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  • Meet Astrology's Most Epic Women in History

    Explore the horoscope signs of famous women in history.

    What sparked the firey personalities of history's most progressive women? From Rosa Parks to Anne Frank to Emily Dickinson, we've picked our favorite hisorical women of the zodiac to honor Women's History Month in March, and International Women's Day on March 8.

    Find out how the four Goddess Power archetypes impact your life now.

    Aries (March 21 - April 19)

    Fannie Farmer: March 23, 1857

    No one is more fearless than Aries, and Fannie Farmer proved it. Even after suffering a paralytic stroke at a young age, she pushed right through her physical handicaps. She ultimately defied doctors' expectations by becoming the Boston Cooking School's most outstanding student, and eventually, its director. Fannie was an expert in the art of cooking, and mastered methods and recipes ranging from the plain and simple to the intricate and luxurious. In true Aries spirit, she pioneered the use of precise, standard level measurement and revolutionized recipe writing. Her expertise in

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  • Pick the Best Wedding Flowers for Every Sign

    Wedding Flowers by Sign

    Outside of the honeymoon (and maybe the champagne), flowers are probably the most pleasurable part of every wedding. The only problem is, with such great variety, how do you select the right blooms? Look to the bride and groom's horoscope signs!

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    Bridal bouquets should capture the unique personalities of the bride and groom, and also express the great meaning of their union. When you look to the zodiac for answers, ancient wisdom helps you "pick" the flowers that will resonate with everyone who gets involved in the ultimate display of romance and love.

    Aries (March 21 - April 19)

    Radiant, enthusiastic and the very embodiment of the onset of spring, Aries brides and grooms like flowers that stand up tall and make bold statements! Daffodils certainly represent this fresh and vibrant Aries energy. Interesting, too, that the botanical name for these delicate flowers is "Narcissus." Like the mythological figure, Aries is very aware of

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  • Say "I Do" to Astrology for Your Wedding Day

    Did you know Astrology can offer clues to what the big day and the marriage life will be like?

    Are you recently engaged? Congratulations! Here, let us help you choose a wedding date!

    Did you know Astrology can offer clues to what the big day -- and the marriage itself -- will be like? Look at which horoscope sign the Sun will be in at the time of your wedding for cosmic insight that can put you on the path toward "happily ever after."

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    Aries marriages (March 21 - April 19)

    The fiery energy of Aries is the force that pushes life out of the dormancy of winter. It's an excellent time to get married, because love thrives in the fresh atmosphere of springtime. Making a pledge to be with one other person for the rest of your life is a big, bold step, and Aries supports the kind of courage that it takes to do this. Once this marriage gets off the ground, though, it's important to keep the relationship fresh and exciting. Anniversary getaways to spots that show spring blooming in all its glory will

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