIVE right into Mexico, yet THEY'RE illegal.
    At the same time the powers that be selectively decide WHO can immigrate legally from miles away.
    Who decides what groups will be welcomed?

  • joyce's observations

    Healthy living is a concern of mine. I often try to understand why some people totally ignore this. Oh, I understand that all of us fall short ... probably daily but most of us take under consideration that if we drink, smoke,do drugs or EAT TOO MUCH, we probably wont live too long. Morbid obesity confuses me. I work in a hospital. I don't understand how a person can put eating above being able to walk, bathe or have to have someone clean you up! even youn people. Oh, I forgot the breathing. They often need help with that. On top of this, they're very demanding and even rude,usually and they smell like road kill. I love food, but I do not want someone to have to wash me or worse yet, wipe me or clean me up from being incontinent. This doedn't happen over night and it's disgusting. Help me understand this.