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  • Baby Rocking

    I have Parkinson's disease and my niece understandabily is nervious about my holding my great-nephew Wren; he's a little over six months old and weights about 20-23 pounds. So the other day, we were invited to a anniversary party for a couple celebrating their 60th anniversary, my 79 yr old mom, my older brother, my niece, her husband their two yr old and the new baby, were all in attendence. My niece fed Wren then handed him off to me, because I had already finished eating. I discovered that the natural shaking movement of my Parkinson's seemed to delight the baby, as my leg kept pace with the DJ music, Wren was all smiles. He even burpped a couple of times. I hope my Neice realizes PD is not contagious and the natural movement gentle rocking and slow shaking of my leg should place me at an advantage when taking care of him. Jugs

  • Obama Parody Song


    Parody song for President Obama sung to "If you're Happy and you know it."
    We're for Obama for the President, Clap your hands
    We're for Obama for the President, Clap your hands
    With Obama for the president, they'll be jobs for every resident
    We're for Obama for the President, Clap your hands
    We're better with Obama in the lead, Stomp your feet
    We're better with Obama in the lead, Stomp your feet
    With Obama in the lead, he knows what people need
    We're better with Obama in the lead, Stomp your feet
    Obama gave us health care one and all, Do the wave
    Obama gave us health care one and all, Do the wave
    Obama gave us health care, made the wealthy pay their fair share
    Obama gave us health care one and all, Do the wave
    Mitt Romney claims to know what is best, shout oh NO!
    but he lies like Republicans all the rest, shout oh NO!
    He says he has a plan, but on that he can't expand
    Mitt Romney's not the

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  • Carpet Cleaning

    I have Parkinson's, so I have a difficult time keeping my legs still. I have discovered something useful about my shaky legs. I noticed where ever I sit the carpet is clean this because as my legs and feet move back and forth the dog hair and dirt in the carpet collects in small piles. I can just lean over and pick up the big clumps of hair and dirt and throw them away. This got me to thinking why not put a vaccum on the front of my walker, you know they have those stand up ride along lawn mowers. Why not try the same type of thing with a vaccum? At the very least I should set my shaky leg carpet cleaning to music; this way you get exercise and clean your carpeting at the same time. Jugs

  • Parkinson's Comedy

    I have never been the kind of person to complain when I'm in pain - usually I just find something funny about the situation then I forget about the pain or ignore it. Recently, I have been finding more and more funny things about my Cervial Dystonia (it leaves me MUTE and unable to talk.) The other day I felt productive so I decided I would flip the mattress, wash the bedding and close the heating vent in my room. Mom likes the house a nice toasty 75 or 80 and I can't stand it over 65. So, I get the sheets and mattress pad in the washer; I have to set a timer or I will forget them and they will sit in there all day. Then, I'm going to tackle the mattress (I have to tell you this is a Queen size mattress and I am 5"3'.) I grab the mattress it has handles - I have to stop right here and tell you mom isn't home she went out to pay bills, but I have a 65 lb service animal who is more intelligent then most men. I stand the mattress up and slide it over to lean against the dresser - the dog

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  • For Peace?

    I live just outside Chicago, IL and this weekend we are hosting the NATO alliance. I have to say I am ashamed of my fellow Chicagoians. Did any of you bother to read up on why the NATO alliance was formed? They are all out there marching for PEACE - by creating confusion, chaos and conflict. Peace means Please End All Conflict Everywhere. You cannot be for Peace if you have conflict on your mind. You cannot be for Peace if you have anger and hate in your heart. Violence, hate and conflict breed more violence, hate and conflict. STOP right now and think about your actions. Your actions do not bring PEACE. You know what is in your heart; you know what is in your head. It is time to STOP and make your actions speak for you, PLEASE END ALL CONFLICT EVERYWHERE. Peace can only be achieved if you remove the anger and hate from your heart; and the conflict and violence from your mind!

  • User post: Eating right isn't easy

    I love food, not just the taste of it but even the process of eating. I have no sense of smell but that doesn't mean I can't imagine what the food I am about to eat smells like. For example, I have learned to remember what fresh lemons smell like as I squeeze one into my tea. And not having a sense of smell does have some advantages for example I never have a problem cutting onions. It has been suggested I eat gluten free and and avoid red dye 40, I already know I am allergic to blue dye number 1 - it makes my mouth breakout in hives. So eating right has become a chore - not that it makes me want to STOP eating altogether, it's just tiring always reading lables. The labels especially the new lables tell all, what never ceases to amaze me though is the different ways in which they discribe simple items like sugar and salt. And how can they tell it's 8 grams of sugar per serving or 20% of your daily sodium intake. Do they inject those bite size morsels with exactly that amount? And what

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  • Gifted

    With the coming holiday season I always like to suggest ways for people to share their talents, for me it's easy. I don't have alot of money or time but I do have the ability to think out side the box. Some creative reusable ideas for spreading the joy at Christmas and for the holidays. Those single serving plastic milk and orange juice containers make great vases, got kids allow them to help decorate them. Buy canvas bags and decorate them for gifts. Saves the environment and gives you something to tote your christmas stash in. Picture box frames from empty boxes are fun and easy. Fall leaf magnets to hold notes on the frige. Most of all giving something of your self to someone else - something you made for them. I made cloth holiday wreaths and christmas trees one year out of quilting scraps. To save on the cost of the foam stuffing, fill them with those plastic bags from the grocery store or old used nylons just remember to lable everything; vaccum the plastic and had wash and line

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  • All others pay cash!

    God is good, but all others pay cash. Have you ever had a day that starts out like; you just want to go back to bed and pull the covers over your head and forget to get up? Well that's the way this day started, but then. I read my meditation of the day, and it reminded me to be thankful for the gifts I have. So I read though all twenty seven of my emails and one of my uncle's sent me this great joke, which I will cut and paste at the end of this blog. But it also lead me to make one of the mosts difficult decisions I have been lumber through and procrastating about for the last three months. NOW that I have my first BA in interdiciplinary studies do I stay in school or do I get a job or apply for an intership. And why can't I do all three. My mother who is getting older says get a job, my skill set says apply for an internship and my dream says stay in school. then I opened my last emails I always save the personal stuff in my mail box until last and guess what. Their was two fastweb

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  • The Generation Gap

    The is an old story just indicating about the generation gap:

    My grandma Mable has been dead many years (may she rest in peace,) so I feel comfortable telling this.
    When she first started to fail she became incontentent - so we bought her DEPENDs and she seemed to adapt as long as someone helped her. One day I noticed she was leaving a wet spot where ever she sat, I called her into the bathroom to check to see why. SHE HAD PUT THE DEPENDS ON INSIDE OUT. Which reminded me of the first time I tried to get my mom to use a feminine napkin - the kind without the belt - with the sticky stuff. She put it on upside down.

    The moral of the story is read the directions or don't be too embarassed to ask for HELP!

  • Post Parkinson's Depression

    All right so I just created my own syndrome - but who's to say it doesn't exist. Everyone keeps telling me I look so depressed. So now I can just tell them I have post parkinson's depression. ie having been given a diagnoses of cervical dystonia - which leaves me with out a voice for days on end - I think I have a right to be depressed. THINK about it wouldn't you be depressed if every time you tried to say something it came out like a whisper - and to make matters worse you live in a house with an old lady who is hard of hearing. She keeps asking me to repeat what I say until I just give up and don't say anything at all. NO I don't want any mood elevating drugs - I just find another outlet like cleaning my rooms or doin the gardening or creating some more art. Eventually this PPD will pass and I'll be back to my old optomistic self - but for a little while I just wallow in my own self pity.


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