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  • Review of Apple's Most Popular IPod - the Best Investment I Ever Made!

    At ages 5 and 7 years of age, I bought my children Apple's 8GB iPod touch 4th generation. I was criticized by many people that they were too young for such an advanced piece of technology. To this day, it has been the best investment that I have ever made.

    The 8GB iPod touch 4th generation, Apple'
    s most popular iPod, has over 200 new software features in iOS 5. My kids favorite is Video calling, which means their friends (and parents!) can see what they're up to, when they're up to it. With a tap, they can call someone on an iPhone, iPad 2, iPod touch, or Mac over Wi-Fi. I love this feature especially since I work in the evenings and don't get to tuck them into bed every night. And let's not forget that it's the world's most popular gaming device. Family and friends are never at a loss now for gift ideas thanks to iTunes. The App Store has over 500,000 apps, a lot of which are very educational too:)

    Check out
    ipod 4th touch to see all features and products!!

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  • A Hairy Dilemma - WENⓇ Hair Care Review

    Hi, my name is Julia and I have a confession to make. For the last 20 years (or so...), I have been in search of the perfect hair care product for my dry, frizzy, limp, color-treated hair:(

    Then I discovered that about 10 of my nursing colleagues were using WENⓇ Hair Care products. Reluctant to spend anymore money on haircare products, a friend gave me a bottle of the cleansing conditioner to try. Since I started using it, I have another confession. I can't stop touching my feels amazing!

    What I didn't realize was that WENⓇ Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-1 formula that takes the place of my shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. Because I have Type A personality, I did a cost analysis and figured out that one bottle of WENⓇ Cleansing Conditioner cost 75% less than all my haircare products put together. For me, it was a no-brainer, not to mention a heck of a lot easier to pack and travel with;)

    But best of all, WENⓇ cleansers

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